While Germany is crumbling under left-green leadership and slavishly backing any EU sanction against Russia, the Dutch government has canceled the same rules. The government has so far decided on 91 exemptions from sanctions against Russia, reports Journalistenwatch.com.

The much-vaunted common line that EU states have deployed over the past eight months against the evil enemy Russia is increasingly proving to be a chimera. The Netherlands – unlike Hungary, which has done so openly – has never cowardly protested openly against the EU’s suicidal decisions. Behind the scenes, however, the Rutte government has in fact nullified the sanctions in its own country with all special arrangements. It is now known that the country has so far granted a total of 91 exemptions from the sanctions. And that since February.

The exemptions concern many Dutch companies, the names of which are kept secret by the Dutch ministries. They are also silent on the size of the transactions that are exempt from the sanctions and which sectors of the economy are affected.


  • In April, the EU banned Russian-flagged ships from entering European ports. The Ministry of Infrastructure of the Netherlands nevertheless granted an exemption to 34 ships so that they could call at Dutch ports, for example because they transported important goods such as aluminum and foodstuffs.
  • The Ministry of Finance has granted 13 other exemptions related to frozen funds or goods subject to the sanctions regime.
  • The Dutch Ministry of Climate and Energy has granted 25 exemptions to Dutch organizations that continue to purchase energy from former Gazprom companies. The exemptions benefit 150 companies and organizations, including municipalities, schools and water boards, the ministry told the broadcaster.
  • 13 organizations have received 18 exemptions from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on “humanitarian reasons” for EU-Russia cooperation in “purely civilian matters”.

Germany – that is, the left-green Germany annihilators and their helpers from the media and the stupid electorate still seem determined to follow the EU dictate until their own death. Without any exception of course.