More and More Austrians Want Out of the EU

October 31, 2022 0

ER Editor: None of this is hardly surprising. We remind readers that it was Austria that was threatening the harshest penalties for the non-vaxxed. Which curiously got reversed before implementation. See as just one example […]


Italy Ends Ban on Non-Vaxxed Healthcare Workers

October 29, 2022 0

ER Editor: More evidence of the tide turning. Here’s the Reuters’ report on which the following is taken: Italy to end ban on health workers not vaccinated against Covid ******** Italy ends ban on non-vaxxed […]


Sweden Will Not Meet Agenda 2030, Sanity Prevails

October 28, 2022 0

Sweden Will Not Meet Agenda 2030 MARTIN ARMSTRONG New Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is not heeding to the Green agenda. He promptly eliminated the entire Ministry of Climate and Environment, marking the first time in […]

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