We will probably not see a Sri Lanka-style storming of the government in the Netherlands. But hey – it could happen!

If the media were not afraid of these protests, they would report on them and say they were all Nazis. So did the Canadian truckers – they said they were all anti-Semitic Nazis, writes Andrew Anglin.



More than 100 people have been arrested by police in connection with demonstrations against the EU’s green agenda plans, which will see Dutch farmers lose their livelihood.

Police in the Netherlands have reportedly arrested more than 100 people in protests against the EU’s Green Agenda measures, which will force up to 30 percent of livestock farms in the country to close.

Although the Dutch government describes the measures as part of an “inevitable transition” to Great Reset-style reforms ordered by the leaders in Brussels, the country’s farmers have actively resisted the changes, introducing highways and to block food distribution centers in the hopes of bringing the authorities to repentance.

According to a report by NOS News, police have responded to the demonstrations by cracking down on the protesters, with more than 100 people arrested in recent weeks in connection with the demonstrations against the Green Agenda, and hundreds of others fined for actions against the measures.

Perhaps more interestingly, the national broadcaster reported that about a quarter of those arrests took place not during the time when the alleged offenses were allegedly committed, but afterward, with police taking time to track down individual protesters, and some of them eventually was taken into pre-trial detention for an extended period of time.

News of the arrests follows violent incidents between police and protesters, in which law enforcement officers came under fire for shooting a boy, allegedly without sufficient justification, and beating protestors with batons during a demonstration in the country earlier this month.

Despite this police crackdown, protesters in the country don’t seem to be discouraged from taking further actions against the government, with farmers’ protest organization Agractie calling on protesters in the country to ramp up the impact of the demos.

“We must persevere in our actions,” the director of the organization, Erik Luiten, told those who actively oppose the measures of the Green Agenda, which aims to reduce the amount of nitrogen pollution across the European Union.

“Whether those are public-friendly actions, such as those that will soon be the start of the Vuelta , or actions that are sharper, they have to take place,” he continued. “Sometimes with as little effort as possible, because we are all busy, but with a big effect.”

Tractors rolling into a city full of disgusting skyscrapers is an interesting scene.

We wish the Dutch farmers the best.