France – The hunt for elected officials is on

May 17, 2023 0

ER Editor: Here’s a nice summary of what the atmosphere is like in France, written by someone associated with the smart, informed website Profession Gendarme. It is machine-translated. See this March 2023 report from the […]


The Disturbing Rise of Satanism in France

May 10, 2023 0

ER Editor: A reminder that in France, in certain areas – likely older, more culturally uniform and rural, there are large and impressive crucifixes by the side of the road. It is true that there […]


An Historic May 1 – France Says ‘No’

May 2, 2023 2

ER Editor: The 1st of May yesterday saw demonstrations across France. As expected, of course, but this is all being done amid maximum frustration against Macron, and the uselessness and corruption of the French government […]


Why You Should Destroy Your Smart Phone Now

March 31, 2023 3

Why You Should Destroy Your Smart Phone Now Simon Elmer So-called ‘smart phones’ — far more accurately described as ‘dumb phones’ — combine a mobile phone with a watch, with a road map, with a […]


France announces massive police mobilization

March 29, 2023 8

ER Editor: It’s a perfect storm of tone deafness, pushing through pension reforms and responding with an even greater police presence and police brutality. The French are waking up, however. A tipping point has been […]

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