Mark Sexton: It’s Clear They’re All Complicit

April 15, 2024 0

. ER Editor: We recommend listening to this 9-minute recording of a telephone call Mark Sexton made to police (police constabulary name given). Essentially, all the evidence of vaccine harm, injury and death and much […]


The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class

April 13, 2024 0

. ER Editor: Kudos once again to Elizabeth Nickson, this time for giving us an economic overview we can readily understand. ******** The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class Their wholesale abandonment of ethics has […]


Switzerland to hold referendum on Russia sanctions

April 12, 2024 0

. ER Editor: Some tweets — Translation: Submitted with 132,780 signatures! Mit 132’780 Unterschriften eingereicht! #Neutralitaetsinitiative — Werner Gartenmann (@wg3800ch) April 11, 2024 Translation: (Schweiz = Switzerland) The #Schweiz should not join any military […]

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