The Vaccination Pass Will Soon Be Integrated into the European Digital Passport

The vaccination pass will soon be integrated into the European digital passport


TRIBUNE — Digitized, traced, and soon chipped! Bad news: the European digital identity wallet has passed the stage of puberty. He will become an adult from September 2022. Thanks to Mike Boroswki for his interview conducted on February 8, 2022, with MEP Virginie Joron, which I relate in broad outline.

On a low heat for two years, you have accepted, in large majority, and without flinching, confinements, curfews, exit certificates, beaches where sitting was prohibited, brasseries where drinking coffee standing up was prohibited, but sipping it seated was allowed, and finally, the health pass. Then, simmering requires, the sauce was reduced to a vaccine pass, three doses. Now, utterly candied, numb and submissive, you’re cooked to the point of accepting the ultimate slavery: the European digital passport.

Virginie Joron, Member of the European Parliament, works, among other things, in the Commission for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. After more than twenty years of the Internet, our rulers pretend to cry out loud about the GAFAM monopoly – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft – while they secretly welcome censorship and their global digital control.

This commission would like to regulate them, because they respect no law but their own. Commendable goal. But the explanations of Virginia Joron suggest that it will not be so simple.

Indeed, as soon as the GAFAM subject was debated in committee, she was summoned, with another rapporteur from the committee, to explain herself in “video” with the White House. Members of the European Parliament obliged to explain themselves to the American government, incredible, but unfortunately real.

To the skeptics, thinking that Brussels is independent of the United States, review your script. Washington asked them to take it easy with the poor darlings of Silicon Valley, not to rush them, and therefore not to harm them. The EU is therefore an American franchise, without any decision-making power, apart from that of promoting the single slogan “America first”.

It should enlighten you on the fact that the EU will do everything to sanction Russia again and again, as well as non-aligned countries, such as Iran, Syria and Venezuela. All the pieces of the puzzle are present. You still have to accept to watch them.

When you have your sinuses scratched with an RT-PCR test [1], do you know that the results are transmitted to Microsoft? No, you didn’t know that? Well, that’s the reality. Your personal data is ultimately managed by a team of Bill Gates “of Hell”, one of the zealous servants of Mordor [2]. Smile, you are traced.

French sovereignty no longer exists. The EU is totally at the heels of the stateless global financial oligarchy. The European Commission presented in March 2021 a ‘digital compass‘ – in case you lost your bearings – to translate the EU’s digital ambitions for 2030 into concrete terms.

Soon, you will be the proud owner of a European digital identity wallet, coupled with your vaccination pass, with your identity photo hidden in your QR code. Since the majority of people are used to showing off their vaccination pass in the form of a QR code, you will soon have the pleasure of being able to show your face, with the obviously prohibited smile, like a convict’s face. The best!

Moreover, the QR code exists almost everywhere. Sit on the terrace of a brasserie, and very often you have the QR code of the food and drink menu stuck on the table. You scan and you enjoy – to use the silly slogan appreciated by a large majority of restaurateurs well in the mould. The latter do not realize that they are being eaten – a shame for a restaurateur – by the Great Reset (Klaus Schwab, founder of Davos) who writes in this “bible” the plans of the world oligarchy. One of them describes that, in a short time, there will only be 3 or 4 major agri-food groups and their global franchises.

A reliable and secure identity for all Europeans“. This is the slogan of the EU. In a world populated by humanists, that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, the truth is elsewhere. The global oligarchy wants to control every citizen of the Earth, with the credo: control, power and reaped benefits.

Ms. Stella Kyriakidès or Stella Kyriakidou, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, is also “Madame Vaccin”, since it was she who signed the contracts for the purchase of experimental mRNA liquids from Pfizer, Moderna, and the other two. She says:

“Today, we are proposing to update the possibilities for using certificates when traveling within the EU in order to provide security for citizens for as long as public health needs persist…”.

The commission therefore proposed on February 3, 2022 to extend the EU’s Covid-19 certificate for one year. The arguments are simple: “The Covid-19 virus remains widespread in Europe, with new variants constantly appearing.”  The icing on the cake, the sprightly Cypriot has an unresolved case on her hands: “Credits of several million euros have been granted under opaque conditions to the husband of the European Commissioner (ER: Ursula von der Leyen). The case prompted a MEP to ask for explanations to the one who is in charge of buying vaccines on behalf of the EU…” Oh, the ugly… – See: European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakidou at the heart of a controversy  (RT France , May 2021)

The Covid certificate is therefore there for a long time, because the digital identity wallet was unanimously voted in 2021 within the EU, regardless of the political party.

What will your E-wallet or electronic wallet contain? Everything: identity card – the new French CI is written in English. Look for the error -, driver’s license, voter’s card, medical records, vaccines, social security number, mistresses and lovers (almost)… But the first thing they want to put in place is the medical records. Well… Does that surprise you? We understand better the eagerness to ratify the vaccination pass. At the moment, a few EU countries have eased off on it, but rest assured, it’s to better integrate it into your future electronic wallet. Don’t doubt it, we will have it for life.

The text dates from 2014 – eight years already, with the essence of the desire to digitize information. The work is practically finished, because the European parliamentarians and commissioners have put on the turbo to get there.

One of the key articles of the foundation of the EU is freedom of movement. But for two years, without respecting the regulations or the laws, everything has been swept away out of hand. You must have a vaccination pass to travel within the EU. Welcome to Chinese social credit, European sauce, with the blessing of Uncle Sam.

25% of the population in Europe does not own a smartphone. Those won’t be able to move soon unless you get one. What if a person does not have a vaccination pass and refuses the electronic wallet? It will be nothing, will have no right to anything, and will not be able to cross any border, since it will have no identity.

The digital identity is sold as a service which will not be mandatory. “No more looking for your papers in your pockets. Instead, show off your E-wallet in your smartphone…”. Very subtle. No one will be obliged to, except that in fact, it will be compulsory, unless you live in your corner, withdrawn from everything, cultivating your endives. And even…

Optional tomorrow, mandatory after tomorrow. Next step, the chip under the skin. Even better than the smartphone. No risk of loss, your memory will be under the skin. Jason Bourne gets out of this body! [3] The Great World Trap in all its glory.

The icing on the cake, your E-wallet will be managed by private companies. All your pathologies, your inclinations, your good or bad cholesterol will be visible to insurance companies, banks, and institutions. Practical, because you will know why your insurance has suddenly increased your deadlines or why your banker is refusing you a loan.

A “magnificent” future opens before each of us. And you still have confidence in those who govern us? Frankly, you shouldn’t. They are patent liars. An example: they guaranteed us anonymity when scanning your QR code to a restaurant waiter. They told us that the server would only see the green color – valid pass – or the red color – invalid pass. True, but they forgot to tell you that your name and date of birth are also displayed.

Given that we are ruled by the stateless global financial oligarchy, excesses are to be expected. The world of Care Bears only exists in the imagination, and frankly, we have to worry about it. Everything, absolutely everything, will be checked. Including sorting your waste. Green taxonomy is also on track within the EU. You sort well, a good point, you mix up the brushes a little, a bad point. Meanwhile, the big polluters will continue to rot the planet unchecked.

To ponder: “Entrusting our digital lives to government and private corporations, rather than just Facebook and Google, is jumping from the frying pan to the fire,” said MEP Patrick Breyer (Germany)


[1] RT-PCR: Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction

[2] Mordor, the Black Country, in Tolkien’s masterful work, “The Lord of the Rings”.

[3] Jason Bourne is the hero of a trilogy by writer Robert Ludlum: Memory in the skin, Death in the skin and Revenge in the skin.

To go further:
https: // /social-economy/european-union/the-eu-will-launch-a-digital-portfolio-to-facilitate-the-life-of-europeans_AN-202106010139.html strategy/priorities-2019-2024/europe-fit-digital-age/european-digital-identity_fr -the citizens
https ://

Claude Janvier is co-author with Jean-Loup Izambert of the book “The virus and the president”, IS editions .




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  1. European Parlementarians Rob Roos and Rob Rooken broke the news yesterday that the decision for a vaccination pass has already been taken by the higher-ups. The decision was supposed to take place on April 8th, and the feedback mechanism I alluded to below is required to become part of the decision-making process.

    The feedback page now shows 88,000 Europeans having given feedback, of which about 99% are negative. This number is way, way more than the EU ever gets. But the EU shows, once again, that they are not democratic, nor do they feel the need to follow procedures.

    I have no written evidence, but this is from a Dutch interview the 2 MP’s gave.

  2. The EC implemented a feedback mechanism for this vaxx pass on a website of the EU. It may be good for the readers as a possible option to express opinion. The problem is one needs to login, though it’s possible with a google/facebook account, a mechanism that should only send an ok to the EU servers. (change language on top of page)

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