EU Press Conference After Pfizer’s Laughable Showing – Bourla MIA

ER Editor: The EU hearing by the Covid Committee with Pfizer reps took place 2 days ago. Albert Bourla famously was a no-show, sending in his place one Janine Small. She made instant headlines in response to MEP Rob Roos‘ question about whether or not Pfizer vaccines could ever stop transmission of the virus. She answered that they hadn’t been tested for this, that Pfizer had been responding ‘at the speed of science’, a meaningless, laughable statement. Ms Small it turns out was woefully short on satisfactory answers for the EU Covid Committee, as is revealed below.

We remind readers that von der Leyen communicated frequently via text message with Bourla, which have never been made public. This appears to be how the highly lucrative vaccine contracts were negotiated. Nor have the heavily redacted, multi-page vaccine contracts themselves. Safety questions about the vaccines, as well as doubts about efficacy, are coming thick and fast as rates of excess mortality and diseases such as myocarditis are multiplying.

For a stomach-churning visual, check this out:


Pfizer Exec Admits “We Never Tested Vaccine Against Transmission”


This press conference took place on Tuesday, under the leadership of Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes with his valiant team of MEPs willing to stand up to big pharma tyranny of over 500 million EU citizens. His team seems to be expanding.

Here is a sample of points made. We recommend listening to the full video of 26 minutes.

  • Cristian Terhes: Bourla was a no-show to answer questions by EU parliamentarians. His stand-in was not capable of responding to all their questions.
  • MEP Francesca Donato (Italy): Bourla wasn’t there to answer questions about his irregular text messages with von der Leyen, which should have been made available according to transparency regulations. Janine Small was sent in his place, and she couldn’t answer their most pressing questions concerning pricing, clinical trials, adverse events, and the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. EU citizens’ rights are being violated by not being able to get answers as to why billions in public funds were secretly negotiated in deals with Pfizer. Pfizer’s behaviour to date, violating transparency rules, as well as Bourla’s refusal to appear, Janine Small’s behaviour and von der Leyen’s refusal to be transparent in her dealings with Pfizer, leaves the strong suspicion of corruption and total distrust. Further investigation is needed by competent authorities. Such companies need to be banned.
  • Terhes: What does Pfizer have to hide? This is the key question after Bourla pulled out of these hearings. Moderna’s CEO did have the courage to come and answer (sort of) their questions. Bourla was not bound by law to face this committee, but even in this case, he refused to come. First, what is being hidden in these 100-page vaccine contracts (he shows them, heavily redacted as to be meaningless)? Small was asked when these contracts would be disclosed, but denied that they could be made public since they contain company secrets. These vaccine products are not doing what they were supposed to do, which has been a waste of public money. MEP Rob Roos was told that the vaccines were not tested to see if they would stop the virus. One year after the medical pass was introduced, people were forced to be vaccinated in order to practice their fundamental rights. Many MEPs voted for this because they BELIEVED what the company said, that vaccines would work to stop the spread and keep people healthy. One year later, we find out it never stopped the spread. So what are they hiding, exactly, with these products? Another issue raised across Europe is the EXCESS MORTALITY rate. Eurostat shows that the EMR went up by 16% this year. Those countries with the highest vax rate have the highest mortality rate. So the connection between the vaccination and death needs to be ask, which is a perfectly logical question. Further, a year ago, Terhes requested of EMA the clinical trial data of the vaccines in connection with the rollout of the Green Certificate. It turns out that Pfizer started trials on this in January of 2020 (he specifies the date) yet the Chinese govt only revealed the partial sequence of Covid 19 just prior to that. How is this possible? Small did not answer this question in the hearing. Moderna submitted trial data since 2017, so how is it possible that Moderna was testing this so early on when the virus was only discovered in late 2019? These are legitimate questions that were being asked, which they declined to answer in yesterday’s hearing. But we will keep pushing, to make sure that the European Commission will fully release all data.
  • MEP Virginie Joron: (she speaks in French) Yesterday’s hearing was a complete mascarade lasting 2 hours. All the major questions of price, adverse events, etc. were not answered. She’s approached some French lawyers to ask what can be done. There’s a report of 33 pages showing all the problems of lack of professionalism and corruption by Ursula von der Leyen, who has attacked the financial interests of the European Union.  She also invites citizens to get involved as these issues concern all of us. They continue to not answer our questions while continuing to sell us their product. We must act.
  • MEP Sylvia Limmer (Germany): It’s a scandal that Bourla is shirking his duty after having making the deal of his life. Not only was billions paid in taxpayer money, but many paid with their lives. mRNA vaccines have now received full market authorization, which is incomprehensible given the known side effects. Small either pretended to be ignorant or unwilling to answer questions. She refused to answer safety questions based on clinical trials. Spontaneous abortions have been shown to be a real side effect, but Small refused to address this. Nor would she answer if the vaccine had been tested against the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, Florida has advised men up to 39 not to get vaccinated because of heart related deaths. Small was silent on this, too. People have been degraded to the status of guinea pigs.
  • MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia): Again, yesterday’s hearing didn’t provide any real answers to our questions. They were doing their positive PR campaign on their next products to be released. It’s a major disgrace that Bourla failed to show up; he has no intention of showing up. In Croatia, we know how Pfizer does things. A scandal of 10 years ago involved Pfizer bribing Croatia doctors participating in clinical trials. It had to pay fines as a result. Before that, Pfizer paid 2.3 billion dollars in false advertising. Of course, it’s a conflict of interest. This is the first step on the path of corruption. The text message scandal involving von der Leyen continues: she must resign.
  • MEP Christine Anderson (Germany): The EU Parliament is nothing but a gigantic show of democratic illusion. People’s interests are not being represented. Pharma reps are continuing to lie about mRNA technology and the harmful effects of the vaccines; Ursula von der Leyen continues to get protected while the contracts are not disclosed. They show their utter contempt for the people of EU. The chair of the Covid committee, Belgian Social Democrat Kathleen van Brempt, is protecting pharma companies and governments at the expense of citizens and democracy through the committee. van Brempt refused to put a point of order made by Anderson to a vote, which is a violation of procedure. We can contact her to let her know this is an unacceptable violation of citizen rights. Anderson had proposed that the committee is incompetent, in order to get a formal committee of enquiry set up to get to the bottom of the problem with the vaccine companies, etc. We will continue to fight for a committee of enquiry, but we need citizen help to do this. she says. Write to your MEP and call them, continuously. Block their phone lines and e-mail accounts. Keep doing it until your demands are met. It is our right in a democracy. People are supposed to run the show. Let them know they will be replaced if they don’t answer to us.




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