The Great Information War: State Dept and CIA At Odds with US MIL Psychological Operations

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The Great Information War: State Dept and CIA At Odds with US MIL Psychological Operations

Ohhhhhhhh, so NOW they admit the US Military engage in online psychological operations using clandestine accounts. But the craziest part, it’s the Deep State players who are concerned about it?! This is MSM via the Washington Post (paywall).1

“The State Department and CIA have been perturbed by the military’s use of clandestine tactics. Officers at State have admonished the Defense Department, ‘Hey don’t amplify our policies using fake personas, because we don’t want to be seen as creating false grass roots efforts,’ the first defense official said.”

The Biden State Dept and CIA want to know the inner workings of the ongoing US MIL and foreign social media clandestine psychological operations? Is it a coincidence that the State Dept and CIA are two of the main entities repeatedly exposed by Q? Why would the Biden admin feel the need to bring that up? And why now?

Is it a coincidence that Trump recently, repeatedly, directly, and publicly, alluded to Q? Which we all know to be a Military psychological operation.

Unfortunately, the term “psyop” accompanies a negative connotation, implying that all psyops are disinformation or conspiracy theories. Which is simply false via mission statement.

“The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior perceived to be favorable to U.S. objectives.”

“Data” is used as a weapon by US MIL PSYOP units to combat disinformation. They also use disinformation to disguise their position. Whatever is necessary to advance the mission.

The US government admittedly engage in black and grey psyops via the CIA, and white psychological operations are carried out via the US MIL, predominantly the US Army. But the media and the Left want everyone to associate “psyops” with disinformation. Why? Because they are being exposed by the ongoing military psyop known as Q. We are in the middle of a propaganda war. This is informational warfare.

Also, I find it curious that Biden would PUBLICLY address this situation. He’s (allegedly) the Commander in Chief. He could have stopped any and all US MIL operations overnight the first day he stepped into office, behind closed doors, and we would never know anything about it. That is… unless he’s not actually in control of the US MIL.

All Biden is doing here is drawing attention to the fact that US MIL are conducting online psyops, and that Biden, The State Dept, and the CIA, don’t like it. The entities most commonly affiliated with Deep State corruption PUBLICLY showing grievances regarding ongoing US MIL psyops… this is EXTREMELY abnormal. And PROVES that elements within the US MIL are not acting in accordance with Biden. It also confirms there is an ongoing information war between factions within the US government.

Both “sides” are telling the opposite story. But who’s telling the truth? Who do we trust?

Do we trust the State Dept, the CIA, the DNC, and their media lapdogs, who have been caught red-handed, lying for years about Trump, Russia, Mueller, Kavanaugh, Kids in cages, Jussie Smollett, Rittenhouse, Summer of love, “Mostly peaceful”, Ghost of Kyiv, Hunter Biden laptop being disinformation, “there are no biolabs in Ukraine”, etc., etc.? Damn near EVERYTHING the media and the Left have said for the past 6 years has eventually turned out to be a flat out lie.

Or do we trust Trump and the US MIL (Q) that have been right about Trump, Russia, Ukraine, media corruption, human trafficking, Epstein, NXIVM, Hollywood, widespread elite pedophilia, FBI, DOJ, CIA, the Southern border, C19, social media Orwellian activity, etc.? The list goes on and on.

The choice should be a clear and obvious one, but no matter which side you choose to believe, no one can deny that we are in the midst of the greatest propaganda war in the history of mankind, and it will decide the fate of the planet.

Welcome to the Great Information War.






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