Making Sense of the World Today: Understanding Trump, Brexit and the Apparent Brokenness of Everything

Preface by Roger Landry (TLB)

What I present to you here is an article sent to me by a friend of mine and TLB’s. There can be little doubt in the mind of anyone who is awake as to the turmoil spreading across this globe today whether we are discussing BREXIT, the migrant issue in both Europe and America, the ongoing struggles in the Middle East, or the election of Donald Trump in the USA. There can also be little doubt that so much of what we are seeing is choreographed by an elitist caste hell bent on bringing a global society to its knees for their gains … their power … their control.

The problem we face in this struggle to understand, or to properly fit the pieces into place, is that all we see are snapshots, bits and pieces of the whole picture that are intended to misdirect or redirect our attention away from said whole picture, or a true understanding of the actual intended goals. Rarely are we presented with an all encompassing view of the “big picture”. What is presented here is just such a publication. Granted it is a viewpoint, the analysis by an individual who has taken the time to step back and allow all said pieces to come into focus.

America and indeed this entire planet stand at the crossroads of either a rebirth of personal liberty and community … or global chaos on a scale never realized in our recorded history. This is no longer a guess: it is a blatant fact for all who are concerned enough to be aware. How will humanity fare in the next few years, and who (We The People or the ruling elitist caste) will claim the glory of victory.

The first thing you will see is that this is not a 600-1000 word commentary (another snapshot) of information rehashed for the umpteenth time with a slightly different skew or slant. This is in fact a booklet of twenty-six pages detailing all that is mentioned above and more. In a society today that is visually oriented (videos and images), this may fall short of the usual short but attention-grabbing article so many lock their attention onto. But if you truly seek an in-depth perspective, something we are rarely presented with, you may be surprised and rewarded for your extended attention.

I will not bias the following presentation with my feelings or thoughts on the targeted subject matter … but trust that you will formulate your own thoughts and understanding of what you are presented with.

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Making Sense of the World Today

Understanding Trump, Brexit and the Apparent Brokenness of Everything

By Alan Morrison


ONE COULD BE FORGIVEN for regarding the world today as confusing, to say the least. The turmoil in which we find ourselves is shocking for many, in a Post-Traumatic Shock kind of sense. I see people everywhere reeling about world events like skittles in a bowling alley. But frankly, this is a time during which one should be able to keep one’s head when all around us are losing theirs. For that to happen, it is necessary to see the Big Picture; and here, right at the outset, I’m going to say that it is impossible to properly understand what is happening in the world today unless one realizes that there are supernatural forces at work. Whatever happens in the world, for good or apparent evil, is the result of movement by either the powers of darkness or the forces of Light. If that idea is alien to you, please hear me out. Even without the spiritual information, I’m sure you will agree that extraordinary things are happening. In fact, we are today in the midst of a vast spiritual battle, of which most people are entirely unaware. There is a great deal of wilful ignorance too, by which people refuse to believe what is staring them in the eyes. It is this exercise of wilful ignorance which is at the root of most of the turmoil in the world around us today.

One would have to be braindead to fail to see that there has been a huge acceleration in this turmoil in the last nine months. Since the UK referendum vote to quit membership of the European Union in June 2016 (Brexit), a kind of madness has broken out across the world. This madness was tweaked with considerable intensity after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America in November 2016 and subsequent inauguration in January 2017. Since then, all hell has been breaking loose. When I have tried to discuss with people the issues which form the subject of this article, I have been greeted by many with utter disdain and much calumniation. [“Calumny” is a word with which one needs to be very familiar today. The dictionary definition is “A false accusation of an offence or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions”. Many seem to have no conscience about committing calumny, so long as it buttresses their beliefs or ideology. Its use has become endemic and the ends, it appears, justify the means].

The excessive overreaction of so many in the world and on social media to both Brexit and the presidential election of Donald Trump — which culminated in an utterly bizarre series of demonstrations in which most of the women involved wore homemade “pussy-hats”, a kind of vagina-coloured beanie hat — have made a deep impression on me concerning the current state of the world and where it is heading. During the last nine months, I have had something fully confirmed which I’ve had intimations about for a long time: That if ever I had to appear before a higher court of law, I wouldn’t want the vast majority of people in this world to be on that court’s jury. For it seems that so many have lost the ability to think rationally and logically, allowing the analytical part of their brains to be ruled not even by their hearts but by their totally out-of-control, wayward emotionalism and presumptions, of which the most part have been programmed into them through decades of social engineering via the education system and the media (mainstream and so-called “alternative”, for both are essentially tools of the power-elite).

One night I woke up with the thought that it is almost as if a worm has been eating into people’s brains, rendering them clinically insane and incapable of anything other than cognitive dissonance. My mind went right back to a book I read nearly fifty years ago, called “The Mind Parasites”, by Colin Wilson. It was a novel set in the future (which is actually about now!) in which it was discovered that for some time the human mind had been hijacked by discarnate beings and the book tracks the attempt to eradicate those beings from human consciousness. It was a kind of “H.P. Lovecraft meets Gnostic archons or post-Christian demons”. In the book, Colin Wilson writes: “Man is a continent, but his conscious mind is no larger than a back garden” — meaning that human beings limit the scope of their consciousness and allow themselves to be so much less than they could be in terms of development of that consciousness and also in regard to their ability to overthrow and rise above dark forces and degenerate obstacles. Wilson was an extraordinary writer whose book, “The Outsider”, is one of the very few which have had a huge influence on my lifepath. One literary critic said about him: “The twenty-first century may look back on Colin Wilson as one of the novelists who foresaw the future of fiction, and something, perhaps, of the future of man”. So when I pictured the present world situation as being almost as if a worm was eating into people’s brains, it dovetailed completely with the idea of mind-parasites or archons — dark entities which undermine the growth and development of human consciousness on an individual and mass basis. And that is indeed what we are dealing with today. The failure to implement this in one’s thinking and act upon it is to leave oneself wide open to powerfully destructive influences. Such are the times in which we are living: Momentous times.

Related to this, I have had the increasingly unnerving experience of meeting people, then — if the conversation turns to the matters which are the subject of this article — a kind of mist immediately forms over their eyes and one can almost hear a switch going “Clik!” as if they’ve been pre-programmed to filter out any verbal or sensory information which undermines that with which they have already been brainwashed. It is against this backdrop that my passion has been directed to pen this piece of writing. In making this article, I am not holding my breath to change anyone’s mind or thinking. Things have gone way beyond that now and lines have been drawn in the sand —battle-lines, if you will; for, make no mistake about it — this is a battle of immense spiritual proportions. Changing minds is not the name of the game; but reaching into hearts with Truth and Light, so that they will change themselves. That is my passion. But how can one change the mind of someone who is wilfully ignorant — who even revels in their ignorance, as so many do today? There is no greater arrogance than wilful ignorance — than people who think they know it all but — having never looked further than the end of their nose, or beyond their social conditioning, or merely at what they can see in the physical realm — in reality know nothing.

I started writing this article some time ago, but kept putting off its completion because I knew it would inevitably become far more than a mere analysis of the public reaction to Brexit and Trump. In fact, it could easily have become an entire book about the state of the world as it is today. I also needed time to think through the implications carefully. I believe that those implications are far-reaching and harbingers of the rocky future on which we are about to embark. For we are at a crossroad in world-history and we must choose our highway carefully.

It may be that these words will seem so controversial that the vast majority who read this rather inadequate little article will be highly offended. So be it! If one wishes to avoid causing offence these days one would have to bury oneself in the middle of the Sahara; and even then, someone would probably still get bent out of shape by it! Maybe you will tentatively read a few lines or a paragraph or two and then reject the rest of the article without giving it a chance. All I’m trying to do is an provide my analysis of the direction in which the world is heading through examining the reactions of people on a mass and individual basis to the events of the last nine months. It builds to a conclusion which, if you walk away right now, you will miss. The article must not be judged by a few words with which you may disagree but by the whole of it —for it does form a contiguous and congruous line of ideas. I do not shy away from your disagreement but hope that it will be a springboard for you to think ‘outside the box’ rather than hunkering down into safe ideas with which you are familiar. There is an old saying: “One has to crack some eggs in order to make an omelette”. One has to break down the old in order to build up the new. This is a law of life (and death). New wine doesn’t taste good in old wineskins. So please don’t knee-jerk react at one thing you don’t immediately agree with here; but instead please think through all the implications. I make no claim to be “right”. This isn’t about being right or wrong. It is about ripping open a bunch of old wounds which are a worthless gash on the face of humanity and then finding a way to heal them so that all that is left will be a scar as a reminder of what once had been but cannot be anymore. I am merely a little cog in a process which will hopefully encourage people to exercise their minds and go to places in their heads where they have not necessarily been before. So… let’s get going right now.

There are two reasons why the developments of the last nine months have been happening and those reasons lie completely outside the physical realm of public elections and referendums. For any mass developments in this world of physical matter also involve spiritual agencies. As Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince said: “That which is essential is invisible to the eye”. Never a truer word was said. I mentioned a spiritual battle earlier. There are two key elements involved in this spiritual battle — one powered by darkness, the other a manifestation of Light — and they have each been at work behind the scenes with their own agendas based on the character of their respective mission.

The first of the two key elements of the spiritual battle is the human power-elite — unelected powermongers who work behind the scenes influencing and enacting the flow of history through politics, the media, corporate corruption, fiscal institutions, militaries, intelligence agencies, social engineering, coups d’etat and wars. If one examines their role throughout history and their known connections to satanic and archonic evil, one can clearly see that they are enabled and sustained by spiritual powers of darkness. For anyone who doesn’t doubt the presence of a power-elite such as I describe but who doubts the supernatural nature of this, or who feels uncomfortable with my use of spiritual language, if you really look into what lies behind their lives and influences: their complete disregard for life and humanity, their sexual perversions (e.g. paedophilia), their prosecution of serial wars, the gross and bizarre diabolical rituals in which they indulge, you will have to conclude that there is an element beyond the merely physical at work here — something from the dark side which is the very antithesis of Light.

The second of the two key elements of the spiritual battle is the supernatural forces of Light which lie behind the existence and upholding of everything and to whom we should give our allegiance if we wish to develop and grow in knowledge, grace and understanding. Let me go into all this more deeply as the backbone of our explorations here; for grasping these two aspects of life is the key to understanding the world as it is today. The way I want to do this is, first, to examine the role of the dark power-elite in the events of the last nine months and, second, the role of the forces of Light in overruling that darkness with deeper and more powerful elements of goodness and illumination.

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