Clandestine’s Take On The Past Seven Days

ER Editor: Is ‘Clandestine’s substack account a White Hat operation itself, while claiming to merely observe such events? We have a hunch we should be paying attention to it.


Clandestine’s Weekly Recap: 08/29/22-09/04/22

I had some scheduled unplug time over the weekend, hoping nothing would be too crazy over the holiday, and of course, the weekend is jam packed with news. So I’m a little late to the party.

However, this has inspired me to add a new weekly column, covering the most important events of the prior week, as well as a look ahead to what to expect for the upcoming week.

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Monday: 08/29/22

Trump started the week off on Truth Social rampage. His most important post pertaining to the confirmation of FBI interference in the 2020 election, and the first whispers of a “new election”.

We also witnessed top FBI Agent Timothy Thibault “resign” amid accusations of political bias in Hunter Biden’s investigation. Further fueling Trump’s narrative that the FBI is compromised.1

Tuesday: 08/30/22

The “leaked” photo from the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid dominated the news cycle.

A photo of Trump’s docs, with dates matching up to activities around Obama’s 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, was mysteriously leaked to the public. Trump would confirm a few days later on Truth Social, posting a screenshot of Paul Sperry’s post from Gettr.

The Left-wing media and blue-anons were celebrating that they “got” Trump, but the documents the FBI were after had to do with Obama. The media began salivating over the idea of Trump being indicted, only for it never to happen.

Wednesday: 08/31/22

The FBI raid photo continued to be the talk of the world, with the public noticing the odd placement of Trump’s framed TIME Magazine covers in the shot. Giving speculation that the FBI were taunting Trump, or perhaps Trump taunting the Deep State through the FBI. (ER: we incline to the latter)

The FBI began backtracking, and the narrative around the raid continued to favor Trump and he won the court of public opinion, handily.

Thursday: 09/01/22

Biden addresses the nation and calls all Trump supporters Fascists, in a divisive and angry speech. While he stands in front of a very sinister looking backdrop. Many comparisons to Hitler, Sith Lord, etc.

I thought it looked like Chancellor Sutler from V for Vendetta. You know, the Orwellian dictator who uses mass propaganda, weaponized citizen surveillance, curfews, secret police, and unleashed biological weapons on the population… seems fitting

No matter how you slice it, the optics for Biden are absolutely terrible. This was widely admitted even in mainstream and left-wing echo chambers.

The optics around the situation are so terrible, that Biden’s handlers appear to be doing so intentionally, further suggesting White Hats are in control of the situation. (ER: Hmmm)

Saturday: 09/03/22

Biden approves potential $1.1 billion arms deal to Taiwan, and dragging us into ANOTHER proxy war, this time with China. As if Russia wasn’t enough.

The atmosphere around Taiwan is eerily similar to that of Ukraine, and the Deep State’s desperation to cover up some sort of activity there.2

Russian MIL came out with a new report from Chief of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological Defense, General Igor Kirillov, pertaining to US biological, elaborating on the “50 Pentagon-controlled biological laboratories modernized with its funds, and located in close proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation”.3

Expounding on previously discovered intelligence, Russia show that they have more proof of US/Ukrainian utilization of unmanned drones equipped with aerosol canisters, that would spray the man-made pathogens into the air via water particles, and administer viruses to the local population. Think how C19 is spread.

This is further proof of biological weapon production by rogue Deep State elements within the US government.

Trump also held a rally this day, providing a side-by-side with quick turn around, giving the normies a SHARP contrast to notice the difference in optics between Biden and Trump.


The normies are getting massive red pill doses with the details from the FBI raid emerging and the abysmal optics for Biden from his Dictator speech. Trump’s narratives are being confirmed directly in the normies’ line of sight.

This Week’s Forecast:

We have already seen Trump ramp up his push for a “redo election”, he has continued publicly lambasting the FBI, demanding they overturn the election. Expect Trump to carry this momentum into this week’s news cycle, and continue to use the FBI raid to bolster his support leading into the midterms.

A midterm election that MIGHT possibly have presidential candidates on the ballot.








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