The French Senate Refuses an Investigation Into a Link Between Covid Vaccination and Death

The Senate refuses an investigation into a link between covid vaccination and death


Dr. Toubiana filed a petition request for the Senate to conduct an analysis of all-cause mortality based on people’s vaccination status. The Senate committee refused this request for transparency on the data. Why such obstruction?


In a forum reproduced below [the inters are from the editorial staff], more than 700 academics, researchers, health and legal professionals have challenged the Senate in order to obtain a commission of inquiry. They ask that the senators finally agree to have an analysis of all-cause mortality carried out according to the vaccination status of the people. An important subject even though some are already talking about a possible compulsory vaccination after the presidential election, especially in the event of the re-election of Emmanuel Macron.


Is there a relationship between the date of vaccination and the date of death?

Dr. Laurent Toubiana tabled a petition on February 19, 2022 demanding that the Senate conduct an analysis of all-cause mortality based on people’s vaccination status. The data exists in the National Health Data System (SNDS), which makes it possible to know the age and sex of people, the dates of injection of “anti-covid vaccines” as well as the brands and batch numbers of vaccines used, the dates of injections of influenza vaccines (to benefit from a benchmark of comparison) and, finally, the date of any death of the persons. These data must make it possible to precisely determine the mortality of vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons by age group and by period.

Data needed for research on the effects of covid vaccination hidden by the Senate

This analysis of deaths from all causes is crucial with regard to the purpose of this commission of inquiry. However, the Senate committee responsible for sorting through the petitions received refused this request for transparency on the data, and did so moreover without giving any justification. The motivation of administrative decisions nevertheless constitutes a legal obligation reflecting an essential right of citizens and a form of protection against the arbitrariness of political power. This is an obvious democratic requirement. This is why we, academics, researchers, health professionals and legal professionals, [ER: sic]

Experimental “vaccines” produced too quickly

In just over a year, some 140 million doses have been administered in France. 94% of people over the age of 12 have received at least one dose, most often two or three. Such figures are unprecedented in history.

The so-called “vaccines” used are, however, innovative products, developed in just a few months. Usually, the creation of new drugs, a fortiori those for prophylactic purposes such as a vaccine, requires many years and long therapeutic trials before they are put on the market. A new drug also requires particularly rigorous health monitoring and total transparency on the analyzes of adverse effects, even stopping the experiment if their frequency is high.

Ineffective vaccination

Everyone knows today that, despite the promises of the pharmaceutical industries taken over by the governments, this huge vaccination campaign has not stemmed the successive epidemics caused by the different variants, preventing neither contamination (we can example being “vaccinated” with three doses and still catching the virus), nor the development of more or less severe forms of illness. Thus, in February 2022, according to the DREES, 70% of people entering the hospital and declared “Covid” were vaccinated. It remains to consider the question of side effects.

Serious side effects

The latest report from the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) reports more than 137,000 adverse effects reported in France, a quarter of which are considered serious. Eudravigilance also puts European pharmacovigilance reports online and in mid-February 2022 recorded more than 17,000 deaths reported by health professionals. In the United States, the figures published by VAERS are even more impressive. Most health agencies, however, refuse to recognize the link between deaths and vaccination, under “methodological” pretexts which we can legitimately fear will mask political issues, a fortiori during election campaigns.

Indeed, everyone can go and consult the Z-scores on Euromomo (European mortality monitoring) and observe, like us, that an abnormal excess mortality among 15-44 year olds is concomitant with vaccination campaigns. This observation does not only concern France, it is found almost everywhere in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Sweden) , just as it was already observed in Israel at the end of last summer. It should be added that the comparison of the death curves available on Eurostat and the curves of the number of vaccines distributed by age shows strong concomitances between these two events.

Among the 700 signatories: Laurent Toubiana , researcher at Inserm, author of Covid-19: another vision of the epidemic, published on March 23, Pierre Chaillot , statistician, Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

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  1. They’re hiding the vaxx data while planning compulsory injections post-election because they are deliberately killing people, notably they are killing off the white people of Europe who are already heading for extinction through sub-replacement fertility.

  2. If people starve, they will be too weak to man a revolution.
    This should have been taken care of long ago by treating them as a coup, and removing them with appropriate legal procedures. If the courts then balk, you have your message, it’s time for a revolution, but before you are too starved to manage one.

  3. The Senate committee refused this request for transparency on the data. Why such obstruction?

    Because they voted for forced injections of this poison (vax passports) and are part of the genocidal agenda since day one.

    If they investigate they will find themselves accomplices of genocide.

    The senate as the assembly are mostly made of scum in France and elsewhere…

    Remy Daillet was right, the only solution is popular insurrection and to topple the fascist regime.

    The army is ready to help as they showed massively this week end

    When macron will rig the coming elections and will win while having only 12% of voters behind him, it will become obvious that if elections could change anything, then they would suppress them.

    it is what they did in Italy, they installed a banker scum in power and now fascism is back in full.

    I think when people will starve (and they will), then revolution will become more palatable…

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