The Scandalous Masquerade of the French Parliamentary Debate and the So-called “Control” of the Constitutional Council

The Scandalous Masquerade of the French Parliamentary Debate and the So-called “Control” of the Constitutional Council


TRIBUNE – Instead of engaging its responsibility with article 49.3 to pass its liberticidal and illegal laws with regard to our constitutional block and/or international treaties and conventions signed by France, our “clever” government has chosen a new procedure created during Nicolas Sarkozy’s constitutional amendment in 2008, called “emergency legislative procedure” (procedure detailed at the end of the document).

This emergency procedure was used for the law of 5 August 2021, known as the “caregivers’ vaccination obligation”, the law of 10 November 2021, known as the “extension of the health pass without control until July 2022”, and is being used for the vaccination pass bill currently under discussion.

I. On the deception of the French people by the “Macron-compatibles” with the masquerade of the parliamentary debate and the alleged “control” of the Constitutional Council

The deception of the French people by the “Macron-compatibles” is well practiced by now, as the summary below demonstrates:

1. The government introduces a bill in the National Assembly in accelerated procedure,

2. The deputies of the National Assembly vote on the bill either directly or by not being present at the National Assembly, thus leaving the field free for the Macronist deputies (it is true that it is less risky for a deputy wishing to vote ‘for’ to avoid coming to the National Assembly on the day of the vote in order to avoid having his or her name plastered in the “pros” – what would be the reaction of his or her constituents?)

3. The bill then goes to the Senate. Simplifying,

If the Senate votes in favour, the bill goes back to the National Assembly for final validation,
If the Senate votes against, the bill goes back to the National Assembly, which can take back the initial text and validate it with an additional round of Senate/Assembly merry-go-round, which serves no purpose.

In short, the votes and modifications made by the Senate are useless!

As they say, the National Assembly, even empty of our representatives of the people, the deputies have the last word!

4. The bill is then sent to the so-called “wise men” of the Constitutional Council.

The good French people then expect these famous “wise men” to rigorously verify that the law respects the higher norms, i.e. our Constitution, the international treaties and conventions signed and ratified by France.

Well NO, dear people!

The famous “wise men” do not check anything! Oh yes, sorry, the Constitutional Council only verifies the legality of the law if 60 deputies or senators submit questions of unconstitutionality on specific articles.

To simplify, if article X of the law is not legal with regard to our Constitution and no question is asked on this article by a group of parliamentarians, then article X is left in the law even if it is illegal!

Do you follow?

So, by not asking any questions, the deputies and senators knowingly leave illegal articles in the law that is applied and the good people, including the public forces, think that it is constitutionally validated.

You will tell me: what about the conformity of the law with the international treaties and conventions ratified by France?

Well, dear people, the famous “wise men” do not check that the articles of the law respect the international treaties and conventions ratified by France. It decided that this was not its role in the decision n° 74-54 DC of 15 January 1975 concerning the abortion law.

So, in short, many of the articles that make up these laws are applied even though they scandalously violate the Constitution and/or the treaties and conventions ratified by France.

This is the democracy of the Macronist world!

Worse still, the “Macron-compatible” MPs vote for articles of law while knowing that they are not legal with regard to our founding texts of the Republic.

For example, during last week’s parliamentary debates on the vaccination pass, the LFI deputy Eric Coquerel reminded his “dear colleagues” that obliging French people to be “vaccinated” in order to be able to work was perfectly illegal with regard to French law and, especially, to constitutional norms and to numerous treaties and conventions signed and ratified by France.

Well, the “Macron-compatible” deputies voted for it anyway, knowing that it would pass the so-called “sieve control” of the famous “sages” of the Constitutional Council!–renforcement-des-outils-de-gestion-de-la-crise-sanitaire-suite-5-janvier-2022

This strategy of deception of the French people by the “Macron-compatibles” was notably used for the following liberticidal laws:

– Bill of 25 July 2021 relating to the management of the health crisis, known as the law on the “vaccination” obligation of carers, which became the law of 5 August 2021,

– Bill of 5 November 2021 on various health vigilance provisions, known as the law on the extension of the health pass without control until July 2022, which became the law of 10 November 2021,

And of course, it is used for the vaccine pass:

– Bill of 5 January 2022 reinforcing the tools of health crisis management and modifying the Public Health Code, known as the law of the scandalous and illegal vaccine pass, currently under discussion.

Thanks to the “Macron-compatible” strategy, the government can promulgate and enforce completely illegal laws.

Do our institutions still protect the French people from a tyrannical government?

– The deputies, who are supposed to represent the people in the National Assembly, are elected on the labels of political parties and, when they arrive at the National Assembly, they vote according to the orders of their party, even violating the supreme laws that protect us: our constitutional block, the international treaties and conventions ratified by France,

– With the emergency procedure insidiously introduced by N. Sarkozy during his constitutional revision, of course without asking the opinion of the French people by referendum, the Senate lost its control powers if it controlled before…

The Constitutional Council does not control anything any more and lets pass illegal laws to the great happiness of a possible dictator in power! The Constitutional Council is skilfully used by the government to make the French people and the public forces believe that the laws are legal.

In order to quickly put our institutions in order to prevent politicians from passing laws that are illegal in relation to our supreme legal framework, which is the foundation of our Republic (constitutional block, international treaties and conventions ratified by France), it might be time for the French people to elect deputies in the next legislative elections who truly represent them and not political party executors.

Of course, the French can still try to ask for the repeal of these illegal laws through the Questions Prioritaires de Constitutionnalité (QPC), contrôles de conventionnalité and questions préjudicielles before the CJEU, but the problem is that they have to do so in a judicial procedure. The response time is very long and the procedure is very expensive in terms of lawyers’ fees.

For example, let’s imagine that the government succeeds in passing its law requiring “vaccination” in order to work. Without going into too much legal detail, this law violates

– Article 23 of the preamble to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states: “Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment”;

Directive 2001/20/EC and Regulation n°536/2014, which state that the French cannot be forced to undergo treatments including preventive gene therapies; what is called a vaccine today is legally not a vaccine, but a treatment and therefore a medicine;

– The European regulation n°2021/935 which indicates that any direct or indirect discrimination against non-vaccinated people should be prevented;

– The 1997 OVIEDO Convention, which states that clinical trials cannot be compulsory;

– The 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that it is forbidden to subject a person without his free consent to a medical or scientific experiment;

– The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which confirms that in the context of medicine and biology, free and informed consent must be respected.

In order to fight this illegal law, an employee who has been dismissed for not presenting his complete “vaccination schedule” will therefore have to sue his employer for wrongful dismissal in application of an illegal law and in his procedure, include QPC, request for control of conventionality, preliminary question before the CJEU.

He will have to wait several months for the Constitutional Council to judge this time, following the legal claim introduced by the employee a posteriori (and no longer in the framework of the a priori consultation, at the time of the so-called validation of the illegal law), before the ‘wise men’ return an answer.

It is inconceivable that the judges of the Constitutional Council would give a negative reasoned response, so illegal is the law on the vaccine pass that prevents a citizen from working if he or she is not injected with an experimental gene therapy. As a result of this decision, several months later, the government will be forced to repeal its scurrilous law. In the meantime, this law, which all French people believed to be constitutional, is being applied and can do serious damage to the population!

The problem with this system of passing laws (well mastered by the “Macron-compatibles”) without rigorous control by a real Constitutional Council, both with regard to our constitutional block, but also with regard to treaties and international conventions signed by France, is that illegal laws can be applied for months or even years if nobody has the idea of challenging them!

II. On strategic absenteeism in the National Assembly

First of all, it should be recalled that the vote on the law does not require the presence of a minimum number of deputies (for example, half) in the Hemicycle. As the rules of the National Assembly and the Senate state, “the Assembly is always in number to deliberate and to settle its agenda”. Therefore, with the exception of certain special procedures, the National Assembly deliberates validly, regardless of the number of deputies present.

A) On the overall absenteeism for these three laws violating the fundamental rights of the French:

– Law of 5 August 2021, known as the “mandatory vaccination of health care providers”:
Deputies absent from the National Assembly for the vote: 60% absent

– Law of 10 November 2021 on the “extension of the health pass until July 2022 without control
Absent from the National Assembly for the vote: 64% absent

Vaccine pass law currently under discussion
Absent deputies at the National Assembly for the vote: 42% absent

B) On the absenteeism of the Les Républicains group or “how to vote for without having one’s name displayed on the voting list so that voters do not demand accountability”?

Therefore, from the analysis of the three votes, it appears that, with 103 (105, for the vote for the extension of the health pass) deputies in the National Assembly, the LR deputies would be in sufficient number to counter the “Macron-compatible” deputies, if they wanted to. Let’s look at the votes in the three ballots:

1) Law of 5 August 2021 known as the “caregivers’ vaccination obligation”,
Les Républicains MPs voted 84% for the law, either directly, by abstention or by absence!

For the final adoption of the bill on the management of the health crisis, known as the law on the “vaccination” obligation of caregivers, on July 25, 2021, the votes of 105 deputies of the Les Républicains group are distributed as follows:


FOR by vote: 6

FOR by abstention: 5

FOR by absence: 77

Total for: 88

Only 28 LR deputies were present in the hemicycle for the vote on the law on compulsory vaccination for carers, against 77 LR deputies absent.

2) Law of 10 November 2021 known as the “extension of the health pass until July 2022 without control”:

Les Républicains deputies voted for the law at 65%, either directly, by abstention or by absence!

For the final adoption of the bill on various health vigilance provisions, the votes 103 deputies of the Les Républicains group were distributed as follows:

AGAINST : 36 only

FOR by absence :  67

Only 36 LR deputies were present in the hemicycle for the vote on the law extending the health pass, against 67 LR deputies absent.

3) “Vaccine pass” law under discussion

73% of Les Républicains MPs voted for the law, either directly, by abstention or by absence!

For the final adoption of the bill reinforcing the tools of health crisis management, on 5 January 2022, the votes 103 deputies of the Les Républicains group are distributed as follows:


FOR by vote: 28

FOR by abstention: 22

FOR by absence: 29

Total for: 79

In the end, the LR group largely allowed the adoption of profoundly liberticidal texts by voting in favour or simply by abstaining or not voting. Was this the mandate given to them by the electorate, when it comes to committing so heavily the future of the French people?

What they don’t know (or rather, pretend they don’t know) is that on all sides, the voices of doctors, biologists, geneticists and virologists are being raised to denounce a veritable hecatomb. The more people are “vaccinated”, the more emergency doctors see people who have received one or more doses, hypocritically described as “non-vaccinated”. The number of high-level athletes collapsing in the middle of a match is impressive. According to the official American organization V.A.E.R.S., the number of myocarditis cases, which has been constant since 2010, has multiplied by 500 in 2021! Of course, the mainstream media, financed by those who profit from this crisis, hide this reality from us. However, you only have to look at the ANSM or Eudravigilance websites, which also admit to knowing only 10% of the reality, to see the unacceptable.

Unless the notion of courage has disappeared from the dictionary…

Apart from the fact that (for the first time in the history of vaccination) the “vaccine” does not prevent one from contracting the disease, it makes the subject contagious, and only “protects” for six months, by bending over backwards in this way, by voting for this unacceptable charade, our elected representatives are accomplices in a collective poisoning. There will inevitably be accounts to render to a poisoned population, because the truth always comes out in the end…

Note: some details on the accelerated procedure put in place by Nicolas Sarkozy’s government:

When the government has previously engaged the accelerated legislative procedure (resulting from the constitutional revision of 23 July 2008) concerning a bill, which it has tabled before one of the two chambers of Parliament, each assembly proceeds to a single reading of the text (in the framework of the ordinary procedure, the text is subject to two readings by each assembly successively, which is usually called “the shuttle”).

Following this single reading, the text is submitted to a conciliation procedure in a joint committee (CMP), which is made up of seven deputies and seven senators (plus as many substitute members).

During the meeting of the CMP, the parliamentarians try to establish a compromise text concerning all the articles remaining under discussion. They may decide to retain the wording previously adopted by one or other assembly, or to draft new wording for certain articles.

The work of this committee is recorded in a report. If the members of the CMP work out and adopt a compromise text, this text is reproduced in the report. If not, the report sets out the reasons why conciliation could not be achieved.

If the compromise text is rejected by either assembly or if amendments to the CMP text adopted by one assembly are not adopted by the other, the conciliation procedure has failed.

This failure may also be due to the fact that the joint committee did not manage to establish a compromise text.

In these cases, the government has the option of giving the final word to the National Assembly.

This procedure consists of three stages in the following order

– the new reading by the National Assembly,
– the new reading by the Senate and
– final reading by the National Assembly,

During this final reading, the deputies can adopt their initial text without taking into account the modifications of the Senate.

This accelerated procedure, introduced by the constitutional revision of N. Sarkozy in 2008, is used by the government to reduce the exercise of democracy to almost nothing. Indeed, it is enough for the République en Marche to have enough “Macron-compatible” deputies to quickly pass the laws they want without serious parliamentary debate. The Senate is almost useless, because it is the deputies who have the last word!

Nicolas Sarkozy thus succeeded in neutralizing the Senate with his accelerated procedure.

Tables of verification of the calculations for France Soir

Global absenteeism verification table:




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  1. EDF, le massacre du gouvernement. Achat à 300 € et revente à 46 € à perte à ses concurrents !

    C’est un article de Marianne absolument terrible sur la réalité économique ahurissante imposée par l’Etat à EDF qui va racheter son électricité jusqu’à 300 euros le MWh… et la revendre à 46,20 euros à ses concurrents !!

    C’est juste hallucinant.
    Nous sommes en pleine vente à perte et destruction de valeur.

    « Face à l’envolée des prix de l’électricité qui atteignent des sommets, la promesse du gouvernement de limiter la hausse pour les ménages à 4 % semblait tenir de la gageure. À trois mois des présidentielles, il fallait trouver une solution, quitte à inventer une usine à gaz. Problème : cela conduit EDF à fournir aux opérateurs alternatifs des volumes d’électricité qu’elle n’a plus.
    Les circonvolutions du gouvernement autour du protocole sanitaire applicable dans les écoles ne pourraient être qu’une aimable mise en jambes. Son plan pour limiter la hausse de l’électricité à 4 % en 2022, promesse de Jean Castex faite septembre, risque lui d’être un véritable marathon pour la communication gouvernementale. Il va devoir expliquer qu’il demande à EDF de racheter aux prix vertigineux de 2022 l’électricité qu’il a déjà vendue pas cher, pour ensuite la brader à ses concurrents à un prix six fois inférieur.

    En effet, le plan du gouvernement partage l’effort entre une baisse de 8 milliards d’euros des taxes supportée par l’État, et 8,4 milliards à la charge d’EDF. Des sommes importantes liées à l’envolée des prix et leur répercussion sur les tarifs pour les ménages. La Commission de régulation estimait en effet le 10 janvier que la hausse devait atteindre entre 30 % et 40 %, selon Le Parisien.

    Dans cette optique, l’État, premier actionnaire de l’opérateur historique, a tout simplement intimé l’ordre à EDF d’augmenter le volume d’électricité nucléaire qu’il a l’obligation de vendre à ses concurrents à prix réduits. L’idée est simple : transférer aux clients finaux, les ménages et les entreprises, cette baisse des prix. Sauf que ces 20 TWh à 46,20 euros le MWh, qui s’ajoutent aux 100 TWh vendus à prix d’ami de 42 euros, EDF n’en dispose plus. Il les a déjà vendus sur le marché de gros lors des négociations qui ont eu lieu en 2021. L’électricien a donc déjà perdu une partie des bénéfices qu’il aurait pu retirer de la hausse des prix. Et il va les perdre une seconde fois car EDF va devoir racheter des montagnes de sa propre électricité, au prix de marché qui se situe entre 275 euros et 300 euros le MWh, et les revendre six fois moins cher. »

    C’est juste incroyable.

    La libéralisation du marché de l’énergie est une vaste fumisterie et une usine à gaz européenne à laquelle il faut mettre fin.

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