The Evidence that Omicron Was Made in a Lab

March 30, 2022 1

ER Editor: Three months ago we published this piece by eugyppius titled Omicron is Not Normal. Basically making some similar points to those made in the article below, he adds one things about the vaccinated: […]


UAE: There is No Substitute for Russian Oil

March 29, 2022 0

ER Editor: This week’s post from Benjamin Fulford might shed a little light here. What is REALLY going on with energy supplies? We’re at the point where we believe nothing. If their lips move, then […]


Patrick Lancaster Reports from Mariupol [VIDEOS]

March 29, 2022 0

ER Editor: UPDATE – DONETSK (Donbass) today. This is the second attack on the civilian population there by the Ukrainian military: Artillery Strike Hits Center Donetsk. Russia – Ukraine War. The first, filmed a few days […]

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