Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks – Who’s Responsible?

ER Editor: Here are a few responses. The US and NATO seem the most likely perpetrators, but what about Germany itself?

First Moon of Alabama, then Dagmar Henn, and eugyppius.


The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase


Just yesterday I laid out how the U.S. is winning its war on Europe’s industries and people.

That war, hidden behind the U.S. created Ukraine crisis, is designed to destroy Europe’s manufacturing advantage compared to the U.S. It is more likely though to strengthen the economic position of China and other Asian economies.

I have argued that Germany must open the Nord Stream II pipeline which can bring Russian natural gas to Germany without crossing other countries’ territory. It must also allow Siemens to repair the defect Nord Stream I compressors. It is in fact inevitable if German’s industry is to survive.

Others have come to similar conclusion and decided to sabotage the pipelines to make their re-opening impossible:

Three offshore lines of the Nord Stream gas pipeline system have sustained “unprecedented” damage in one day, Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, said on Tuesday in what one German official has suggested is a “targeted attack”. Nord Stream 2 suffered a gas leak which was then followed by a drop of pressure on Nord Stream 1.The company also said that it was impossible to estimate when the gas network system’s working capability would be restored.

The simultaneous sub sea damage to three pipelines is obviously not an accident.



Is it Germany?

This by Dagmar Henn, republished via Front Nieuws, puts the US and other NATO members as obvious suspects, but makes a plausible case for it being Germany itself. See Who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipes? The list of suspects is relatively short

Of note:

Why? The Baltic Sea is one of the best controlled waters in the world. Not just on the surface, where no ship can move without being constantly noticed from both sides. Also underwater, where sonar and underwater microphones are used to track submarine movements….

The Tagesspiegel talks about an “insider” who talks about special forces or submarines. The most obvious variant is a combination of both – combat swimmers launched from a submarine. …

Who would have a political interest in it? The United States and possibly Great Britain. Remember US President Joe Biden’s statement at the press conference with Olaf Scholz that there would be no more Nord Stream 2 in the event of a Russian incursion: “I promise you we will.”

But besides the US, there is another suspect who could have a clear political interest in taking the Nord Stream 2 issue off the agenda. That is the German government itself. Those who look at the images of the protests in Germany quickly realize that the political maneuvers to block the demand to open up “Nord Stream 2”, also via the left-wing party, have been unsuccessful and that the political pressure is, on the contrary, developed along this requirement. Taking the focus and possibly even the chance of success away from possible protests could find some proponents in this administration.

Jens Berger has already raised the issue of possible American perpetration in the NachDenkSeiten. In any case, it is clear that NATO headquarters in Brussels must know who is responsible, as do the Russians. All surveillance data from all neighboring NATO countries comes together in Brussels, and it is extremely unlikely that in the Baltic Sea, where herring presumably does not lay eggs without being monitored, no one has data to explain this attack. …


Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2, Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply to Germany from Russia

Anonymous German officials appear to acknowledge the strong possibility of American or NATO involvement

Yesterday evening, pressure in the undersea Nord Stream 2 pipeline suddenly collapsed, and gas could be seen bubbling to the surface of the Baltic Sea near the Danish island of Bornholm. Shortly afterwards, reports came of a total collapse in the pressure of our other major undersea pipeline connection to Russia, Nord Stream 1, indicating a further rupture.

Government officials assume that the damage is intentional, and the result of an attack by foreign forces:

Due to the timing, the fact that three separate pipelines were affected1, and the severe pressure losses in Nord Stream 1, officials expect the worst. “We can no longer imagine any scenario other than a targeted attack,” said a person privy to the assessment by the federal government and federal authorities. They added: “Everything speaks against a coincidence.”

Such an attack on the seabed would be anything but trivial; it would have to be carried out with special forces – for example, by navy divers or a submarine, people informed of initial assessments said.

With regard to responsibility for the alleged attacks, two possibilities are being discussed. First, according to initial speculation, Ukrainian or Ukrainian-affiliated forces could be responsible. With the temporary shutdown of the Nord Stream pipelines, gas deliveries from Russia to Germany and Central Europe would only be possible via the Yamal pipeline running through Poland or the Ukrainian pipeline network.

The piece that I’ve bolded is, of course, a lightly disguised reference to the United States or NATO. This should surprise nobody: President Biden said in early February that in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it.” It’s well within the realm of possibility that such an attack would’ve been carried out with the tacit approval (or even upon the request) of the Scholz government, to relieve them of political pressure to open Nord Stream 2 or seek terms for a restoration of supply to Nord Stream 1 as the economy continues to circle the drain. The Greens are in government here, and Green-adjacent journalists have gone so far as to demand the dismantling of the pipelines to hurt Putin, so this too is far from crazy.

The second scenario investigators are contemplating, according to the linked Tagesspiegel report, is of course a “‘false flag’ operation by Russia,” carried out to “drive up the price of gas,” “exacerbate the European energy crisis” and “fuel additional uncertainty.” Russia will surely be blamed for the attack as soon as it is confirmed, I have no doubt of that.

The pipeline attacks come as a few prominent German politicians have demanded the opening of Nord Stream 2, and the subject has attracted a growing protest movement. Neither pipeline was currently transporting gas; Gazprom cut off supply to Nord Stream 1 at the end of August, citing maintenance issues exacerbated by EU sanctions, while the Scholz government refused to certify Nord Stream 2 following its completion in November 2021.

UPDATES: Gonzalo Lira argues that the Americans have declared war on Europe; Noah Carl draws attention to an older piece he wrote on the “Nord Stream 2 theory” of the Ukraine war; hints of a possible method and an earlier, aborted attack on the pipeline are found in these stories about an underwater drone armed with explosives recovered near the pipeline construction site in 2015.

Two Nord Stream 1 leaks have now been identified; like the Nord Stream 2 rupture, they’re near Bornholm. There are three ruptures in total.

MORE UPDATES: Danish armed forces have published a brief statement on the gas leaks, together with some photos.

Gaslækagen ved Nord Stream 2 set fra Forsvarets F-16 afvisningsberedskab på Bornholm. Foto: Forsvaret

That circle of bubbling methane is apparently a kilometre in width. Nord Stream 1 was attacked in two places northeast of Bornholm, while one of the Nord Stream 2 pipes was breached off the southern tip of the island. This report from FAZ suggests the attacks happened at a depth of about 70 metres.

STILL MORE: Swedish state media reports that Danish and Swedish monitoring stations recorded two substantial undersea explosions at the sites of the gas leaks, one at 2:03 am Monday morning, the other at 7:04 pm Monday evening. This is now a confirmed attack, if there was ever any doubt.





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  1. This is a continuation of the Ache Tsunami in 2004 & the Japan one by the US, Australian & New Zealand Navies
    from “Operation Seal”

  2. well there were NATO/US training exercises in proximity of explosion NATO/US Military trained near the Nordstrom explosion….it/status/1575114216
    Denmark just opened,, on the same day as the Nord Stream explosion, a new pipeline from Norway to Poland. COINCIDENCE IS AMAZING: NORWAY-POLAND BALTIC PIPELINE OPENS STRAIGHT AFTER NORD STREAM IS SABOTAGED”
    Couldn’t be more obvious. Poland/Denmark needs to be taken to court. Actually, this is the Danish company benefiting

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