Photo to illustrate: Prisoner in iced cell (C)

Even “neutral” Switzerland is not spared the consequences of the war between the nations committed to globalism and Russia. The consequences of the gas shortage are being felt. Anyone who heats water too much or heats homes too much this winter risks a fine or a prison sentence. The peoples of Europe must pay bitterly for the imperialist plans of the US and the Deep State, writes.

In Switzerland it has now been announced that anyone who heats indoor spaces above 19 degrees Celsius or heats hot water above 60 degrees will be fined. When it comes to a premeditated offense, there is a risk of imprisonment of up to three years (!). Conversely, this also means that those who heat indoor spaces above 19 degrees, for example due to the presence of people or the waste heat from machines, will be punished. An absurd spectacle reminiscent of state terror.

That this is even possible in Switzerland, where democracy is much more experienced than in any other country in Europe, is beyond the comprehension of the observer. More specifically, the federal law on national economic supply will be applied, as reports. Violations of this law are in part crimes and must be prosecuted by the Swiss cantons. This law does not provide for administrative sanctions; it must be fully enforced.

Someone who accidentally sets the thermostat wrong will come off lighter than someone who deliberately heats their pool to 25 degrees. The penalty for a company that intentionally exceeds its gas quota will likely be even more severe. The quota regulation is also subject to the penal provisions.

They do not rely on police state measures, but on fear and terror spread through announced “selective controls”. Long-time Swiss residents are known for being exceptionally accurate and punctual. So in the future there will probably be a digital thermometer in every room. “Checks wouldn’t be out of the question,” especially if reported by treacherous neighbors or overzealous hobby sheriffs. People are already used to the alleged Corona pandemic with its excessive and intrusive measures.

Some legal provisions are more than vague and can be interpreted completely arbitrarily. For example, there is a ban on heating “unused buildings” . But what is an “unused” building? It is not so easy to determine and there does not seem to be a universally valid definition for it. The cantons in Switzerland have until September 22 to register and submit their objections to the new energy regulations.

Finally, it should be noted that such an arrangement can only be arbitrary. After all, it depends on the insulation measures and precisely on the various other heat sources in an indoor space how warm it really gets. Just think of a children’s room that is too rarely ventilated and where a gaming PC runs around the clock. It is technically impossible to perform such a specification unless you set the heaters to 15 degrees or lower. If people then catch a cold across the board, they will declare another Corona pandemic.