Globalist French President Gets Down to Work Empowering EU

Globalist French President Gets to Work Empowering EU


The ruling establishment in Europe, along with its globalist agent, Rothschild banker and new French President Emmanuel Macron, appear to be absolutely tone deaf to the growing outrage across the continent. Even as the United Kingdom works on seceding from the controversial European Union superstate, and most French people want a vote on whether to even remain under the Brussels-based regime’s thumb, Macron is pushing hard to accelerate the EU war on self-government, borders, and nationhood. Other globalist leaders of formerly sovereign EU member states — especially Macron ally and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — are doing the same. But across Europe, the public is getting fed up.

At the top of Macron’s to-do list is a push to grant vast new powers to the EU. Among other schemes, the new French president is hoping to impose a “common budget” and a “joint finance minister” on the entire eurozone. Because not all nations ensnared in the EU have succumbed to Brussels’ globalist bullying to surrender their own national currencies, Macron also wants to create a “two-tier” EU. Under his vision, those governments that have already had the euro imposed on them would move ahead on surrendering what little self-government remains, while the other governments would catch up later — perhaps after an engineered crisis is used to create some support for the euro in those nations.

As part of the agenda to help the EU usurp even more sovereignty and powers from nations, Macron has agreed to help push through reforms to the treaties that underpin the EU to facilitate “profound reforms” that further strengthen the supranational regime. Indeed, speaking at his inauguration, Macron pledged to “relaunch” Europe, granting vast new powers to the unelected hordes of bureaucrats that now make the bulk of the laws and regulations that govern the formerly independent peoples of Europe.

Among the latest ideas being floated is the creation and selling of “eurobonds,” allowing the EU to raise money by imposing debt on all the peoples of Europe and helping put all European taxpayers on the hook for the wild spending of bloated socialist regimes such as those ruling France and Greece. An EU-imposed migration and asylum policy enforced on all members, presumably perpetuating the tsunami of Islamic immigration from the Middle East and Africa, is also being discussed. That could see migrants forced on nations such as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic, which have fiercely resisted the influx of millions of Third World arrivals flooding into Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, and other European countries.

 The establishment, its political hacks, and its propaganda organs rushed to paint Macron’s victory as a “mandate” to keep the borders open while surrendering what little remains of national sovereignty and self-government. However, left unsaid is that most French voters support holding a referendum on EU membership, and a ban on further Islamic immigration, according to polls taken shortly before the presidential election. Also left unmentioned by the establishment media were widespread accusations of fraud and electoral irregularities, seemingly all of them favoring Macron. Despite all those facts, the dishonest media narrative was, in essence, that the French have voted to surrender all power to the EU and throw open their borders forever.


But in the real world, that is far from the case. Last time the French were asked to vote on dramatic usurpations of power by the EU superstate — a huge power-grab marketed as the so-called EU “Constitution” — it went down to a humiliating defeat. However, globalists simply renamed the scheme the “Lisbon Treaty,” claimed it no longer needed approval from voters, and rammed it through anyway. Obviously, the globalist establishment stealing Europeans’ right to self-government has learned its lessons. Indeed, earlier this year, EU Council boss Robert Fico urged governments to quit letting citizens vote on important matters.

macron-merkelOne of Macron’s first acts as president was to fly to Berlin and grovel before Merkel, a communist propagandist for the murderous East German dictatorship before re-inventing herself as a “conservative” to win elections and open Germany’s borders to millions of Third World migrants. A genuine photo of Macron sitting at Merkel’s feet was used by his critics to paint him as a puppet of out-of-control German authorities. But Merkel enthusiastically returned the favor. “Macron carries the hopes of millions of French people and also many in Germany and across Europe,” Merkel said, adding that she was “very pleased” with his win on a “courageous, pro-European campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, she was totally onboard with the agenda articulated by Macron — more and more power for the EU, more and more migrants, less and less self-government, and so on. “From a German perspective, it is possible to change the European treaties,” she said. “This is also necessary to push things along in Europe. The whole world is changing, that is why Germany is ready to change the treaties. First we need to work on what we want to change, and then if it turns out it needs a treaty change, then we’re prepared to do that.”

EU bosses were very pleased with what they heard. EU Council “President” Donald Tusk, speaking before a meeting with europhile President Macron, spoke of the EU as if it were a federal government. “A strong EU, capable of being sovereign in relation to the external world, capable of protecting its values, culture and economic interests, capable of protecting its external border, is the best, and perhaps the only guarantee of national and state sovereignty and independence,” he said, seemingly oblivious to the cognitive dissonance. “We both believe that for rational and responsible patriots, there is no alternative to a united and sovereign Europe.”

JeanClaudeJunckerEU Commission “President” Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured), meanwhile, also seized on Macron’s victory to push for usurping more power for himself and the regime he leads. “I am delighted that the ideas you defended of a strong and progressive Europe, which protects all its citizens,” Juncker, a fanatical globalist, told Macron. By “Europe,” he was referring to the regime that has usurped power over the peoples of Europe using deception, lies, corruption, manipulation, and more, not the people or the continent.

At home, despite being painted as a “centrist” and “moderate” by the establishment, Macron rushed to fill cabinet posts with Socialist Party extremists, along with a handful of globalist pseudo-conservatives for perceived “balance.” At his victory speech, he marched out to the EU’s “European Anthem.” And as for what remains of French foreign policy, Macron vowed to continue waging globalist wars, including a pledge to keep French troops waging war in the African nation of Mali for the indefinite future.

MacronDavidRothschildBut despite the celebrations, some establishment propaganda organs worried that Macron’s connections to the unfathomably wealthy Rothschild banking dynasty might bog down his ability to push the globalist agenda (David Rothschild pictured with Marcon). In an article headline, “Emmanuel Macron Is About to Face Five Years of Crazy Rothschild Conspiracy Theories,” Foreign Policy writer David Clay Large acknowledges the astounding wealth and power of the dynasty, and that Macron is one of its protégés.

But then, like many far-left extremists in the United States, Foreign Policy’s activist dishonestly attempts to paint criticism or even mention of the globalist bankers and their schemes as anti-Semitic — along with Le Pen herself, despite her frequent condemnations of racism and anti-Semitism. “The French president’s greatest vulnerability might be his connection to an international banking family that has obsessed the country for centuries,” the globalist propagandist warned.

“For more than two centuries the Rothschild family — a historically Jewish multinational banking dynasty that is said to have plotted every major continental war in order to finance and profit from both sides, brought on economic depressions, arranged the assassinations of U.S. presidents and European potentates, caused the Holocaust, and sponsored same-sex marriage — has been a major and virtually universal player in France’s most sinister psychodramas,” Large wrote. “The Rothschild family’s global reach notwithstanding, this bogeyman arguably has been the most active on French soil, where ancient animosities toward high finance have combined with anxieties about national status.”

Rothschild connections aside, ironically, the same establishment journalists and propagandists who helped elect Macron are now outraged that the president is behaving like a totalitarian by restricting and limiting the press. In an open letter to Macron, representatives of more than 20 French media outlets slammed the new leader for trying to control who could cover what. “In no case must the Elysee [presidential palace] decide those of us who are entitled or not to cover a visit, whatever the theme is,” the media organs said. “It is not the president of the Republic or his services who decide … the internal functioning of the media organizations, their coverage choices and their approach.”

antonioguterresunsecgenIn addition to the pro-Macron propaganda from the media and the EU, top globalist operatives around the world were similarly engaged in a campaign of defending and boosting the increasingly unpopular and illegitimate transnational regime swallowing up the nations and peoples of Europe. Speaking on May 17 to the plenary session of the EU’s pseudo-“Parliament” in Strasbourg, UN Secretary-General António Guterres (pictured) showered praise on the globalist EU. “A strong and united Europe is an absolutely fundamental pillar of a strong and effective United Nations,” Guterres said, falsely claiming “no issue” could be solved without “global efforts” today. “The European Union (EU) is clearly the most successful project of peace sustainability in the world.”

But as this magazine has documented extensively, and as top globalist schemers have made clear, the EU is simply the first among many regional “integration” regimes that will eventually be merged into what the establishment touts as the “New World Order.” In his recent book World Order, former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, a globalist and a proponent of depopulation while in office, outlined the strategy. Using opaque language, Kissinger spelled out the plan to divide up the world’s peoples and nations into various “regions” ruled by regional regimes, then create the global order. “The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another,” he explains.
MarineLePen - copie 3Establishment analysts are already worrying that Macron’s presidency may lead to a Le Pen victory in 2022 if the Rothschild banker-turned socialist bureaucrat proves unable to revive the ailing French economy. Le Pen, who has vowed to destroy the globalists’ “New World Order” if and when she is elected, has a party that is surging in popularity, and an electorate that is increasingly waking up to the globalist effort to “fundamentally transform” France and all other nations on the road to “global governance.” It is now a race against time — both for the globalists and their operatives such as Macron, and for the patriots who want to preserve their nations and their freedoms.


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