At Last! French Healthcare Workers Get Reinstated

May 5, 2023 0

ER Editor: Finally some sanity has prevailed in this sometimes cruel country. France has been notably the last, or one of the last countries, to reinstate their non-vaccinated healthcare workers. Now, a vote by French […]


French Legislatives Clip Macron’s Wings

June 20, 2022 2

ER Editor: The 2nd and final round of France’s legislative elections took place yesterday. Macron failed to get his majority, needing 289 seats but finishing with 234; Le Pen did very well (89). The far […]


Monkey Business in the French Elections? Looks Like It

April 25, 2022 8

ER Editor: We’re borrowing material here from two sources: Qactus (notice the spelling) and LeMediaen4-4-2 to basically point out the discrepancy in the vote count as noticed on mainstream TV coverage and the final, registered […]

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