Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary CV Investigative Commission Launching CLASS ACTION SUIT Against Corona Criminals [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The lawyer in the video below, Reiner Fuellmich, who practices law in California as well as Germany, belongs to the ACU2020 organization, also comprising German doctors Heiko Schoning, Bodo Schiffmann and the Austrian doctor Martin Haditsch. Dr. Heiko Schoning was the one who welcomed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Berlin at the end of August, and the one who was arrested two weekends ago as he began his speech in Trafalgar Square to a large protest group.


The basis of Fuellmich’s class action case against those responsible for the corona scandal rests on the following premises (taken from the video below):

  • Companies and persons who suffered damage during lockdown, & etc. are entitled to full recovery of said damages.
  • Not only are those officials who made the decision to lockdown, &etc. responsible, but also the manufacturers of the PCR test, upon which the coronavirus measures were largely based, and which is completely unsuitable for detecting an infection. It is not even licensed or approved for diagnostic purposes. This is contrary to all official assurances, including those made by the WHO.
  • There is no valid factual or legal basis for the corona measures, including face masks, which need to be ended immediately.
  • The biggest wave of bankruptcies of all time is threatening the world economy right now, which greatly affects small and medium business and the self-employed.
  • (The German judiciary is not sufficiently independent politically to judge cases against big corporate players, so cases are now being referred to the EU Court of Justice.)
  • A US-style class-action lawsuit can really help in this situation, which must be publicized throughout the general media in order to attempt to include all relevant participants (Fuellmich explains additional advantages of class-action suits, including low cost, speed and simpler legal procedures).
  • The aim is to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of people involved in this suit, who have suffered the same type of damage, with a very large price tag attached, all of which is likely to bring the madness to an end much faster.
  • ACU2020’s main POLITICAL goal is to start the long overdue scientific discussion about the true danger of the virus, the reliability of the test and the collateral damage (health and economic) caused by anti-coronavirus measures. It will be achieved faster, however, if a loud BANG is heard by means of a successful class-action suit involving perhaps millions of people.
  • It is possible to make the victims of the anti-coronavirus measures ‘whole’ again.

Watch the entirety of Fuellmich’s explanation in the video below.


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Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigative Commission Launching a Class Action Suit Against Corona Criminals

Germany is again in the forefront in fighting the devastating, unjustified, illegal, economy-destructive, people-debilitating and outright genocidal – Corona Measures. The German COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee – in German – ACU – German acronym for Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss – (see diagram from website, on the left) is planning to launch a Class Action Suit against not only governments and government officials, but specifically against the manufacturers of the infamous PCR test (PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction – is a technique used to “amplify” small segments of DNA) which, according to honest virologists all over the world, is absolutely unsuitable for covid-19 testing. It has actually not even been licensed to carry out such tests.

Nevertheless, the PCR test has been and is being touted and promoted by WHO – and by other leading health institutions in the western world, such as the US NIAID / NIH and CDC, as well as by researchers from the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) at Charité Hospital, Berlin. It was Dr. Christian Drosten (pictured), Director of the Institute of Virology at “Charité,” who propagated this test, which eventually was taken over by the respect German government and health authorities, who made it a mandatory panacea to test and count “cases”, mostly to manipulate statistics – which the media then uses to implant fear in the population. (ER: Drosten was another one of those Establishment scare merchants who predicted thousands of deaths due to an ‘even deadlier second wave‘. Which of course hasn’t materialised. He pushed the use of the PCR test heavily in Germany.)

Other countries followed similar instructions from their highest health authorities and used the test results for the same purpose – planting fear in the clueless population. The media never tell us, for example, that the error rate of these tests, the so-called “positive negatives”, can be as high 50%. However, all “positives” are automatically absorbed into the “case” statistics. People get often tested several times and may also be reported several times.

That’s how the “case” rates can be manufactured and manipulated. FEAR is the Name of the Game. So that the governments are justified in closing their iron fists even stronger around your personal neck; and by cutting the countries’ economic lifeline – causing countless bankruptcies and unemployment in proportions never seen in modern history – and often deadly misery, famine and suicide.

The iron fist around the peoples’ throats include face mask, social distancing, working from home, semi- or full lockdowns, i.e. keeping people purposefully apart (the separate-to-conquer principle), discrimination against the elderly, who in their loneliness get depressed, sick and may die earlier. Yes, elderly people, especially with co-morbidities, are in a higher risk group, but in the same as with the common flu every year, which has never been a reason to discriminate against them.

The results we are already seeing today. And the worst is yet to come. This fall and winter in the Global North, the merging of flu and “covid” may spell even more disaster in data manipulative mastery, and consequential measures that may, wittingly or unwittlingly, be copied in the Global South, although the coming warmer summer climate would suggest the contrary. It’s a nasty and criminal Game that, if we don’t stop, will not end soon.

Enough introduction. Listen for yourself what Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer of ACU, has to say (8-min video below) about the Class Action Suit, and how it might bring these destructive measures to a halt and reverse them, by compensating the damaged people and small and medium size enterprises that had no choice but to declare bankruptcy and lay off their employees.

As Dr. Füllmich explains, this could happen with what he calls a BANG, if millions around the world join in the Class Action Law Suit. Since in Germany and other European countries, Class Action Suits are not well known, especially because they are complicated, lacking a similar legal basis that they have in the US, this Class Action Suit would be filed in the US, representing the world population.


Original article 

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals such as Global Research; ICH; New Eastern Outlook (NEO) and more. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.


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  1. Peter, thank you for this information. Yes, the case is getting buried by the corporate-purchased media. As a class action lawsuit, however, it will have to be published in some corner of the media, I believe – the public have a right to be notified. But yes, you are right – the censors are hard at work. It IS a hugely important case. We’ll continue here to do our best to publicize it.

  2. There are many of scientists and experts the disagree with WHO. This is a huge law case! However my country, Denmark, seems to suppress this case, this case seems to be suppressed in most countries, it does not run on mainstream news – the fact that one of Europes most famous layers is suing WHOs leader, the inventor of the corona test, and the author of the panic paper – this fact has not even been mentioned in our media, not tv, not newspapers or their websites. It is also very difficult to find through Google or Youtube, unless a friend tells you. Youtube deleted Fuellmichs video the 21 October (however now another video is up on his channel). With such an important possible world corruption case going on, how is this possible! Some people are going through allot of effort to hide this case and its important details from the general population.

    These are the three main promoters of the “corona panic” that are being sued for “Crimes Against Humanity” by lawyer Fuellmich – and these people and their networks, are the people that our governments are basing their lockdown decisions on! (note: all text is taken from the transcript of his video)

    — Dr Christian Drosten, the inventor of the PCR test (corona test) — PCR tests are not approved for diagnostic purposes, as is correctly noted on leaflets coming with these tests. Even the United States CDC agrees with this. Even Drosten himself declared in an interview in 2014, that these PCR tests are so highly sensitive that even very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive. Dr Yeadon in his piece: ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives’ explains the complete unsuitability of the test for the detection of infectious diseases, covid 19 has tested positive in goats, sheep, papayas and even chicken wings — Also note that previously, during the swine flu in 2009 Drosten was one of those who stirred up panic in the population; repeating over and over again that the swine flu would claim many hundreds of thousands, even millions of deaths, all over the world. This panic-inducing prognosis proved to be catastrophically false.

    —- Mr Tedros Adhanom, head of WHO or World Health Organisation — Drosten used the PCR test, to test in Wuhan China, it came positive, this was enough for WHO to sound the pandemic alarm and to recommend the worldwide use of the Drosten PCR test for the detection of infections — Note also that previously, 12 years earlier the WHO changed the definition of “pandemic” (to “just a worldwide disease”, which not necessarily led to many serious illnesses and deaths) and that due to this change was able to declare the swine flu pandemic in 2009, with the result that vaccines were produced and sold worldwide. The panic prognosis of WHO proved to be catastrophically false.

    —- Mr Lothar Wieler, head of the RKI (German Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and author of “the “panic paper” — “the “panic paper” that was leaked which was written by the German Department of the Interior. Its classified content shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that in fact the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media. The accompanying irresponsible statements of the head of the RKI, remember the CDC, Mr Wieler who repeatedly and excitedly announced that the corona measures must be followed unconditionally by the population, without them asking any question shows that he followed the script verbatim. In his public statements he kept announcing that the situation was very grave and threatening although the figures compiled by his own institute proved the exact opposite.

    These are the people he is suing, the promoters of the “corona panic” for “Crimes Against Humanity”. According to an interview by “Jerm Warfares youtube channel” 8 days ago by , lawyer Fuellmich will soon present all of his findings to the public very soon, the information will be released at, the Investigative Corona Comitee, and the Tort lawyerss websites. You can find Fuellmichs youtube channel here

    This is so important case, I mean Really Important! The promoters of the corona panic sued for Crimes Against Humanity. The citizens have the right to know if there are real grounds for taking away their freedoms!

    You might find this PDF transcript useful, is indexed and resumed. Please share the information

  3. Absolutely not, Kathleen. You’re free and welcome to post whatever you like. I just mean, we’re keeping up with those things, too. But the more the merrier!

  4. TLB – Ok, so are you telling me not necessary to post any more re Galati and Fuellmich? Even I have something neat to add? : )

  5. The “second wave” is FAKED, as confirmed by former Chief Science Officer of pharma giant Pfizer:
    The so-called “testing” is FAKED, it isn’t even a DIAGNOSTIC test, as confirmed by DR. REINER FUELLMICH, above, a senior lawyer who is mounting a massive class-action suit against governments, the “test” manufacturers and other Corona Criminals:
    Nonetheless, JUSTIN TRUDEAU’s federal government of Canada is currently getting bids on CONCENTRATION CAMPS, oops, I mean QUARANTINE SITES? September 16, 2020, here it is: That’s from a tweet (Federal Mandatory Camps? by Canadian lawyer, Rocco Galati, who is suing over the lock-down measures on behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada:

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