Euro-Atlanticist Greens Fade in Germany [VIDEO]

June 11, 2021 2

ER Editor: Below is Alexander Mercouris’ take on what is happening in German politics, especially for Germany’s neocon Green party which, he argues, is nothing like what it started out as. **** The recent regional […]


CJ Hopkins: Greetings From “New Normal” Germany!

May 26, 2021 0

CJ Hopkins: Greetings From “New Normal” Germany!  TYLER DURDEN Authored (mostly satirically-ish) by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory On April 1, 1933, shortly after Hitler was appointed chancellor, the Nazis staged a boycott of […]


Angela Merkel Back-pedals on Severe Easter Lockdown

March 25, 2021 0

German chancellor Angela Merkel back-pedals on severe Easter lockdown The scrapping of the five-day severe Easter lockdown was characterized by Merkel as a ‘mistake’ less than 48 hours after she first announced it. JEANNE SMITS […]

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