The website mentioned that Madej had sent a text message on Thursday saying that she would not be giving lectures in the coming months because the medical disciplinary tribunal had been harassing her.

The US aviation authority FAA is currently investigating the crash in Meriwether County in the state of Georgia. The plane crashed at Roosevelt Memorial Airport in Warm Springs after engine problems. The doctor and her friend came down in a field north of the airport.

The small plane was en route from St. Petersburg in Florida to Newnan-Coweta County Airport. It was headed for Warm Springs. It was confirmed that Madej was in the ICU.

The doctor has been highly critical of Corona vaccines for some time. She sounded the alarm on side-effects but was censored by YouTube. “People need to know that this is not a safe vaccine,” she said. “They mess with the RNA and the DNA, the genome, the genes. That can eventually result in cancers, mutagens and autoimmune diseases.”

Madej also linked the jabs to depopulation:

“Bill Gates thinks there are too many people, he wants to thin out the world population. People, wake up! This man does not want us all to stay alive. He has said it so many times in so many different ways. He is not a scientist, not a doctor, not an epidemiologist. Why are we giving him this power?”

The doctor had previously lashed out at Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. Last year he said, “No one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated.” Madej shared the response to Schwab’s statement: “Over my dead body, Klaus.”