The Swedish regime and its media have always promoted the idea that Sweden is the role model for freedom and democracy. The Swedish people have slowly and subtly been manipulated into a position where the Swedes themselves act like Pavlovian dogs who start barking as soon as their master plays the racist or Nazi card. In fact, the regime never needed to pass their many laws on what kind of speech is permissible or not, and which political parties should be taking part in Sweden’s so-called democracy.

Sweden has many laws against alleged hate speech, which are regularly trotted out any time someone dares to stand up for the Swedish people. For the most part however, Swedes have sadly been brainwashed into suppressing free speech themselves. In some mysterious way, the general sentiment has for a long time been that if you – being a Swede – stand up for white indigenous Swedes, you are assumed to want to kill anyone who does not fit that description.

The situation in the country is almost like a severe form of brainwashing, or Monarch programming, where the master can induce the victim to inflict severe injuries upon him or herself. In Sweden, the programming has been applied to a whole nation.

A Romanian I spoke to compared Sweden to Romania in the fifties. That was a time when such infamous facilities such as the Pieteshti and Gherla torture centers were used to programme a whole generation of intellectuals. This was done in order to create the perfect communist citizen in a communist utopia. My Romanian friend was astonished to learn that the Swedish regime has accomplished what the Romanian Bolshevists had so keenly desired, but without using torture.

Recently, Swedish alternative media has gained a huge audience, and this is even more surprising since the regime has done all in its power to suppress its advances. Truth is slowly penetrating the bubble in which the nation is being held captive. Swedes are starting to realize that the obsolete mainstream media has been shaping their world view, and that this old media has been far from neutral.

They have started to understand that there are a number of very important questions which are never asked by the obsolete media. Pervasive still, however, are the social stigma and informal repression of people who ask questions along the lines of: “Do Swedes exist as a people?”

Or: “What will the long term effect be on life for the Swedish people if their country is filled with third world immigrants?”

Or: “Are immigrants from Somalia really a badly needed asset for Sweden, and if so, are they not more needed in Somalia?”

The social stigma and informal repression that follow when posing such questions force many alternative journalists and thinkers to publish under pseudonyms. If an alternative media journalist is doxed, there is a very high risk that he or she will get fired. After that no one will employ “the racist” to avoid bad publicity for the company.

Still, some media outlets have chosen to fight the battle in Sweden head-on. On a shoestring budget, while making intelligent moves, they manage to expose the emperor’s pretence of being clad. The newspaper Nya Tider [New Times] is one example.

The Gothenburg Book Fair is one of the regime’s major events where the cultural establishment, the mainstream journalists and leftist liberal politicians rub shoulders and pat one another on the back. They commend each other on how open and democratic they are, and on how important it is to protect the long tradition of their own free speech.

In 2016 and 2017, Nya Tider managed to get a booth in the Gothenburg Book Fair. The indignation was fierce among leftist liberals. Major Swedish newspapers, most of them owned by the Bonnier family, published a long string of articles about the “threat to free speech” that the little dissenting newspaper Nya Tider posed to the other exhibitors on the fair. Their argument was that in the name of free speech, Nya Tider should not be allowed.

One prominent mainstream celebrity actually showed some spine by tweeting something like: “It’s not like Nya Tider is going to set off an atomic bomb or anything, they are only going to promote their newspaper”. But to the cultural elite, having an alternative opinion in their midst was clearly like an atomic bomb.

Many Swedish cultural personalities made statements on how threatened they felt by the presence of Nya Tider, pretending to be victims. And a considerable number of politically correct celebrities boycotted the fair in response to the presence of Nya Tider – all in the name of “free speech”, of course.

So, by 2018, Nya Tider was banned from the Gothenburg Book Fair, and everything was back to normal for the politically correct crowd.

Next, the regime called for a meeting with Facebook, Google and YouTube. The Social Democrat Minister of Justice (sic) demanded that the tech giants start censuring content on the Internet. And in case they wanted to refuse, they were told that the government would start passing laws to force them to do so.

Soon after this meeting, a number of dissident creators on social media platforms were shut down. Of these, my own Granskning Sverige [Investigation Sweden] was one of the more prominent ones.

Our viewer statistics might not sound so impressive compared to English speaking channels, but one should consider that the population of Sweden and thus our maximum audience is ten million. We had 1.2 million views on Facebook the month before our ban from Facebook. We had 7 million Youtube views on hundreds of interviews with politicians and obsolete media journalists before our channel was suspended and all uploaded content was erased.

And our web hosting service provider just sent us a message that they will no longer be providing service anymore. None of the service providers could or would specify which of our publications were hateful, or inciting violence. “Well done!”, tweeted the Minster of Social Insurance, Annika Strandhäll (also a Social Democrat) in response to the ban.

Sweden’s “problems” had been fixed, or so the regime thought.

But this year, 2019, with Nya Tider still being denied access to the Gothenburg Book Fair, its reporter nevertheless attended as a normal visitor armed with a “big” camera and audio-recorder. The result was most revealing.

The Nya Tider journalist managed to find the former top diplomat, Social Democrat Pierre Schori (pictured), who has on several occasions openly supported the genocidal Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. In all his career, Schori had only ever been interviewed by leftist liberals. Being faced with questions from a conservative angle made him completely lose his composure as is evident from the video. At the end, one sees the reporter eventually being arrested by police. His crime was asking questions, as he never once touched the former politician.

It’s therefore official: Sweden is a police state where journalists are arrested if they ask questions that make the regime look bad. The task of the mainstream media in Sweden is to make Sweden look nice abroad. The functionaries of the regime are to be portrayed as the great beloved leaders, no matter how many people are shot or blown to pieces in the escalating gang violence that the regime has imported.

For some reason, the arrest of a Swedish journalist doing his job, or the shutting down of Granskning Sverige, has gone completely unnoticed in the same mainstream media which have been campaigning for the African journalist Dawit Isaak for over a decade.

Pierre Schori, the Social Democrat, was Cabinet Secretary from 1982-1991, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister of State 1994-1999 and UN Ambassador 2000-2004. The Swedish Social Democrats also supported Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, the dictator who cleansed the country of whites and Ndebeles and drove his country into economic ruin. When Mugabe passed away in 2019, Schori added that the African despot had ‘the misfortune to surround himself with bad advisers’.

Until now, dissenters were silenced by closing down their social media accounts, suspending their web hosting services, denying them bank services or payment solutions, and making a big fuss in the obsolete media about the more prominent dissenters they dox. It seems that Sweden is moving towards a situation where journalists who show the discourtesy of exposing the regime for the criminals they are might start disappearing at night.

Just days ago, Associate Professor Dr. Bilyana Martinovsky (pictured) was arrested at the Swedish border by Stockholm Police when entering Sweden after a vacation trip abroad. She was not told why. Witnesses to the arrest were forced by the police to erase video footage from the arrest. Armed police did an invasive body search in a manner which would be classified as sexual assault if the attacker had not been wearing a uniform.

They drove her away to an unknown destination at an unlawfully high speed, refused to allow her a witness or a lawyer at the interrogation, kept her locked up for hours, and took swabs from her mouth to take her DNA and register it. After all this, and more, the police finally told her that she was there because she was suspected of defaming the academic Kajsa Klein on Twitter from September 2017 to March 2018, which caused Kajsa Klein to feel “molested”.

Earlier, Kajsa Klein (pictured below) had written letters about Dr. Martinovsky to her colleagues and employers at various Universities starting from September 18, 2017 and by doing so, influenced Stockholm University’s leadership to remove Dr. Martinovsky’s research affiliation because of her “discussing politically sensitive issues on Twitter”.

In response, Dr. Martinovsky in 2017 requested official University correspondence involving her name in order to find out why she was being treated so unfairly. She found out that she was removed due to the very letters sent from Kajsa Klein to the University, the letters in which Klein had slandered Dr. Martinovsky for being a “Nazi, alt-right extremist” and in which Klein reported Dr. Martinovsky to the police in September 2017. The official documents were posted on Twitter and in the media.

Dr. Martinovsky walked into a police station in early 2018 and demanded to know what she was being reported for. She showed them the documents containing Klein’s letters to her colleagues. The police checked the records and found out that there were no police reports on her at all, which meant that Kajsa Klein had lied to the Associate Professor’s employers and colleagues. This was also reported by the alternative media.

After the latest episode involving hours of humiliation, violence and mockery by the police, Dr. Martinovsky was released in the middle of the night in a cold Stockholm. She had no warm coat and no cellphone on her.

Notice also how Dr. Martinovsky was DNA-sampled in the process, against her will. One does wonder how her genetic code might be advancing an investigation into impermissible tweets. A lawyer was not assigned to the case at the time of writing this, despite numerous requests from Dr. Martinovsky.

The reason why Kajsa Klein conspired to have Dr. Martinovsky fired is that Klein is one of the leaders in the “democracy” network #Jagärhär [#Iamhere], which is a state sponsored organisation with tentacles reaching into most parts of the official Swedish administration and media. Their aim is to stifle free speech, particularly conservative voices on the Internet. #Jagärhär is one of the main actors currently terrorizing conservatives like Dr. Martinowsky and myself, to have us silenced and in many cases persecuted, as in Dr. Martinowskys case.

The obsolete media is behind these “democracy” terrorists in the anti-free speech network #Jagärhär. The #Jagärhär modus operandi on the Internet is to organise anonymous mass reports on posts and comments they do not like in the hope administrators will delete the posts or stop the ongoing discussion. And they often succeed.

The next step is to call employers in order to have conservatives fired. At the same time, any attempt to fight back against these “democracy” terrorists is labelled “hate” by the obsolete media, and the anti-free speech activists like Kajsa Klein are invited to all kinds of seminars and TV-shows to elaborate on their tales of victimhood they must suffer due to the “exploding hate” in Sweden against them.

The obsolete media knows that they will be utterly destroyed by any conservative debater …