Dr. James Thorp specializes in gynecology and obstetrics in Florida and has previously warned about the health risks of the Covid vaccine. He was recently assisted on the Stew Peters Show by a whistleblower from a clinic. There, he not only warned about declining birth rates worldwide: he also pointed out that the immune system disorders seen in many vaccinated people also seem to affect the babies of vaccinated mothers. These children are said to have a greatly increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases, infections or even cancer, reports Report24.news.

A whistleblower described in the program a huge increase in the number of stillbirths she observed in everyday hospital life. Dr. James Thorp confirmed her comments – for him the link with vaccination is clear:

“We are talking about a 12,000-fold increase in menstrual abnormalities. And that makes sense, because the vaccine has a significant inflammatory effect. Anything that causes inflammation causes damage, injury, death and destruction in pregnancy.”

Both said they saw problems, especially in the offspring of vaccinated mothers. Thorp warned that global birth rates are declining – seeing a rapid increase in miscarriages and stillbirths, plus many children are being born prematurely. And even the babies who survive have health limitations, Thorp said: “My biggest concern in these babies is VAIDS” – vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The children do not have a normal immune system and thus an increased risk of autoimmune diseases, infections and also cancer. Thrombosis and heart disease are also more common – the very health problems that many vaccinated children suffer from. He describes the emerging developments as a disaster.

Until now, the effect of the experimental mRNA vaccination on unborn life has hardly been scientifically investigated – approvals for the preparations and recommendations for vaccination, including for pregnant women, have been issued without long and sufficient research into possible side effects. On the other hand, it is considered established that people without serious pre-existing conditions are not at risk from Covid-19, meaning that the uncertainties regarding potential risks and side effects of the vaccination are not outweighed by any benefit.

If the descriptions of gynecologist Dr. Thorp are true, the vaccination push for pregnant women would amount to an unprecedented crime – with devastating consequences.