Vladimir Putin Declares War on the Straussians aka Neocons

Vladimir Putin declares war on the Straussians

Russia is not waging war on the Ukrainian people, but on a small group of people within US power who have transformed Ukraine without knowing it, the Straussians. It was formed half a century ago and has already committed an incredible amount of crimes in Latin America and the Middle East unbeknownst to the United States. Here is their story.

Leo Strauss

This article follows:
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At dawn on February 24, Russian forces entered Ukraine en masse. According to President Vladimir Putin, who was speaking on television at the time, this special operation was the beginning of his country’s response to “those who aspire to world domination” and who are advancing NATO’s infrastructure at the gates. from his country.

During this long intervention, he summarized the way in which NATO destroyed Yugoslavia without authorization from the Security Council of the United Nations, going as far as bombing Belgrade in 1999. Then he covered the destruction of the United States in the Middle East, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It was only after this long presentation that he announced that he had sent his troops to Ukraine with the dual mission of destroying the armed forces linked to NATO and putting an end to the neo-Nazi groups armed by the NATO.

Immediately all the member states of the Atlantic Alliance denounced an occupation of Ukraine comparable to that of Czechoslovakia during the “Prague Spring” (1968). According to them, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has adopted the “Brezhnev doctrine” of the Soviet Union. This is why the free world must punish the resurrected “Evil Empire” by imposing “devastating costs” on it.

The interpretation of the Atlantic Alliance aims above all to deprive Russia of its major argument: certainly, NATO is not a confederation of equals, but a hierarchical federation under Anglo-Saxon command; however, Russia is acting the same. It denies Ukraine the possibility of choosing its destiny as the Soviets denied it to the Czechoslovaks. Admittedly, NATO, by its functioning, violates the principles of sovereignty and equality of States stipulated by the Charter of the United Nations, but it must not be dissolved, except to also dissolve Russia.

Maybe, but probably not.

President Putin’s speech was not directed against Ukraine, or even against the United States, but explicitly against “those who aspire to world domination”, i.e. against the “Straussians” within the power of the United States. It was a real declaration of war against them.

On February 25, President Vladimir Putin described the power of Kiev as a “clique of drug addicts and neo-Nazis”. For the Atlanticist media, these words were those of a mental patient.

On the night of February 25 to 26, President Volodymyr Zelensky sent Russia, via the Chinese Embassy in Kiev, a ceasefire proposal. The Kremlin immediately responded to him with its conditions:

  • arrest of all Nazis (Dmitro Yarosh and the Azov Battalion, etc.),
  • filing of all street names and destruction of monuments glorifying Nazi collaborators during the Second World War (Stepan Bandera, etc.),
  • deposit of arms.

The Atlantic press ignored this event, while the rest of the world, which knew about it, held its breath. The negotiation will fail a few hours later after intervention from Washington. Only then will Western public opinion be made aware of it, but the Russian conditions will always be hidden from them.

What is President Putin talking about? Who is he fighting against? And what are the reasons that have blinded and mute the Atlanticist press?

Paul Wolfowitz


Let’s dwell for a moment on this group, the Straussians, about whom Westerners know little. These are individuals, all Jews, but absolutely not representative of American Jews or Jewish communities in the world. They were trained by the German philosopher, Leo Strauss, who took refuge in the United States during the rise of Nazism and became a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago. According to many accounts, he had amassed a small group of faithful students to whom he gave oral instruction. So there are no writings about it. He explained to them that the only way for the Jews not to be victims of a new genocide was to constitute their own dictatorship. He referred to them as the Hoplites (the soldiers of Sparta) and sent them to disrupt the courts of his rivals. Finally, he taught them discretion and praised the “noble lie.” Although he died in 1973, his student fraternity continued.

The Straussians began forming a political group half a century ago, in 1972. They were all members of Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s staff, including Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. They worked closely with a group of Trotskyist journalists, also Jewish, who had known each other at the City College of New York and edited the journal Commentary. They were called “New York Intellectuals.” Both of these two groups were closely linked to the CIA, but also thanks to Perle’s father-in-law, Albert Wohlstetter (the US military strategist), to the Rand Corporation (the think tank of the military-industrial complex). Many of these young people intermarried until they formed a compact group of a hundred people.

Together, they drafted and passed, in the midst of the Watergate crisis (1974), the “Jackson-Vanik amendment,” which forced the Soviet Union to authorize the emigration of its Jewish population to Israel under penalty of economic sanctions. It is their founding act.

In 1976, Paul Wolfowitz  [ 1 ] was one of the architects of “Team B” (Team B) charged by President Gerald Ford to assess the Soviet threat  [ 2 ] . He delivered a delirious report accusing the Soviet Union of preparing to take “global hegemony”. The nature of the Cold War changed: it was no longer a question of isolating (containment) the USSR, it had to be stopped in order to save the “free world”.

The Straussians and the New York Intellectuals, all on the left, put themselves in the service of right-wing President Ronald Reagan. It must be understood that these groups are neither really left-wing nor right-wing. Some members have also switched five times from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party and vice versa. What is important for them is to infiltrate power, whatever ideology it may be. Elliott Abrams became Assistant Secretary of State. He led an operation in Guatemala where he placed a dictator in power and experimented with Israeli Mossad officers on how to create reservations for the Mayan Indians in order to eventually do the same in Israel with the Palestinian Arabs ( the Mayan Resistance earned Rigoberta Menchú his Nobel Peace Prize). Then Elliott Abrams continued his abuses in El Salvador and finally in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas with the Iran-Contras affair. For their part, the New York Intellectuals, now called “Neoconservatives”, created the National Fund for Democracy (National Endowment for Democracy —NED) and the US Institute of Peace; a device that organized many colored revolutions, starting with China with the coup attempt by Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang and the subsequent repression in Tiananmen Square.

At the end of the mandate of George H. Bush (the father), Paul Wolfowitz, then number 3 of the Defense Secretariat, drew up a document  [ 3 ] around a strong idea: after the decomposition of the USSR, the States States had to prevent the emergence of new rivals, starting with the European Union. He concluded by advocating the possibility of taking unilateral action, that is to say putting an end to the consultation of the United Nations. Wolfowitz is undoubtedly the designer of “Desert Storm”, the operation to destroy Iraq which allowed the United States to change the rules of the game and to organize a unilateral world. It was at this time that the Straussians valued the concepts of “regime change” and “promotion of democracy”.

Gary Schmitt, Abram Shulsky and Paul Wolfowitz entered the US Intelligence community through the Consortium for the Study of Intelligence’s Working Group on Intelligence Reform. They criticized the assumption that other governments reason in the same way as the United States  [ 4 ] . Then, they criticized the lack of political leadership of Intelligence, letting it wander into unimportant matters instead of concentrating on the essential ones. Politicizing Intelligence is what Wolfowitz had already done with the B team and which he will do again successfully, in 2002, with the Office of Special Plans): inventing arguments for new wars against Iraq and against Iran (the “noble lie” of Leo Strauss).

The Straussians were removed from power during Bill Clinton’s tenure. They then entered the think tanks of Washington. In 1992, William Kristol and Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland, quoted extensively in previous articles) published an article in Foreign Affairs lamenting President Clinton’s timid foreign policy and calling for a renewal of “benevolent state hegemony” ( benevolent global hegemony )  [ 5 ] . The following year they founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) at the premises of the American Enterprise Institute . Gary Schmitt, Abram Shulsky and Paul Wolfowitz were members. All the non-Jewish admirers of Leo Strauss, including the Protestant Francis Fukuyama (the author of The End of History ), immediately joined them.

Richard Perle

In 1994, now an arms trafficker, Richard Perle (alias “the prince of darkness”) became adviser to the president and ex-Nazi Alija Izetbegović in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was he who brought Osama Bin Laden and his Arab Legion (ancestor of Al-Qaeda) from Afghanistan to defend the country. Perle will even be a member of the Bosnian delegation when the Dayton Accords are signed in Paris.

In 1996, members of the PNAC (including Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser) wrote a study within the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), on behalf of the new Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This report  [ 6 ] recommends the elimination of Yasser Arafat, the annexation of the Palestinian territories, a war against Iraq and the transfer of the Palestinians there. He is inspired not only by the political theories of Leo Strauss, but also by those of his friend, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founder of “revisionist Zionism” of which Netanyahu’s father was the private secretary.

Robert Kagan

PNAC raised funds for the candidacy of George W. Bush (Jr.) and published its famous report “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” before his election . In it, he calls for a catastrophe comparable to that of Pearl Harbor which would throw the American people into a war for global hegemony. These are exactly the words that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, a member of the PNAC, used on September 11, 2001.

Thanks to the attacks of September 11, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz installed Admiral Arthur Cebrowski in the shadow of Donald Rumsfeld. He held a role there comparable to that which Albert Wohlstetter had had during the Cold War. He imposed the strategy of “war without end”: the US armed forces should no longer win wars, but start a large number of them and make them last as long as possible. It would be a question of destroying all the political structures of the targeted states in order to ruin these populations and to deprive them of any means of defending themselves against the USA  [ 7 ]  ; a strategy implemented for twenty years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen…

The alliance of the Straussians and the revisionist Zionists was sealed at a major conference in Jerusalem in 2003, which Israeli political figures of all persuasions unfortunately thought they had to attend  [ 8 ] . It is therefore not surprising that Victoria Nuland (the wife of Robert Kagan, then NATO ambassador) intervened to proclaim a ceasefire in 2006 in Lebanon, allowing the defeated Israeli army to not be prosecuted by Hezbollah.

Bernard Lewis and Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister’s Press Office

Some individuals, like Bernard Lewis, worked with all three groups, the Straussians, the Neoconservatives and the Revisionist Zionists. A former British intelligence agent, he acquired American and Israeli nationalities, was an adviser to Benjamin Netanyahu and a member of the United States National Security Council. Lewis, who asserted halfway through his career that Islam is incompatible with terrorism and that Arab terrorists are in fact Soviet agents, later changed his mind and asserted with the same aplomb that this religion preaches terrorism. He invented the “clash of civilizations” strategy for the US National Security Council. It was about using cultural differences to mobilize Muslims against the Orthodox; a concept that was popularized by his assistant to the Council, Samuel Huntington, except that he did not present it as a strategy, but as a fatality against which action had to be taken. Huntington had started his career as an adviser to the apartheid South African secret service, then he had written a book, The Soldier and the State  [ 9 ] , asserting that the military (regular and mercenary) form a separate caste, the only one capable of understanding the needs of national security.

After the destruction of Iraq, the Straussians were the subject of all kinds of controversy  [ 10 ]Everyone is surprised that such a small group, supported by neoconservative journalists, could acquire such authority without having been the subject of public debate. The United States Congress appoints an Iraq Study Group (known as the “Baker-Hamilton Commission”) to evaluate their policy. He condemns, without naming it, the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy and deplores the hundreds of thousands of deaths it has caused. But Rumsfeld resigns and the Pentagon pursues inexorably this strategy which it has never officially adopted.

In the Obama administration, the Straussians found themselves in the cabinet of Vice President Joe Biden. His national security adviser, Jacob Sullivan, played a central role in organizing operations against Libya, Syria and Myanmar, while one of his other advisers, Antony Blinken, focused on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. It was he who spearheaded negotiations with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of key members of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s staff in exchange for the nuclear deal.

The regime change in Kiev in 2014 was organized by the Straussians. Vice President Biden is firmly committed to it. Victoria Nuland comes to support the neo-Nazi elements of the Right Sector and to supervise the Israeli commando of “Delta”  [ 11 ] on Maidan Square. A telephone intercept reveals his (ER: or ‘her’?) wish to “fuck the European Union” (sic) in the tradition of the Wolfowitz report of 1992. But the leaders of the European Union do not understand and protest only weakly  [ 12 ] .

“Jake” Sullivan and Antony Blinken put Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter, on the board of a major gas company, Burisma Holdings, despite opposition from Secretary of State John Kerry. Hunter Biden is unfortunately only a junkie, he will serve as a screen for a gigantic scam at the expense of the Ukrainian people. He will appoint, under the supervision of Amos Hochstein, several of his stoned friends to become other straw men at the head of various companies and plunder Ukrainian gas. These are the people that President Vladimir Putin called the “drug gang”.

Sullivan and Blinken lean on the mafia godfather Ihor Kolomoisky, the third fortune of the country. Although Jewish, he finances the big guns of the Right Sector, a neo-Nazi organization which works for NATO and fought on the Maidan square during the “change of regime”. Kolomoisky took advantage of his acquaintances to seize power within the European Jewish community, but his co-religionists fought back and ejected him from international associations. However, he managed to have the head of the Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh, appointed deputy secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council and to have himself appointed governor of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The two men will be quickly dismissed from any political function. It is their group that President Vladimir Putin has called a “neo-Nazi clique”.

In 2017, Antony Blinken founded WestExec Advisors, a consulting firm that brings together former senior officials from the Obama administration and many Straussians. The activity of this company is extremely discreet. It uses the political connections of its employees to make money, what anywhere else would be called corruption.

Joe Biden is not a Straussian, but he has been doing business with them for about fifteen years. Here with Anthony Blinken.


Since the return of Joe Biden to the White House, this time as President of the United States, the Straussians have held the entire system. “Jake” Sullivan is National Security Advisor, while Antony Blinken is Secretary of State with Victoria Nuland at his side. As I’ve reported in previous articles, she was heading to Moscow in October 2021, threatening to crush Russia’s economy if she didn’t comply. This is the beginning of the current crisis.

Under-Secretary of State Nuland brings Dmytro Yarosh back to life and imposes him on President Zelinsky, a television actor protected by Ihor Kolomoisky. On November 2, 2021, he appointed him special adviser to the Chief of the Armed Forces, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi. This one, an authentic democrat, rebels at first and finally accepts. Asked by the press about this astonishing duo, he refuses to answer and evokes a question of National Security. Yarosh gives all his support to the “white führer”, Colonel Andrey Biletsky, and his Azov Battalion. This copy of the SS Das Reich division has been framed since the summer of 2021 by former American mercenaries from Blackwater  [ 13 ] .

This long digression having made it possible to identify the Straussians, we have to admit that Russia’s ambition is understandable, even desirable. To rid the world of the Straussians would be to do justice to the million deaths and more that they caused and to save those they are about to kill. It remains to be seen whether this intervention in Ukraine is the right way.

Be that as it may, if the responsibility for current events lies with the Straussians, all those who let them act without flinching also have a responsibility. Starting with Germany and France, which signed the Minsk Accords seven years ago and did nothing to ensure that they were implemented, then with the fifty or so States which signed the OSCE declarations banning NATO’s extension east of the Oder-Neisse line and did nothing. Only Israel, which has just got rid of the revisionist Zionists, has just expressed a nuanced position on these events.

This is one of the lessons of this crisis: democratically governed peoples are responsible for the decisions taken for a long time by their leaders and maintained after alternations in power.


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