“Democracy” European Union version

May 22, 2024 0

. “Democracy” European Union version THIERRY MEYSSAN The European Union presents the election of MEPs and the President of the Commission as demonstrations of its democratic character. Yet all this is a shadow play. Most […]


EU act of war against Russia

December 18, 2023 0

ER Editor: Those ‘accession talks’ were what we indirectly reported on a couple of days ago when Orban (and Austria’s Nehammer over more EU sanctions) left their respective rooms(!) for an important vote to get […]


How Netanyahu falsifies the news [VIDEOS]

November 22, 2023 0

How Netanyahu falsifies the news THIERRY MEYSSAN We in the West think we’re well informed about what’s happening in Gaza. We are not. The images we see are selected. The comments we hear do not […]


Israeli military censorship hides the truth from you

October 19, 2023 0

ER Editor: Rumour merely via truther and former US marine veteran, Sarge, but Russian, Chinese, Indian and Turkish military are believed to be inside Israel, too. With US military strike carrier groups in the Mediterranean. […]


Poland and Ukraine are at loggerheads – why?

October 6, 2023 0

ER Editor: It is a theory for which we have zero proof. But we don’t agree with experienced geopolitical analyst Thierry Meyssan, that the Poles are suddenly waking up to who their forever neighbors really […]


The CIA revives Ukrainian Nazism to target Russia

September 11, 2023 0

ER Editor: Here is the website of the so-called Forum of Free Nations of Post-Russia, an organization with both Nazi and Neocon lineage, created with the stated goal of breaking up the Russian Federation. This […]

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