A New Internet is Coming [VIDEO]

May 11, 2021 0

ER Editor: Just like with the Quantum Financial System, which cuts the central bankers out of the financial payments and management system, we’re apparently getting a new and better version of the internet, enabling an […]


Google’s Conquest of Ireland, Part One

January 10, 2020 0

Google’s Conquest of Ireland, Part One E. MICHAEL JONES After John Haldane’s tight-rope walk over a swamp of politically correct crocodiles at the University of Notre Dame’s 2019 ethics and culture conference, John Waters’ talk […]


Boycott All U.S.-Corporate Media!

September 13, 2019 0

Boycott All U.S.-Corporate Media! ERIC ZUESSE Now Twitter is just as corrupt (i.e. a propaganda organization) as Google and Facebook and MSNBC and CNN and Fox and the Washington Post and The Atlantic and all […]

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