RT is Gross & Unworthy of Your Sympathy

ER Editor: We’ve been expecting this kind of article for a while. RT (English-language version) has sunk quite low in terms of content choice. It backed the ‘deadly virus’ narrative pretty religiously. Consistently nothing much in the public interest for millions who’ve been royally duped, injected, injured and even killed.

For background information, check Russia Retaliates Against German Broadcaster After Ban On RT Deutsch. So Russian state media (RT) was banned on some pretext in Germany by the German government (why? RT France operates without murmur). So the state-run media arm of the German government, Deutsche Welle (DW) then gets banned in return on Russian soil.

Notice that Edward Slavsquat (LOL) below and Riley Waggaman (ditto) are one and the same.


RT is gross & unworthy of your sympathy

Germany bans RT DE. Should anyone care? No, not really.


Unscrupulous hack Margarita Simonyan: she’s not on your “team”


By Riley Waggaman, a former “senior editor” (newsroom errand boy) at RT

Drama alert: Russia has given Germany’s state-owned broadcaster Deutsche Welle the boot after Berlin pulled the plug on RT DE.

Why can’t we all just get along? Well, because according to RT, the German government is allergic to open-minded, truth-telling media—so obviously RT DE had to go:

RT’s deputy editor-in-chief, Anna Belkina, has argued that the case against RT DE could be politically motivated. “It appears as if the German authorities, politicians and even media are really afraid of something, afraid of an alternative point of view that the German-speaking audience can get access to on RT DE channel,” she said on Wednesday.

This is really special. Is this the same RT that attacked Russian activists who oppose coercive medical experiments as “enemies of the people”—a phrase typically associated with 1930s firing squads?

Is this the same RT that works around-the-clock to paint totally valid opposition to Russia’s compulsory injection decrees and cattle-tagging policies as western-backed right-wing extremism?

“Enemies of the people”: RT attacks Russian activists who oppose compulsory vaccination
“Enemies of the people”: this is the name of RT’s brave investigation into Russian activists who have reservations about compulsory COVID vaccination. We’ve met some of these “enemies of the people” and actually they are quite charming and thoughtful…

Read more

Is this the same RT whose editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, whined on television about how unfair it is that Russia’s “most rabid and ardent ant-vaxxers” are allowed to express their views on social media and YouTube (actually there’s lots of Big Tech censorship targeting Russian language content, but whatever)?

Is this the same Simonyan who said any doctor with misgivings about Russia’s totally unproven and probably dangerous genetic slurry should be barred from practicing medicine?

Is this the same schizo who claimed unvaccinated Russians were murdering children? Is this the same regrettable blob of human failure who fantasized about unvaxxed Russians—at the time, the majority of the country—crawling on their knees as they slowly die (from cold-like symptoms)?

Wait, we’re a bit confused: is this the same RT that regularly panders to disaffected anti-vax westerners (ER: not so we’d especially noticed) while telling Russians to shut their pie-holes and get vaxxed?

No mention of Russia withholding safety data in RT’s article. Very weird!

Just a second… is this the same RT that copy-pastes deranged TASS articles as part of a ceaseless campaign to shill an experimental gene-shot that nobody in Russia wants or needs? We’re talking about the same RT, right?

RT—this is the media organization funded by Russian taxpayers, right? Why exactly should anyone feel bad for a Russian taxpayer-funded organization that actively lobbies against the Russian people?

Do you think you are being “pro-Russia” by supporting or reading RT? Think again.

Everyone’s worst nightmare

Of course, some may still find value in RT. That’s fine. They’re really good at dunking on trans activists, for example.

But just remember: RT is gross and unworthy of your sympathy.



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  1. They have started to change few years ago. It started in the UK where they bend to the oligarchy demands.

    And of course it’s become obvious when they started to follow the narrative of other controlled media on the FALSE PANDEMIC.

    I have stopped watching RT for a long time now. They are MSM, as bad as the others, just more pro Russian, that’s all.

  2. I think the Long March Through the Institutions found RT a decade ago and is about complete with their march there. RIP RT.

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