57% of Germans want new elections – survey

October 10, 2023 0

ER Editor: The RT.DE article below is machine-translated. So a major poll by Bild is conducted on the population, EXCLUDING those who would vote for the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party – the disgusting (we […]


RT Germany Has Its Accounts Frozen

March 4, 2023 0

ER Editor: Readers may also be interested in hearing about RT France’s woes —Who really killed RT France Happily, it is still reachable if you have a VPN – Regular is available under the […]


RT is Gross & Unworthy of Your Sympathy

February 5, 2022 4

ER Editor: We’ve been expecting this kind of article for a while. RT (English-language version) has sunk quite low in terms of content choice. It backed the ‘deadly virus’ narrative pretty religiously. Consistently nothing much […]