Pfizer Has to Come Clean on Ingredients & Harms Within 14 Days

ER Editor: Stew Peters does an update on the recent FDA approval of the mRNA vaccine. These are highly technical topics, but here are some notes on what Kingston is reporting. As ever, we always recommend listening to the full interview, which runs about 27 minutes. There is some blockbuster information!


  • Is the injection approved or not? There is some disagreement. Yes, Pfizer BioNTech BNT162B was approved as of August 23, 2021.
  • What effect does this approval have on knowing what the ingredients are in the ‘vaccine’? Does information have to be released about its contents? Yes. Up to know, we haven’t known what’s in them because ‘consumer good manufacturing practices / processes’ were not being followed, which would have revealed this information, as well as the quality of the ingredients. Normally, this information is released toward the end of Phase III trials before the mass manufacturing stage. But this never happened. But it’s what’s going to be happening now. The FDA has not followed normal practices.
  • The contents must be known in the next 2 weeks. Pfizer has been instructed to produce the list of ingredients.
  • Other requirements are being demanded of Pfizer, too, such as consistency and quality of vials, ingredients, expiration dates (which have been constantly pushed back), adverse events / deaths, etc. All these safety protocols had been ignored until now.
  • Re. adverse events (AE) discovered so far: there is a BREADTH of AEs that affect multiple systems in the body. Thus it appears these vials are not consistent in what they contain. So if Pfizer has not been consistent with the FDA and public over the ingredients, they have 14 days to rectify this.
  • Do we have evidence Pfizer has not come clean over what is in the vials? Yes. The VAERS database shows an incredible diversity of AEs. How do we explain heart inflammation in young children, which might shorten their lives, or congestive heart failure immediately? Or how pregnant woman can kill their babies through breastfeeding, who have thrombocytopenia or thrombosis? Others have zero side effects whereas some have dead arm within 12 hours and can attach magnets to their bodies? None of this makes sense. The normal rate of miscarriage is 20%, but now it’s 80% in some women. How do we explain acute respiratory distress or CNS disorders such as Guillain-Barré syndrome? Normally, when a product comes out, there may be a serious AE that appears, such as heart inflammation, which means the product is recalled just because of that single symptom. The DIVERSITY of these AEs is not consistent with a consistent product.
  • Pfizer does not have a website up: A website is ALWAYS ready to go long before a new product is launched after approval. So you’d expect one such as ‘’ complete with marketing slogans and package insert information. That there isn’t one is a red flag. It suggests that Pfizer knows they’re going to be held accountable for intentionally harming people with the product AS THE MANUFACTURER. What they don’t want is charges being brought against them AS THE MARKETER. Providing they don’t put marketing materials out there, they’ll avoid a whole slew of multi-billion dollar lawsuits. Right now, they are not a marketer, so who is? Public health agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH) and the MSM. These have been the marketers to date. They have been the propagandists misleading the public.
  • Has Pfizer violated criminal laws? Yes. As a manufacturer, they have not reported all the serious AEs and deaths through particular reporting channels available to them to the FDA. This is intentionally misinforming the FDA and the American people, so criminal charges will be filed. They do have 2 weeks to come clean as to the ingredients. A lot of information has been withheld until now, which can be construed as intentionally misleading people.
  • What about the ‘breakout’ / ‘breakthrough’ cases?  In a Mayo Clinic study, 6,000 subjects were divided into 3 cohorts: a) vaccinated with Pfizer; b) vaccinated with Moderna; c) not vaccinated. Those with one or two injections exhibited symptoms classifying them in the study as ‘breakthrough’ cases. The Mayo Clinic labelled ‘breakthrough’ cases in the following ways: people with (for example) acute kidney injury; acute thrombocytopenia (low platelet count); cardiac arrest; cardiac arrhythmia; chronic fatigue syndrome (inflammation of the CNS); encephalopathic delirium (inflammation of the brain); hypertension; fluid between the lungs and chest; sepsis (inflammation due to chemicals/spike proteins throughout the body).  BUT THESE ARE ADVERSE EVENT SYMPTOMS!
  • On Oct. 22 last year, the FDA issued a list of serious AEs to look for, which matches up with what the Mayo Clinic is now calling ‘breakthrough’ cases. Acute respiratory distress is also a symptom of ADE – Antibody Dependent Enhancement (where the antibodies raised by the vaccine INVITE IN the natural virus, making the person very sick). Basically, they’re wordsmithing with labels like ‘breakthrough’.
  • Peters: So they’ve known about these possible symptoms and problems for MONTHS.
  • Graphene Oxide: is it in the vaccines? Kingston: I’m as confident that G.O. is in the vaccines as I am about the existence of gravity. A Moderna patent from July 2020 (she gives the patent number) talks about 4 types of nano-lipids and the accompanying HYDROGELS, in which G.O. is highly present (according to many studies on the ingredients of hydrogels). Peters: they knew about hydrogel, myocarditis, respiratory issues, ADE, pregnancy complications and shedding all along.
  • Shedding: In an August 2015 FDA meeting, shedding was discussed. Viral-based gene therapies were discussed, a synthetic mRNA virus which produces a spike protein. From this 2015 discussion, they knew the body would produce TRILLIONS of spike proteins in the body, which they know is toxic, as well as SHEDDING (transmitting the spike proteins to others via the mucus membranes). They knew back then, according to studies and documentation, the risks from an injected person even BREATHING on a pregnant woman. So they knew shedding was a huge risk to these women as well as their infants, and they didn’t have a way to deal with it. The FDA knew.
  • Peters: Congress passed a law to permit this under Emergency Use Authorization. Kingston: 2 acts under Obama were passed in Congress: the PAHPRA Act of 2013 and the Cures Act of 2016. Which meant they could throw out requirements to mitigate risks for new drugs and biologics, which also included throwing out the requirement to do animal studies first, good manufacturing practices, not having to prove clinical efficacy, and INFORMED CONSENT. These Acts basically allowed the government to violate the Nuremberg Code!

Congress passed laws that effectively permitted crimes against humanity on the American public

  • Could the boosters be different in composition to what’s been approved by the FDA? Yes. (see Kingston’s discussion of Dr. Ralph Baric)
  • Two takeaways: 1.  For those nervous about taking the vaccines, we’ve won and people will be prosecuted. But take a copy of the letter (she shows the letter), which tells you that safety is unknown until 2027 for adults and children alike. Present this letter to the employer or school, saying that you’re not going to put yourself or your child at risk.  2. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, SPEAK UP. Go to local council meetings and publicly refuse to be part of this experiment.




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4 Comments on Pfizer Has to Come Clean on Ingredients & Harms Within 14 Days

  1. ADE – Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It seems to me that the virus ADE “invites in” is not necessarily Sars-CoV-2 but any coronavirus. Can anyone confirm or refute that?

  2. En dehors des mesures de protection de tous contre le lancement de l’onde de mort, ce qu’il est urgent de diffuser partout c’est :

    === les “gouvernements” ATTENDENT D’AVOIR LE MAXIMUM D’INOCULÉS AVANT D’ACTIVER LE “BOUTON” de l’extinction électro-magnétique ===

    Parce que maintenant les prédateurs de l’Humanité sont découverts, la vérité sort de toutes parts, alors les gens du Peuple vont être soulagés et penser : “fin de partie, nous avons gagné, les prédateurs ont perdu”. “Ils vont être traduits en justice, et seront condamnés”.
    C’est ce qu’on commence à lire sur les sites américains et français.

    Sauf que c’est un piège de nous croire libérés maintenant !!!
    Ce n’est pas la fin, c’est le début !

    Le fait que la vérité va stopper les inoculations signifie que :
    >les prédateurs SAVENT maintenant qu’ils ont DÉJÀ ATTEINT LE MAXIMUM D’INOCULÉS
    >et qu’ils doivent donc SE DÉPÊCHER DE DÉCLENCHER UNE EXTINCTION DE MASSE pour éliminer au moins ceux qu’ils ont inoculés,
    >car c’est leur seul espoir de se sortir encore indemnes de leurs crimes.

    Cela signifie pour nous que si nous baissons la garde en nous croyant enfin libérés de leur prédation, le temps que les procès arrivent, les prédateurs vont continuer à ACTIVER LES PHASES DE LEUR PROGRAMME de génocide :
    Sous couvert de fausse cyber-attaque russe (pour déclencher une guerre) ou fausse éruption solaire (pour faire croire à un cataclysme naturel), ils vont déclencher leurs armes électromagnétiques sur l’Humanité, et dérouler la suite de leur programme.

    Les “équipes” qui se chargent des opérations pour ce consortium de la mort sont suffisamment “décentralisées” pour pouvoir continuer comme par le passé le carnage sur l’Humanité sans être inquiétés (voir Catherine Austin Fitts à Reiner Füllmich : “nous devons savoir qui nous défions”, “CES GENS ONT CONSTRUIT UNE CIVILISATION MULTI-PLANÉTAIRE”).

    Si jamais nous nous laissons endormir par l’équipe médiatique de rechange qui va faire un battage d’enfer sur les arrestations des marionnettes (j’ai déjà vu les simulations de l’opération médiatique “nous avons échoué” début 2020),
    >les “cerveaux” du carnage vont juste laisser embarquer leurs larbins comme Macron et autres parasites visibles dans les charrettes du Peuple et continuer de loin le déroulement de leur planning d’ingénierie planétaire.

    Si nous n’allions pas jusqu’au fond de l’enquête pour nous libérer vraiment de ce que la plupart des Humains n’osent pas voir tellement c’est énorme, il ne nous serait bientôt plus possible de discerner les événements naturels des cataclysmes fabriqués artificiellement.

  3. Graphene Oxide and Covid Vaccines
    By Craig Paardekooper

    A 2 Stage Weapon [une arme à deux niveaux]
    Hence, if GO is present in large quantities within the body then this allows the possibility of
    a 2 stage weapon. When exposed to a strong enough EM field, GO will take on a positive
    “When GO is positive, it will destroy anything it comes in contact with.”

    • Stage 1: the V [niveau1 le “vaccin”]
    • Stage 2: an EM pulse [niveau 2 : une impulsion electro-magnétique]

    So, if GO is in the vaccine, then it should be possible to kill all the vaccinated with an EM
    pulse. Such a pulse would generate a charge throughout their bodies – throwing everything
    into disarray.

    Property and other creatures will remain intact and unaffected – but an EM pulse will
    instantly kill or incapacitate the vaccinated.
    [une impulsion EM tuerait instantanément les “vaccinés” et laisserait intact les autres créatures et l’environnement]

    An EM pulse will also shut down electronic equipment and crash the internet and telecoms
    (it could be blamed on a cyber-attack by “the Russians”), so it would also serve as a blackout
    – cutting comms.
    [une impulsion EM ferait tomber tout équipement électronique ainsi que l’internet, et pourrait être attribuée à une cyber-attaque des Russes]

    Such an EM pulse would most likely be released at night, so as to avoid alerting others to
    the synchronicity of multiple deaths. Those afflicted would simply not wake up. A surprising
    number of simultaneous deaths would be a sign – but how would we know this without
    comms? The spontaneous failure of electronic equipment – mobile phone, watch, laptop –
    would be the only clue.
    [une telle impulsion EM serait vraissemblablement lancée de nuit pour éviter d’alerter les autres sur sur la synchronicité des morts, mais comment en serions-nous informés sans télécommunications ? Le seul signe détectable serait la soudaine mise hors service de tout l’équipement électronique : mobiles, montres, ordinateurs portables]

    Alternatively, if 5G masts are able to put out an intermediate frequency – say 12 GHz – then
    it’s likely that every vaccinated person within 1 square mile will collapse ( and there will be a
    mast in every road). Once again, this will most likely occur at night to avoid the appearance
    of multiple instant deaths.
    [toute personne inoculée située dans un rayon de 1 mile carré d’un mât 5G capable de sortir une fréquence intermédiaire de disons 12Ghz s’effondrera -et il y aura un mât sur chaque route. Se produira aussi la nuit]


    Those suffering tremors following the vaccine, could test this theory by shielding themselves
    with EM blocking material. It is possible that their continued spasms are being generated by
    EM interference owing to the presence of GO.
    [ceux qui souffrent de tremblements suite au “vaccin” peuvent essayer de tester la protection de tissu bloquant les rayons EM. il est possible que leurs spasmes continuels soient générés par l’interférence électromagnétique due à la présence d’oxyde de graphène]

    It may also be the case that those suffering severe adverse reactions are dwelling in close
    proximity to EM transmitters; a correlation may exist.
    [il se peut aussi que ceux qui souffrent des plus sévères réactions demeurent à proximité immédiate de transmetteurs EM]

    Protect your Equipment [protégez votre équipement]

    If the nature of the coming cyber-attack is an EMP, then you should protect your electronic
    equipment by shielding it. Damage will occur otherwise, even if it is switched off.

    “It turns out that a very effective EMP protection measure, or shielding, can be made from
    aluminium foil. Common heavy-duty aluminium foil successfully blocked all nine million
    watts of RF energy from reaching the radios. The radio needed to be wrapped in three
    layers, but it worked!”…!
    [il s’avère que la feuille d’aluminium soit une mesure de protection anti EM trèsefficace. Envelopper les radios et matériels avec 3 couches d’alu épais]

    Protect Yourself [protégez-vous]

    If you have taken the vaccine, then you will probably be harmed by EM fields above 4G.
    The following paper shows the ranges of frequency where graphene nanostructures absorb
    EM radiation most of all – these ranges are just above 4G and just below 5G – i.e. 6 – 18 GHz
    See here –…/10…/advs.201801057…
    You could try protecting yourself in the same way that you can protect equipment (as above). As I said, attacks are most likely in the night. So you would create /line a tent with 3
    layers of aluminium foil. The vaccinated ones would sleep inside.

    [l’article indique que les fréquences auxquelles les nanostructures de graphène absorbent le plus les radiations EM vont de juste au-dessus de 4G à juste en dessous de 5G.
    Vaccinés : dormez la nuit dans une tente faite de 3 couches de papier alu épais.]

    However, there will be no escaping the 5G transmitters if they transmit the harmful frequencies throughout the day in every road. Your best protection will be to go to remote areas where 5G is unavailable.
    [pas d’échappatoire si les fréquences tueuses sont émises de jour sur chaque route]

    Does this Negate the Effects of the Spike?
    [cela invalide-t-il les effets de la protééine spike?]

    No, the Spike is still toxic – inducing micro-clotting in the majority of vaccinated.
    If GO is in the vaccine then GO simply adds the potential to use an EMP to take out all the
    vaccinated simultaneously and cleanly.
    It is possible that the Govts are waiting until they have got the maximum number of
    vaccinated before they “flick the switch”…
    [NON >micro-coagulations.
    Il est possible que les “gouvernements” ATTENDENT D’AVOIR LE MAXIMUM D’INOCULÉS AVANT D’ACTIVER LE “BOUTON”]

    Combatting the Effects of GO
    [combattre les effets du GO]
    GO does damage by emitting electrons. Reducing agents such as ZINC or ACETYL CYSTEINE are
    electron acceptor, and consequently “soaks up” the electrons emitted by GO. These
    molecules do not break down the GO, but act as protectors from its effects. I have posted a
    video by the Spanish lab explaining this.

    “GO molecule has the ability to inject electrons depending upon the electro-magnetic environment”
    “As soon as its activated, it starts throwing charges where-ever it goes – and of
    course that destroys everything – they break down.”
    “You charge the molecules, and if the molecules are saturated with a charge they shouldn’t, then they’re destroyed – they break down”
    “If you get a molecule like zinc, with two positive charges, then it will be neutralised.
    After a while, 2 or 3 zinc molecules that pass around the GO molecule will end up emptying the electrons from the GO”
    “People who have problems with the V, are probably people who live near 5G antennas”

    The best shield against 5G is made of GO – which will absorb the 5G. But you cannot shield yourself from road masts on every road. So the only protection for vaccinated will be to
    move to remote areas without 5G.
    [le meilleur bouclier contre la 5G est fait en GO, qui absorbe la 5G]

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