Jab Remorse: Dr. Jane Ruby on the Blood of the Vaccinated [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters’ show (11-minute video) shows us some blood profiles or blood ‘smears’ done under a microscope showing what Ruby calls ‘poisoned’ blood or blood where the cells clump together, along with the presence of tube-like structures (image on right below). These pictures have been provided to her by a UK doctor whose vaccinated patients have been coming to him complaining of feeling unwell. The particular vaccine given is the Moderna.

There is also, she says, corroborating evidence of the graphene oxide hypothesis, which seems to be picking up steam. We remind readers we’ve published the two previous articles on the work of the Spanish research team that has discovered, and is investigating further, the graphene component.

Analysis of Vaccination Vial Confirms Presence of Graphene Nanoparticles [VIDEO]

Graphene Oxide Blockbuster: It Causes CV Symptoms and is Present in all Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment


Here are some main points raised in the video:

  • See Ruby’s description of the pictures of vaccinated and unvaccinated blood under the microscope – vaccinated blood has cells clumping together. (ER: So is this the precursor to clotting?) Also present are ‘tubes’ whose beginning and end points can be seen under the microscope. Ruby likens this to the ‘folded over’ graphene oxide structures (see image right) seen under the microscope by the Spanish research team.
  • The second picture shows an aggregation of cells clumped together, then an area of white dots which, taken together as a single structure, is believed to be a defensive white cell. When put under fluorescent light, the white dots LIGHT UP (not shown here).
  • We know that it is the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) that are causing the blood clots, the strokes, the heart attacks, myocarditis, and neurological conditions similar to MS and Guillain-Barré syndrome.
  • Reminder: The ‘vaccine’ package inserts are blank. And insurers aren’t covering vaccinated people.
  • Many people, such as Dr. Judy Mikovits, are now talking about graphene oxide hypothesis. The research efforts of the Spanish team seem to have validity to date.
  • Red blood cells can’t work if they’re clumped together and forced to change shape. Their main job is to carry oxygen to all of our cells. This helps to explain why people are tired and dizzy, not feeling well, mentally confused, etc.


Video: Breaking Discovery! What COVID Injections Do to Your Blood! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!

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Photographic proof!

The shots being referred to as ‘vaccines’ are absolutely poisonous, and the proof is now here!

Dr. Jane Ruby appears at Stew Peters Show with another bombshell report. UK doctors now have indisputable proof showing exactly what these shots are doing to your blood.

Watch the interview below.



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  1. Hi. Just wondered if it would be worthwhile to do a session that gives people hope…that points them to what la Quinta found about how to detox (NAC, /glutathione, zinc, bit D. Even common foods that are very helpful, esp containing shikimic acid. Some people might not get Nac but could at least get natural quercetin through some orange marmalade (citrus skins). And some mental health help not to waste time on hatred or anger at bad guys (except steel resolve to bring to justice) but to be glad they’re able to start their healing now using simple cheap things! Warn against remdesvir etc. Also I gather you are a believer. Maybe you can point them to some good solid teaching if they wish on receiving healing from God (personally I think Andrew wommack’s teachings on healing are excellent, thorough and without a lot of hype). Also today I got SO done, after listening to embalmer speak on fibrous clots he is finding in jabbed, that I started a conversation with delivery lady, who is jabbed for job, and collapsed from heart issue last week. I asked if she would like me to pray for her, and she said yes. Short prayer as she is on work schedule, just thanking Father he loves her, spoke to heart to be healed and body healed, and spoke to all Effects of Vax and declared they were destroyed in Jesus name. When done I asked how was she, and she said she felt like a warmth all over as I was praying! Awesome. I have not done this a lot in the past, and my church discourages this simple approach somewhat, but hey, i stepped out in faith and Jesus was there healing her. So this type of simple prayer is part of our weaponry. I mean, how much would that get the evils goat, if people get healed instead of dying?! Ha ha! But Believers need training and encouraging to just go do. Also are you aware of UK shutting Vax clinics due to murderbydecree common law court ruling, Hammersmith CID and the work of Anna de Buisseret. She is forging a way for people to take back countries from rogue govts. UK done it, starting to happen in Australia (seems like snails pace, but still cause for rejoicing!) People can watch about UK on bitchute, or Anna on newworldalliance.co.uk. maybe you already know all this, but sharing anyway. You have the voice and the platform, and truth can go out from you. I’m just a 50+ mum who only got on social media to Help save people from this darkness. My heart is to not get stuck talking about how bad (tho that wakes people up,) but focus on going forward and dealing with these Goliaths to stop worse things happening, or die trying. Also velvetrevolution.org CHAAARGE!

  2. Hearing you, Angela. Yes, comments must be moderated as they come in some interesting shapes and sizes. As we are not medical people, we wouldn’t even know if this is possible, frankly. And if so, how would it be done and who would do it. It’s a topic I would ask of one or more doctors I might personally know, especially of those who practice holistic medicine and might be more sympathetic to the question. If we come across this topic, we’ll be sure to post on it as it certainly will be an issue going forward for the vaccinated.

  3. Thank you so much for responding to my enquiry so promptly.l see my question requires moderation which I can underrstand. I am not being rude or impatient when I ask how long that might take I dont mind waiting all night but it’s 21:44pm here and my 82yo body is having a hard time staying awake. If I don’t answer please leave your comment. I pray the answer is yes.

  4. Apparently it does, Trish. We’ve published a few things on this. Normal red blood cells are negatively charged, so in the blood they keep their distance from each other. But the vax seems to render the cells positively charged, which means they attract each other. Hence they form ‘stacked’ groupings, which is a sign of ill-health in the blood. We are neither doctors nor experts in the topic but we’re publishing other people’s investigations into this.

  5. I’m not sure if I’m able to ask a question here. I’m curious if the blood cells, after having covid, look any different than usual?

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