Researchers have identified a variant of HIV that progresses to AIDS twice as quickly as past versions.

People infected with the VB variant also have higher viral loads, making them more likely to transmit to others.

A highly aggressive and contagious variant of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has been silently spreading in the Netherlands for decades, and researchers have finally identified it.


As we begin to relax restrictions across the globe from Coronavirus, suddenly a new strain of HIV is discovered.

Individuals infected with the VB variant are likely to develop AIDS within two to three years after diagnosis if they don’t receive treatment, rather than the typical six- to seven-year progression, researchers wrote in the journal Science.

Ok , so we’ve got a new thing to panic about now, or a re-vamped old thing. As we begin to relax restrictions across the globe from Coronavirus, suddenly a new strain of HIV is discovered.

KSMU is on message.

The study serves as a reminder — in the age of COVID variants — that viruses don’t always weaken over time. “We should never underestimate the potential for viral evolution,” Wertheim says. “Let this study stand in stark contrast to the claim that all viruses will inevitably evolve to be benign.”


Really? So maybe we should be starting to get worried again about coronavirus, then?

Quick: more masks; more jabs; and cancel the easing of restrictions…

So where did this new strain come from and what does it all mean?

There was a recent cluster of 17 samples that showed a lot of unusual mutations, he says — and 15 of the samples came from the Netherlands.

Wymant [the investigative scientist] and his co-authors wanted to know more, so they dived into another Dutch study with more data. They discovered a total of 109 people who had this particular variant and never knew it, dating all the way back to 1992. The variant probably emerged in the late ’80s, Wymant says, picking up steam around 2000 and then eventually slowing down around 2010.

People with this variant have a viral load that is three to four times higher than usual for those with HIV. This characteristic means the virus progresses into serious illness twice as fast — and also makes it more contagious, says Wymant.


But it’s OK.

“Nobody should be alarmed,” Wymant says. “It responds exactly as well to treatment as HIV normally does.”


Phew…no need to panic, But wait, is there a catch?

Early treatment to reduce the viral load is crucial, and to get to those who, of course, are going to be infected with this twice as fast strain, who may not even know it, we’ll need to do a lot of testing. In fact we’ll all need to be tested. And regularly.


  1. New scary strain – be afraid.

  2. Coronavirus could get deadlier – be afraid.

  3. Get tested, tested, and tested again – be afraid.

Glad we got to the bottom of that. Anything else to add?

You may have noticed and picked up the urgency in all of this, especially the clue that the new strain ‘probably emerged in the late 80s’. Yes – the late 80s. This is now 2022. Just thought I’d point that out.

This strain is so dangerous that it took 40 years to be discovered.

Hmmm…This doesn’t sound right.


Moving aside the controversy over HIV & AIDS, the same controversy we see with Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) – “false positive testing”; “dangerous drugs being pushed”; “life-saving drugs being banned”… “It’s really other diseases misdiagnosed as AIDS”, etc.

What we have is a few choices here.

  1. A real possibility that a new HIV strain has miraculously come out of its coma and decided to spread to the point it now poses a significant increase in risk to the wider public.
  2. Fear mongering to keep fueling the Covid narrative; and overall pharma/gov control narrative.
  3. More confusion to muddy the waters of ever increasing morbidity & mortality associated with Covid vaccines currently being reported from military & civilian adverse reporting systems (officially denied or played down. And possibly altered). ‘As was clear early on, vaccine induced immunity is problematic, not least because of linked epitope suppression (original antigenic sin) making those vaccinated more vulnerable to infection by variants; but also the observed, negative vaccine induced modifications to the innate immune system; and potentially altered intrinsic cellular protective mechanisms, all of which may lead to increased infection, morbidity & mortality.’
    – Extract from RIP COVID-19 VACCINES


    And not to mention myocarditis and Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia.


    We know that the immune system’s two main arms are changed after vaccination. Leading to, at least, increased susceptibility to Covid variants; or more generally, an immune deficit potentially leading to an uptick in viral infections and other diseases, including HIV; and, as yet, unknown consequences.

  4. Creating (or at least capitalising on) fear to drive the sales of a new product.


Talking of new products – this looks promising. How handy is this, considering the new HIV variant.

Moderna has launched a trial of a HIV vaccine which uses the same breakthrough mRNA technology harnessed for its Covid jab.

The US pharmaceutical giant has recruited 56 volunteers who do not have HIV to test its jab.

The first participants were dosed up at George Washington University last month, officials revealed.

There is currently no cure for HIV, which affects approximately 100,000 Britons and 1.2million Americans. Although there are prevention drugs, they need to be taken daily.

Having a one-time shot that offers lifetime protection could be a breakthrough for the disease that has claimed millions of lives.


Well the mRNA vaccines were such a great success with Covid, why not roll them out for HIV? Especially, a 40 yr old new variant.

Well, as they say: if the business model ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.




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