ROME – According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, a ruinous shipwreck could happen to push public opinion and governments to adopt positions more favorable to the reception of migrants and thus ensure the profits of the current criminal enterprise.

It could even mean a repeat of a major humanitarian disaster such as the shipwreck which killed around 800 migrants on April 18, 2015. The disaster led to the launch of Operation Sophia after an outpouring of support for migrant taxi NGOs operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

The few migrants who survived the disaster said human traffickers had forced them onto the vessels knowing that gale force winds had been predicted.

Most of the migrants on board drowned after colliding with the Portuguese container ship, King Jacob.

The Italian daily has revealed many inconsistencies in recent days from the NGO Alarm Phone organisation, a hotline for ships in distress in the Mediterranean. The NGO falsely claimed that a ship had been taking in water when it had not been in any danger at all of sinking.

In recent days Fausto Biloslavo was able to demonstrate other false alarms by some of the NGOs involved in the Mediterranean. In particular, according to information launched on Facebook and Twitter, a vessel carrying a dead child, and even people in the throes of the first symptoms of hypothermia.

Biloslavo showed the exact opposite: The real presence of an inflatable boat on Sunday, but there were no victims on board and the vessel was not sinking. The hundred migrants on board were saved by a mercantile ship flying the flag of Sierra Leone. All the migrants are safe and sound reported the port of the Libyan city of Misrata.

In addition, fake charges are being made against the Libyan coast guard, who are responsible for answering calls from the Sea Watch ship. They are accused of condemning a hundred migrants to certain death.

But the lies spread via social media within hours are enough to feed the debate, especially in Italy.

Alarm Phone denies having any contact or co-operation with human traffickers, but it is alleged that the captain who made the false call is a known smuggler.

Italian prosecutors have already noted the cooperation between the traffickers and NGOs, releasing conclusive evidence to the public.


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Insert photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters