Is Toxic Graphene Oxide Everywhere? [Videos]

ER Editor: Magnetism following the Covid vaccines was the first curious phenomenon, which led to the discovery of graphene oxide in them by the Spanish team of La Quinta Columna. They have since been probing all sorts of products for the presence of this toxin.

We wonder if this has been one of the UNMENTIONED products in chemtrails all this time. Anyone in the anti-geoengineering movement will parrot ‘aluminimum, barium and strontrium’ as being in the chemtrails (also mercury from our personal experience), but perhaps graphene oxide has been the sleeper all along, or at least one of them.

We offer some notes on the two videos below, which come with English subtitles.

The first video discusses the broad range of items infected with graphene oxide intended for human consumption. The second video gives a broader implication of why this is being used and how graphene has been called the ‘material of the 21st century’ or perhaps we should say


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  • In addition to saline bag solutions, the Covid vaccines and the 2018 flu shot, graphene has also been found in meat, teas, cereals, chamomile, lactose-free milk, cookies and cocoa. Some of these products, such as bags of saline solution, have patents on file with graphene oxide listed. Graphene is also being used in water purification. These uses are found in patents and scientific papers.
  • It’s also been found in rainwater in the Canary Islands, most likely due to chemtrailing. Also in hydrogels and all cosmetics, creams and moisturizers, sunscreen, tobacco and electronic cigarettes, PCR tests manufactured by NanoGrafi, in masks and in antigen tests.
  • This means graphene oxide is being inhaled, digested and absorbed through the skin, as well as being directly injected through the Covid ‘vaccines’.
  • We also need to find out if our pain relief medications and other medicines have them, too, by testing them for magnetism.
  • How are the media going to deny this or ignore it?
  • A single food showing magnetism could be a factory error; the systematic appearance of G.O. in food products shows that this is the result of a decision that comes from on high, just like the vaccines.
  • All this explains why many NON-vaccinated people are magnetized.
  • People need to be shown how food is magnetized to wake them up; also, people need to notice this in their medicines and report it to pharmacies and their doctors.



Dr. José Luis Sevillano on How Graphene Will Be Used to Reset Society and Change Humans


  • Graphene oxide has been labelled by ‘them’ the ‘material of the 21st century’. It’s the key to everything. They’re going to do everything with it. It’s going to be the key to neurocontrol and resetting. Because to reset society, it will have to be torn down … they’ll tear it down thanks to the graphene. The new one will be graphene-based … It’s the mark of the beast. All of this is the end of a cycle and the beginning of another, if there is another one. Vaccinating everyone is the key, and once vaccinated, they can reset everything – economies, demographics. And the New World will control people through graphene. (ER: we remind readers of the electrical conductive properties of graphene, which would enable people to be linked remotely to the internet.)
  • They’ll be able to do what they’ve never been able to do to the human species through graphene.




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  1. The Apocalypse, meaning The Revelation (without an “s”) of Saint John the Divine, the last book of the New Testament, is not about graphene, and graphene is not the “mark of the Beast”. Every time society encounters a major crisis, there is a rush on to allege it is the “end times” and the Apocalypse. For example, the year 1666 was identified by many Christian authors as the “end times” just because of the presence of the particular number.

    John’s Apocalypse is a metaphor describing the great Platonic cycle, better known as the precession of the equinoxes, meaning the more or less regular period of thousands of years (about 26 thousand) during which the sun appears to move through the zodiac of the constellations as the Earth moves through the heavens. More detail:

    Moreover, the whole cycle is equally divided into six segments on a circle representing the sky, so that every 2160 years, the sun “precesses” through 60 degrees of the zodiac. When you take a protractor and bisect the “circle” of the sky accordingly, you get a Star of David, or Seal of Solomon.

    Interestingly, there is one other place in the Bible that refers to the 666, and that is in 1 Kings 10:14, where Solomon is said to have collected tribute amounting to 666 talents (18,125 kilograms) of gold. There are a lot more connections, it would take a book to go into them all, but scholarship, not superstitution, is a better answer to the meaning of John’s Apocalypse.

    To cut it short, the so-called “number of the Beast” is in fact a Sumero-Babylonian formula, a “mathematically found” formula, for accurately calculating the precession of the equinoxes.

    A couple of old abstracts of mine:

    666 : the human number (from 1982)

    Kings and paradigms : space and time in Revelation (from 1983)

    There are other abstracts that don’t come up in WorldCat, and there is a detailed chart of the presence of the mathematically found precession in myth and religion around the world in one of these, I can’t remember which:

    The Vernal Equinox: A Common Tradition in Western Myth & Mysticism. Preliminary draft. (Athanor Press, 1983)

    The Great Year in Myth and Religion, West and East : Explored through the Revelation of John the Divine, (Athanor Press, 1984)

    Let me boggle your mind. The reason why the formula 666 is associated with the “beast” is that the word for beast in the Revelation is from the Kohne Greek, referring to the creatures thought to be traced out in the shapes of constellations. The number of the “beast” is accordingly, a basic formula to accurately calculate the sun’s apparent path against the backdrop of these constellations.

    Now, the Sumerian names for the first two digits in this old Sumerian formula, the 666, the Ner and the Sar, when converted to Greek, spell Neros Saros. Now, if we include the Greek word for add or calculate, “kai”, we get Neros Kai Saros.

    You may recognize the name of Nero Kaisar, or Nero Caesar, the Roman emperor who persecuted the Christians, and whom some interpreters tried to say was represented or foretold by the 666 in Revelation.

    Not so. The Nero Caesar interpretation results from a trans-linguistic pun from the Sumerian to the Kohne Greek, and, as said above, refers only to an old Sumerian formula for accurately calculating a “mathematically found” precession of the equinoxes.

    Moreover, in order to say that Nero was intended by the author of Revelation, his name must be misspelled. By that, I mean that some alphabets integrate a numbering system, among them Hebrew and Greek. So, each letter has a corresponding number. And people who like to play with this idea inevitably go overboard in an effort to force their own interpretation into the framework of the Revelation.

    The big theme in Revelation is the Platonic cycle, the Great Year, with anthropomorphic elements (such as the 10 kings in Revelation), and a battle metaphor to represent the confrontation of Light and Darkness at the end of a Platonic cycle, just as a new cycle, or Great Year is about to begin.

    I really dislike superstition.

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