Graphene Oxide: Gates’ Trade Secret? Not Mentioned in the US, UK Vaccine Patents [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The finding of graphene oxide in the vaccines by the Spanish team of La Quinta Columna is being busily debunked as one would expect. Here is much more on that topic from industry expert Karen Kingston, currently an analyst of intellectual property for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, and a former Merck employee.

Graphene oxide has deliberately been omitted from western vaccine patents, but left in in the Chinese version. Why? Because it’s a known poison. 


Here’s what we’ve published from the team of La Quinta Columna:

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The video of a very pointed discussion between Stew Peters and Kingston runs around 20 minutes. Here are our notes:

  • Is graphene oxide in these shots? It is 100%, it’s irrefutable.
  • The pegalyated lipid nanoparticle(s) is present in the patents for the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).
  • The patent is 193 pages long, and graphene oxide is a trade secret that’s not listed in the US patent. Bill Gates had already referred to there being a trade secret in the vaccine. This means it will not be listed and thus unavailable to the public. Everything BUT graphene oxide is listed. The Chinese patent, however, shows that graphene oxide is present.
  • Peters: Why would they NOT list graphene oxide? Kingston: Because it’s poisonous to humans, and it’s well-known that it is. A second reason is that G.O. is the principal ingredient in HYDROGEL, which is used as part of the human-internet (AI) interface.
  • So there’s a legitimate theory that these shots are creating some sort of connectivity between humans and 5G? … Is that what’s happening here? Kingston: they’ve rushed this out. I think they’re seeing how much they can inject into people before they die. Remember we’re supposed to have graphene oxide booster shots every 6 months to see how much of this can build up in our systems.
  • There are nations that are being used as guinea pigs – we’re the guinea pigs. Once they’ve perfected this, there’s a second plan … (topic is abruptly ended).
  • Industry publications list 4 lipid nanoparticles that are in the vaccines: 1. cholesterol lipid, which makes it go through the blood easily; 2. phospholipid, which makes it adhere to the cell membrane and allows it to pass through the membrane; 3. ionisable lipid, which gives it a positive ionic charge to help the mRNA get into the cell; 4. pegylated lipid. These have been created because mRNA, whether from a human or animal, is very unstable and incredibly easy to destroy, so they’ve created a type of biosphere for it. Graphene oxide has been added because it is much stronger than titanium and can withstand 17,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  The pegylated lipids are made by a Chinese company called Sinopeg. How was this found? The US and UK patent filings list these lipids under code numbers. Kingston googled ‘MSDS CAS’ and entered some of these coded numbers, Sinopeg then came up. If you go to the Sinopeg website (she then explains how she found the information there …). The site explains that graphene is the ‘core shell structure …’. Which means that graphene is a conductor, which can therefore conduct electricity. If graphene is POSITIVELY CHARGED, it can ANNIHILATE ANYTHING IT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH. Right now, these graphene-containing lipids are not charged; they’re neutral. It’s the ionisable lipid (no.3 mentioned above) which gives the mRNA a positive charge to enter the cell. But if there is an electromagnetic field which gives it a positive charge, there can be damage and death depending on where these nanoparticles are found in the body and in what quantity.
  • Peters: So they’re lying to the whole world – they’re trying to hide this. Kingston: Yes. Fact-checking publications are also lying.
  • Why is G.O. being used if it’s a poison? Because it’s a great conductor of electricity and it can host a magnetic field. So it can connect you to the internet.
  • Who’s behind this?  Shanghai Nanotechnology filed a patent for the use of graphene oxide as excipients in the vaccines. On their website, Tal Zaks, the Moderna CEO, was there. The WHO talks about working together on the vaccines. And you’ll see the usual suspects like Peter Daszak, names from Moderna, NIH and NIAID. There is a group of billionaires and millionaires who have co-ordinated on the development and execution of these products.
  • Peters: Why would Trump, De Santis and Hannity promote the vaccines when they’re known to have these types of ingredients? Kingston: There’s no way they could have know this stuff. In late May, Kingston sent out an e-mail to many outlets with this information, including that it’s a biological weapon, even to America’s Frontline Doctors, and it’s as if they couldn’t process what she was saying, nor could they say these were biological weapons. Cognitive dissonance is high: people can’t comprehend the depravity of these injections. There’s been such brainwashing and control over the narrative and types of information allowed to be discussed during this entire process of bringing out and deploying the vaccines. So when somebody comes along with this information, it’s very difficult to believe it.
  • Do the media understand that there are billions of lives at stake? Or maybe they do, which is even worse. They’re all complicit in this, the continuance of it. And what about mandated vaccines for healthcare workers and college students? Many healthcare workers don’t want it and they need help. Yet the Department of Justice (DOJ) is saying that governors and employers can mandate it. Kingston: Just because someone says it in this current administration doesn’t make it true. Dawn Johnson’s memo saying these can be mandated is a reckless interpretation and has no merit. It’s just an opinion which isn’t enforceable. Scaring people through propaganda and lies to get injected is a violation of human rights in itself, but Johnson has violated 4 sections of Article 21 (she goes into details on the violations Johnson has committed in her memo). Johnson’s memo, for example, doesn’t tell you that there is no benefit to this ‘vaccine’, that it contains graphene oxide, &etc. (she goes into telling detail here about technical violations committed by this memo). The long and short of it is that these trials need to be stopped. These trials should have already been stopped when the mice died.
  • They won’t stop with this until people push back. They can destroy this country, and they’re going after the children, which will destroy the future. Children are at most risk of having serious adverse events with these injections, indicated by the myocarditis case numbers. 25,000 have been reported, but we know that’s only 10%.





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  1. I did a quick sprint and put a page together of potential “remedies” to mitigate the damage from the Covid shots:

    “Help From Herbs And Dietary Supplements For Lemmings Who Took The Injections”

  2. “There are nations that are being used as guinea pigs – we’re the guinea pigs. Once they’ve perfected this, there’s a second plan…” What’s the next part of the “plan”? Is it transhumanism?

    Do they think they have a way to begin to convert human tissues to synthetics, perhaps via the poisonous graphene oxide? Maybe with the Frankenstein idea that once tissues have been converted to synthetics… the graphene oxide won’t be “poisonous” any more? And neither will the 5G? In which case, that leaves all of the rest of Nature victim to these genocidal technologies… while they pare down and terminate the human race in the mad ambition to attain synthetic immortality?

    “The very idea of human being some sort of natural concept is really gonna change.” Voice of Nita Farahany taken directly from a WEF video:

    Then there’s this little horror story:

    “When Humans Become Cyborgs | DAVOS 2020”

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