Here’s What’s Really In Those MRNA Vaccines

October 27, 2022 2

SHOCKING: Here’s What’s Really In Those MRNA Vaccines PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, the founder and director of La Quinta Columna, reveals the results of his investigation into the Covid mRNA vaccines. He has […]


If the Spike Protein Exists, Then Where Is It?

October 6, 2022 2

ER Editor: We’ve banged on ourselves about the ‘toxic’ spike protein through the publication of various articles, as if it is the source of health problems following Covid vaccination or during ‘Covid’ (whatever that is) […]


Is Toxic Graphene Oxide Everywhere? [Videos]

August 13, 2021 2

ER Editor: Magnetism following the Covid vaccines was the first curious phenomenon, which led to the discovery of graphene oxide in them by the Spanish team of La Quinta Columna. They have since been probing […]

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