BERLIN – Contrary to his various documented demands that those under the age of 70 should be vaccinated against Corona a fourth time, Lauterbach told the ZDF heute journal: “I never said that all younger people should now be vaccinated. That’s just wrong.” But not long ago, the SPD politician had explicitly told Der Spiegel, among other things, that he “recommended the vaccination to younger people”.

On Twitter, the Minister of Health also suddenly distanced himself from his previous recommendation that people be vaccinated every three months. But that is exactly what his “Corona protection concept” presented together with Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) stated in order to avoid restrictions on fundamental rights. Only those who were vaccinated less than three months ago would be recognized as “vaccinated” he had warned.

Bild newspaper underscored the inconsistencies by calling the minister “confused”. They headlined the report with “Confused Lauterbach tweets from Corona isolation”.

In an interview with the YouTube program Hello Opinion, the former spy chief went much further. Hans-Georg Maassen did not mince words:

“If you look at what Mr Lauterbach said – sometimes he is barely able to finish a sentence without making a mistake – you really have to ask yourself whether the man still has the necessary mental strength to carry out his duties as a minister or whether the Federal Chancellor should not have to have him examined by a public health officer.”

Maassen also referred to statements made by Lauterbach in 2020. At that time, Lauterbach had doubted the effect of mRNA vaccines. Maassen continued:

“If he were my employee, I would have the greatest doubts about his ability to work. Whether it is a mental illness or through substances that are administered, I cannot judge. But I think the man is no longer master of his senses.”