BERLIN – “There will be easy-to-understand information sheets in Ukrainian for this,” Lauterbach told German Spiegel magazine. The shots will be forced on refugees at every medical contact point in Germany, of which there may be quite a few.

He also wanted to “offer uncomplicated quick tests for refugees,” Lauterbach announced. “People who come from the war zone also need medical help and protection against infections,” said the minister without specifying these infections they would need to be protected from. “We will take care of that.”

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, only about a third of Ukrainians have taken the jab, but soon they will have no choice but to take the deadly experimental gene-therapy shot. A third of them received the Chinese vaccine Sinovac, which is not approved in the EU, reported German daily Die Welt.

American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has meanwhile called for an end to the injury-inducing Covid jabs. The “crisis is over,” the renowned physician said.

He warned of the danger of taking these shots. The products that Pfizer, Moderna and others have developed “are not sufficiently safe enough, nor are they effective enough, to have mandated upon us in our lives”.

McCullough added: “Over a million Americans have been injured as a result of Covid-19 vaccination, and sadly, thousands have died afterwards.”

And the poor Ukrainian refugees thought they had finally made it to safety…