Beyond multipolarity. This world is doomed; are we prepared for The Day After?

I will start by asking you to remember two biblical episodes. The first is the Temptation of Adam and Eve in the Paradise Garden. The second, the expulsion of the merchants from the Temple.

In the wonderful book of Michael Ende “The Never Ending Story”, the Fantasy Land is under the threat of nothingness. That’s quite our own and our world story.

Is multipolarity genuine?

We gathered here to talk about multipolarity. Most of us, maybe all of us are supporting and even delighted with this perspective. Is it a good thing? It does certainly look like that. Finally, the American Empire is challenged and on the way of decay. But is multipolarity genuine? We have no clear answer to this. Personally, since multipolarity has been announced by Macron, who pointed to US, i.e., The American Empire as being guilty of Western decay, I believe it’s not. Rather a step of their plan, or an evolution less favorable, but taken into account. (Don’t tell me that Rothschild gave him some millions for a few days of work within his bank and let him be a free-thinker.)

Macron’s statement is not an admission, it is roguery: OK folks, you won, we surrender bla-bla-bla! To put to sleep our awareness, to make us believe that they are surrendering.

Then, there is Trump, or rather the forces behind him, a part of that globalist mafia who are active characters in this episode of changing the world. And, finally, but most important, don’t forget that the world governing center is more active and powerful than ever: UN with all its bodies and institutions and organizations (IMF, WB, HWO, United Nations Children’s Fund, originally known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, WTO and so on and so on) promoting and imposing the most malign policies of our days: capital domination, impoverishment of the poor and enrichment of the rich, migration, vaccination, LGBTization and gender agenda and many others.

I have a feeling that one more time they are trying to play us. As from that Paradise scene, and more discernible for our civilization, since the French Revolution. All the time they prepared some movements in advance, false flags, dead ends, false directions and all the time we had to react. And, looking around us, we can say that until now, they were almost completely successful. They never missed it. Will they miss it now?

We will have a multipolar world. Will these new poles work differently? Are these poles rejecting the economic oppressive foundation of our societies and lives for a new vision? Will money tomorrow be less important than souls? Than friendship, than respect, than love?

I don’t think so, and I will explain why. But, of course, genuine or not, we are supporting it as long as it means the decay of the Empire.

A non-human world. The Empire of Capital.

Relate “Paradise temptation” with nowadays rejection of God since we declared ourselves gods. Relate the “expulsion of the merchants” from the synagogue with who is now in power in our world. The merchants. What have they done? They offered us the fruit of liberalism, the upper part, the apparently decent and beneficial part of the Capital Ideology. And we bit deep into it.

We are not living in a human world anymore. Until recently, human societies and state labels were related to something human: activity, tools, relations, hierarchy or social status and so on.

We lived in the stone age, bronze age, iron age, slavery, feudalism; slave state, monarchy, royalty, republic, democracy, aristocracy (one of the three state forms of Aristotles). But the world we are living in is Capitalist (or, Socialist, or Communist, the lower levels of the capital ideological stack). Today we are liberals, socialists, communists – all ideological identities, all coming from the same source: the emerging capitalism of humanist and illumination ages, looking for a way to catch the global power: namely, to legitimize itself as the new religion of the world.

Today money is the main determinant of “truth.” “Truth” is what money says, and money has the power to enforce “truth.” Real truth, such as I attempt to tell, is not welcome today by any government or ruling interest anywhere in the Western World or in those countries that have been corrupted by the Western World. Indeed, the enemy of truth today is no longer in Moscow or China. The enemy is in Washington, New York, and Hollywood, in CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, and in the universities and scientists who lie for money, and in the super-rich who control these entities, including Congress, the Executive Branch, and Oval Office, and Judiciary. (Paul Craig Roberts: Truth Is an Endangered Species)

A world in metastasis

The globalist financial-banking mafia won’t vanish if a multipolar world is emerging. They will continue to be here: under the table napkin, under our pillow, in our houses and cars, in all our devices, that “filled the void of our lives”; under the new cultural foundation; everywhere within the educational system; under the social networks; under 99 % of our daily existence. With huge amounts of money, with a large part of Earth in their possession, with hundreds of millions of subjects in their transnational and national companies, state structural networks, the civil society, media and so on.

We are living in a world that has nearly completely surrendered to money. And money has no other “religion”, no other ground rule than its multiplication. It has no feelings (hate is coming from its master), no pain, it can’t cry or laugh, or dream. It is  always hungry. They are cold blood killers. And they are profoundly 100 percent despotic. No sympathy, no chemistry, no mercy, no goodwill. Nothing than more money, more void, more nothingness. That’s why any other values, any other principles opposed to them have to be perverted, annihilated without mercy. About all these we can’t have illusions; everything is crystal clear.

We are dealing, our world is dealing with cancer; a huge tumor which is not so easy to spot since it hides behind national and international institutions and bodies. But the real deadly problem is that it infected every cell of mankind’s body, of the human societies; the cancerous cells are everywhere and in nearly all, apparently, sound cells the virus is present in latent form. We are speaking in their way, we are thinking their way, we are eating, sleeping, loving/hating, wasting our time their way. We are clones of the ever-perfect slave they developed in their social laboratories. So, if we want to have a better world, we have to reject everything that’s theirs.

These people, these servers of Evil will not stop; the algorithm implanted inside them pushes them continuously on to the way of man’s enslavement, of God creation demolition. They are adjusted to go up to the complete end: the destruction of the whole planet. And, I think, there will be soon destruction, pain, death… If ever something will succeed in opposing them so hard as to counter and defeat their projects, they are ready to blow up everything. Three are the reasons they will not do it: First, God’s Will. Second, because up to now there was not such a force opposing them. Third, perverting people before killing them is a more sweet victory for the Devil than killing them directly. A long agony of a tantalizing ritual before death.

We are facing three main alternatives:

Multipolarity is fake. They succeed in enslaving the whole world but not all the people and not forever (God’s Will). Later they start fighting with each other as far as the destruction of the world.

Multipolarity is genuine, opposed not only to the fake American Empire but to the real Empire of Capital, mainly to the Anglo-Zionist core of it. The imperialists will start the war, a large part of the world is destroyed. (That’s the true purpose of the missiles bases around Russia and China.)

Multipolarity is actually genuine, but societies and states comprised in the new poles are infected and the next generations will kneel before the same tenebrious master.

The only solution: returning to truth

In any of the above variants, the future is not at all serene. On the contrary, it looks quite dark.

Friends? Help? Unfortunately, since it enforces in us the belief that we are gods, technology is not really our friend. Neither demography (the birth rate), nor the population distribution between cities and villages. The same with culture, education, state structures.

The pace of world transformation goes increasingly on and on. We are talking about a multipolar world that is emerging, but tomorrow morning it will have already gone away. Multipolarity will be just something we left behind and we have to already think about the future, to try, for once in our history, to think ahead of them. What is the next formula? What do we need to do to overcome?

The radical and only solution is to abandon everything that ties us to this fake world: concepts, ideology, dogmatism, words, references, habits, objects. We should abandon everything we are criticizing our enemies for: outer features, but mainly inner ones.

If we are looking only for a new way, a new solution to change the world for the better, without first changing ourselves, we will continue to work their will. The real and only solution is the old one of changing us, i.e. to reset our inner, according to the model of Jesus Christ, to that kind of thinking, speaking and acting. To go back to truth.


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