EU chief Juncker celebrates Karl Marx’s birthday paid for by Chinese communists

EU chief Juncker celebrates Karl Marx’s birthday paid by Chinese communists


A few days ago European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (an EU apparatchik with a number of honorary rewards1) equalling that received by Leonid Brezhnev, the erstwhile secretary general of the Supreme Soviet) delivered a speech in the Trier Basilica commemorating the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth and unveiled a huge monument to the top ideologue of the leftist movement, a monument donated – of all the world’s countries – by China2) and sculpted by Chinese artist Wu Weishan.3) The significance of the event should not be lost on anybody. Let us remark with care:

One: A leftist speaker, an EU commissioner (which is another form of the word commissar, and commissar was the name for the ministers who made up the collective dictatorship in the early years of Soviet Russia and during the times of the Commune of Paris of 1871) used the Trier Basilica, one of the most important shrines of Christianity to praise to the heavens an atheist who went down in history as someone who described religion as the opium (opiate) for the people and of the people.

Two: Since the early nineties Karl Marx has not been celebrated in Russia nor in any of the former soviet republics nor in any of the former East European states that were once dependent on Moscow. More to it: the monuments to Karl Marx, Frederic Engels and Vladimir Lenin (the unholy communist trinity) which “graced” East European towns and cities as well as streets and squares that were named after them were toppled down or renamed as the case may be after the fall of the socialist-cum-communist system in Eastern Europe (Lenin monuments still linger in Russia).

The ideological poles have shifted their places altogether. Not that the West was a right-wing bloc even during the times of the so-called Cold War: Marxist movements as well as communist or socialist parties have operated unconstrained there (especially in France and Italy) and since ’68, the spreading of the leftist moral code in the West was shocking even to the communist or socialist comrades from East Berlin to Moscow, from Warsaw to Sofia. Yes, the communists in the East, atheists themselves to be sure, lived according to the principles of Christian morality so that e.g. divorce among top party members was unthinkable and the sexual deviance propagated by the likes of Herbert Marcuse (“Eros and civilization”) was dismissed and held in contempt.

Still, after the Second World War Eastern Europeans were looking towards the West for help and hope, cherishing in their minds an ideal about right-wing, capitalist and Christian brothers in Rome, Paris or London. Contrarily, Western intellectuals began praising and defending the communist system, without usually ever wanting to live under it or visit the countries under the communist yoke. True, some of the Western intellectuals had second thoughts after the Soviet Union crushed the Hungarian uprising (1956) or suppressed Czechoslovakia (1968), but then they only wanted to reform socialism, rather than doing away with it. Yes, Western intellectuals were Marxists to such an extent that, though they supported the solidarity movement in Poland in the 1980s, they could not understand the Polish workers – the Polish working class(!) when it revolted against humanity’s best system under the banners of nationalism and… the opium of the people and for the people i.e. under religious symbols. Lo and behold, Western intellectuals were confronted with reports from Poland (if their mass media released such footage) where workers who were on strike would put up Christian crosses, invite priests and attend Catholic masses. And, truth be told, Western intellectuals supported the Polish solidarity movement but they were against socialism: they were against Soviet-style socialism, and to combat it they were ready to use national and religious sentiment, which they otherwise despised, as a tool. For the time being, that is. Once the soviet system was gone, patriotism and religion were again frowned upon by the EU. On the other hand, some of the more observant intellectuals in Eastern Europe watched the TV news served them in their own countries with jaws dropped as they saw the French or Italian trade union or teachers protests being carried out under a sea of red flags, a banner despised in Eastern Europe.

Now these two ideologically opposed parts of Europe have been joined to make a superstate. In the East the red flag, the word socialism and the figure of Marx are things that belong to the nightmarish past; in the West the same are parts of the new creed that only needs to have a “human face” put on it because, as Jean-Claude Junker said during his speech in the Trier basilica: “Today [Marx] stands for things which he is not responsible for and which he didn’t cause, because many of the things he wrote down were redrafted into the opposite.”4)

Between 1945 and 1989, Eastern Europeans heard that Marxism was oh such a beautiful idea and they were told now and again that the iniquity, shortcomings, life in fear, economic and social nonsense were but temporary distortions of the otherwise wonderful theory. Every now and then the Marxist practice was said to be in need of reforms, in need of “redrafting”, in need of making it more palatable, more humane. Every now and then. And – look! – Jean-Claude Junker is saying the same!

By the way, would anyone be allowed to say the same about Alfred Rosenberg, one of the top sozi (nationalsocialist) ideologues later to be tried at Nuremberg, and his intellectual contribution?

An event like that in Trier is a signs of the times that calls for discernment. The media, also in Eastern Europe, reported on Jean-Claude Junker’s speech and the unveiling of the monument; yet, have the journalists and the readership grasped the full impact of what is being played out?

  • Communist China gifts a huge monument to the chief rabbi of communism (Karl Marx’s grandfather happened to be chief rabbi of Trier.5));
  • a part of the festivities devoted to the founding father of communism takes place in the Basilica of Constantine (also known as Aula Palatina), a symbol of everything (Roman law, Christian morality, Greek notion of truth) that communists despise.

A hundred and fifty years ago Marxist ideas were rejected with abhorrence by the overwhelming majority of decent, common Europeans of all social classes. A hundred and fifty years later most of their offspring have long been re-educated to accept the new world order; even the few Eastern Europeans who still feel uneasy about Marxism are too bribable, too greedy for the luxuries that the West has in store for them to offer any resistance. One feels tempted to repeat the classical words: they have eyes and do not see, they have ears and do not hear. Including the many bishops conferences in the East European member states, and the papacy itself.

Marxist ideas, metastasized into the ideologies of the Open Society, Frankfurt School, LGTB (and the Rest of the Alphabet) movement, feminism and ethnic replacement (i.e. importation of the new proletariat from the Third World, thus creating a new power-base of the European Left against the supposedly too right-wing, too conservative, too bourgeois Whites) are reigning supreme in the European Union in line with the precepts of the Communist Manifesto co-authored by Karl Marx, a manifesto according to which

“the nationalities (…) will be compelled to mingle with each other (…) and thereby dissolve themselves” and “the traditional marriage will lose its basis rooted in private property,”

“religions will become superfluous”, industry will create “the world market [that will bring] all the peoples of the earth (…) into such close relation with one another that none [will be] independent of what happens to others” and industry “will (…) assure the satisfaction of the needs of all”.

The programme has partly been implemented or is still undergoing implementation. Welcome to the brave new world!


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