Widerstand (‘Resistance’) 2020 – Germany’s Reaction to Authoritarian Lockdown

ER Editor: Widerstand2020 or Resistance2020 is something to be keeping our eyes on – created as a response by 3 people to the authoritarian, arbitrary lockdown of the virus panic in Germany. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about them (translated by Deepl):

Resistor2020 does not have a program yet. However, ideas are listed on the group’s website.[1] According to its statutes, the organisation is committed to freedom issues. According to its founder Victoria Hamm, it wants to be “not right-wing, not left-wing, but free”. “[T]otalitarian, dictatorial and fascist endeavours” have no place, according to Hamm.[2] What is called for is “true democracy” and “a goal of humanity”.[3] In emergency situations, the German Bundestag could be replaced by a democratically elected emergency parliament, which would consist of 700 people “who have not been active in politics in the last five years”. Resistance 2020 wants to run for election to the 20th German Bundestag. According to Hamm, all positions are only proposals on which the “swarm” will have to vote in the end [2].

Here is the link to their website: Widerstand2020.de  The words Lass uns anders sein, damit sich endlich etwas verändert! translate as Let us be different, so that finally something changes! Here are some links: Facebookpage and Youtube channel.

Some headlines on google are asking if this party could be a competitor to the right-populist Alternative fur Deutschland party, although this may be an MSM divide-and-rule strategy. Below is a video from DW (MSM) to see the range of recent protests in Germany (the first 2 minutes). The passage below the video translates as follows, which, despite the term ‘conspiracy theorist,’ is surprisingly not too damning for an MSM outlet:

There is no question that the current restrictions have massive consequences – for the psyche, for the economic and social situation. Dissatisfaction is spreading and they are looking for an outlet. This can be observed at various demonstrations, e.g. the so-called ‘hygiene demonstrations’ in Berlin and Stuttgart, where a wide variety of groups come together: Leftists, rightists, esoterics and conspiracy theorists. They speak of unfounded restrictions on fundamental rights and the abolition of democracy. The crisis is being used by many to turn people against each other and to defame scientists and political leaders.

Notice that two of Widerstand’s leaders are a doctor (Bodo Schiffmann) and lawyer (Ralf Ludwig) – the new type of activist.


Widerstand 2020


It is always a breaking point that is required.

Not long ago in France, it was enough that the government raised a petrol tax by a small amount to spark social unrest: the famous Yellow Vest movement. In Germany, the bizarre decision taken by the Merkel regime to let in a million or so aliens induced citizens who were concerned about their country to found the Alternative fur Deutschland party. Recently, we have been witnessing the creation of Widerstand 2020 (Resistance 2020).

What was the new civil movement occasioned by?

By the restrictions imposed upon Germans because of the Corona pandemic, courtesy of the WHO. The party was established by Bodo Schiffmann (pictured), a physician, together with Ralf Ludwig (pictured below), a Leipzig lawyer and Victoria Hamm, who introduces herself as just a human being (ER: According to a Facebook post, she has recently quit). The trio became enraged by the panic that was caused by the authorities and by the fact that the government used the alleged epidemiological danger to suspend some of the constitutional rights, which in turn enabled the officials to abuse their power.

Widerstand 2020 has its website,1) where anybody interested can learn about who they are and what they strive after. They say to have tens of thousands of supporters, a claim that for obvious reasons cannot be easily verified. Judging by the reaction of the powers that be, they may be gaining in popularity and surely they must have hit the German establishment where it hurts because the people who are habitually at the establishment’s beck and call – all manner of journalists, scientists and experts – began mounting a counteroffensive, using the usual dirty tricks: dragging the opponents through the mud by a string of strongly negatively-charged associations. Widerstand 2020 can regard it as considerable success: The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.

Among the many mass media outlets, the Deustchlandfunk offers on its website an anonymous and lengthy text2) whose task it is to inform the readers about the evil and/or folly that radiates from Widerstand 2020, so beware. The tactics that the anonymous writers of the article who tout themselves as enlightened, reasonable researchers are the one used by former communist regimes. You do not attempt to kill your opponent directly: you rely on the ricochet effect. The founders of Widerstand 2020 cannot sue their accusers for calling them racist or anti-Semites because the movement’s accusers have never said that Widerstand 2020 members are racists or anti-Semites. The deutschlandfunk.de apparatchiki merely asked experts who deal with the problem of racism and Antisemitism what they thought about Widerstand 2020, and they merely mentioned that their interlocutors – authorities on social ills – professionally deal with the phenomenon of racism and Antisemitism.

The string of associations that the reader of the Deustchlandfunk website is offered looks roughly like this:
[1] Widerstand 2020 doubts the seriousness of the pandemic and considers the measures taken as very much exaggerated;
[2] the same attitude has been adopted by conspiracy theorists and the activists of the extreme right, who are known to be racist and anti-semitic, therefore
[3] Widerstand 2020 is/must be/can be (delete as appropriate) racist and anti-Semitic i.e. the movement had better be avoided by decent citizens and possibly suppressed by the authorities.

Such a campaign of vilification only shows that the establishment is scared of the social ferment. We have had AfD, we are seeing Widerstand 2020 in the making; it may be the last straw or it may still take a couple of other movements before enough is enough. You can never know.



Original article


1. Widerstand2020.de
2. Wie „Widerstand 2020“ die Corona-Krise in Frage stellt, deutschlandfunk.de 2020-05-05.


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