At the G7, Macron Officially Accepted that the CIA Organizes Western Propaganda in Europe

At the G7, Macron officially accepted that the CIA organizes Western propaganda in Europe


The recent G7 (held in Bavaria earlier this week) went almost unnoticed in France.

It must be said that its conclusions in English are largely inaccessible to the average journalist, imbued with its persona and its imaginary ethics, but perfectly disarmed when it comes to deciphering the contemporary world. So the French public was treated to only a few theatrical exchanges between Macron and Biden on the price of energy (with an American President who did not utter a word and perhaps did not even recognize his French counterpart).

However, the main thing was elsewhere, because the G7 is the privileged tool that the American Deep State uses to militarize the West.

So the majority of the French public will only have been entitled, on the G7, to a few theatrical and insignificant exchanges between Emmanuel Macron and a decrepit Biden on the price of oil. Most of it went under the radar. Still, it is worth knowing.

A sustainable planet… what we haven’t told you yet

While the price of oil at the pump is breaking historic records (and gently heading towards 3 euros per liter), Macron has subscribed to a final declaration which promises real “ecological” rationing and very probably the establishment of a brutal lockdown to save the planet.

You will read for example, page 2 of the declaration:

We will effectively implement domestic mitigation measures to achieve our NDC targets and commit to increase our ambition, including for example, by adopting or strengthening sectoral targets, non-CO2 sub-targets, or stringent implementation measures.

That in chastised terms, these things are said. The G7 would have liked to prepare a climate lockdown, with a forced reduction in the consumption of oil or gas that it would not have done otherwise, and that it would not have used other terms.

The scenario is being written in advance: at the start of the school year in September, the theme of the energy “gap” will come at full speed, and public opinion will be told that, to avoid disaster, consumption must be drastically reduced. daily. And as all this will not go fast enough, expeditious measures will be taken.

If you read the text of the G7 carefully, it is a question of “increasing our ambition” in terms of CO2, that is to say going faster in rationing, even though the embargo on Russia is dangerously raising prices. We understand the operation that is being played out behind the scenes: under the guise of ecology, it is a question of creating the conditions for chaos, and a political shock to deal with it. Anyone who has read my first chapters on the agenda of chaos will see that the G7 is preparing the continuation of COVID, then of the war in Ukraine, by an ecological chaos whose final objective is to militarize Europe and the whole of the West under the American yoke.

It’s no small matter all this. And one would think that journalists would do their job by evoking the subject. But as they are all anesthetized by the money that the CAC40 (ER: French stock market) pays them, they prefer to carefully store all these themes under the label of conspiracy.

Free trade against all odds

Teasers might think that one of the main causes of pollution and energy waste is free trade and its mania for chartering planes to fly Kenyan or South African beans in the dead of winter to Europe or North America. Better respect for the seasons and short circuits would reduce the production of CO2.

What a baby!

The G7, which only exists to coordinate free trade in the West, sticks to its doctrine (p. 10):

Trade flows play an important role for the green and just transition and for the diffusion of environmental goods, services, technologies and innovations. Through a mix of constraints and soft measures, we are committed to advancing supply chains zero-aligned and climate-resilient sustainability, decoupling agricultural production from forest loss and land degradation, using resources sustainably, reducing environmental impact, fostering circularity and promoting decent work.

Again, in a normal world, there would be someone laughing at the statement that “trade flows play an important role in a green and just transition”. In the France of 2022, no one finds anything to complain about.

Here again, the “ecological” strategy is clear: it is a weapon to domesticate peoples and above all to continue “business as usual”, that is to say free trade where the European Commission discourages production of tomatoes on European soil and encourages their import from Morocco .

Simply, free trade has long been justified as a vehicle for spreading democracy everywhere. It is now synonymous with dictatorship.

The G7 hails Gates and his vaccine in 100 days

As it should be, the G7 reiterated all the good it thinks of the vaccine, and committed this sentence which says a lot about the influence of Bill Gates and his industrial projects on international relations, at least in the West (page 13):

In this context, we welcome the progress made on the 100 Day Mission to help science develop safe and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. We will intensify, align and monitor our efforts on pandemic preparedness in close collaboration with WHO.

Here again, the G7 is reaffirming its strategy of chaos in health matters, consisting in staging dramatic pandemics to justify exceptional measures.

Incidentally, the G7 reiterates all the good it thinks of the future treaty on the WHO.

The American order reaffirmed in all its wokism

The curious will read with attention the reaffirmation of the Western credo in its foolishly Manichean anti-Russian and pro-LGBTQ and other policies. If you wondered where wokism came from, read the G7 statement and you will understand that it is a weapon used by American diplomacy to neutralize the traditional identities of the West and put it at the service of the American Deep State. and its financial interests.

In the grossest and most grotesque way.

CIA propaganda generalized to all of the West

But what seems to us the most explosive and the most shocking in this case is the essential role that the CIA has been entrusted by the G7 to maintain order in Western consciences, in particular on the Ukrainian affair (but if we admit that there is a unique “narrative” in the West since COVID, we spontaneously measure the role assigned to the American agency).

Here is what the G7 statement says (page 25):

In light of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, we remain engaged and strengthen our cooperation through the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) to protect our democratic systems and open societies (ER: say what? notice the Soros language) from foreign threats, such as information, manipulation and interference, including misinformation. We welcome the immediate response of the G7 RRM, including its collaboration with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in establishing a multi-stakeholder crisis network comprised of the G7, governments, social media platforms and civil society to support integrity of the Ukrainian IT environment in the face of the unprecedented information war waged by Russia. (…)

The RRM (Rapid Response Mechanism) was created at the summit in Charlevoix, Canada, in 2018, and has since been coordinated by Canada. This is a task force responsible for spreading a unique narrative in Western media.

We will soon be looking at this mechanism that nobody ever talks about, but which deals with a lot of subjects, surprisingly, for example the programs presented for the 2019 European elections . We understand here that the G7 pilots discreet information agencies responsible for spreading the good word in our media.

Here! here!

As for the Carnegie Foundation, its ties to the CIA and NED are pretty well described everywhere, including here.

In short, Macron obviously had no trouble validating the CIA’s daily intrusion into subsidized newsrooms. And that’s no problem for anyone, it seems.




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