Why The Vaccine Pass Will Be The Beginning of The End for Macron

ER Editor: Readers may be interested in this The Local report (MSM alert) about what it means to change from a health pass to a vaccine pass in France. See What will change when France’s health pass becomes a vaccine pass?  Liberty-minded journalist Eric Verhaeghe gives us a political take on this decision.


Why the vaccine pass will be the beginning of the end for Macron


By taking the decision to launch the vaccine pass in the middle of the Christmas break, Emmanuel Macron is taking a major political risk, which we believe could be the last one before a presidential election, in which he is not sure he will be able to participate. Moreover, the acceleration of the calendar announced yesterday testifies to the government’s fears…

This is the moment to commit ourselves to inflicting a defeat in open country on a power that is increasingly openly liberticidal.

In announcing the switch to the vaccine pass, Emmanuel Macron probably underestimated the political risk he was taking. But he knew it was a risk.

The vaccine pass, proof of weakness for Macron

We have explained the circumstances surrounding the adoption of the vaccine pass. In practice, 10% of “little old people” refused the third dose, which forced the government to deactivate 400,000 passes last week.

Potentially, the government could extrapolate from this figure a 10% drop in the number of people vaccinated from February. The third dose is actually going down much worse than expected.

The prospect of supporting the French presidency of the European Union, with 5 million people refusing to be vaccinated outright, and 5 million refusing the third dose, i.e. a 10-point drop in the vaccination rate in France, is a politically difficult moment to negotiate. (ER: We wonder if this refusal rate is not actually much higher.)

So they had to act by announcing new segregations against those who would no longer have an up-to-date vaccine.

The calculation is simple: they swallowed the first two vaccines under duress, they will swallow the third dose using the same method.

In any case, this hardening shows that by blackmailing people into vaccinating by depriving them of their social life, the team in power has discredited the vaccine among a growing part of the population.

An acceleration that is a sign of panic

Contrary to the hopes of the government, the vaccine pass has begun to stir up the landerneau, even in the least agitated circles. The revolt is rumbling, and the prospect of a new school year under these auspices does not please the Elysée.

Hence the idea of presenting the bill on the health pass next Wednesday, and of starting its discussion in Parliament at the beginning of January.

This haste is a bad sign for Macron: when a President of the Republic who hopes to be re-elected in April is reduced to introducing a liberticidal text in a hurry between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it starts to smell a bit like a bad smell.

Let’s even say that, in the Stalingrad that Macron started on 12 July against his own people (ER: July 12, just at the start of the holiday season for the French, was when Macron shocked everybody with the announcement of obligatory vaccines for healthcare workers tied to their employment. Smart peope saw this as the beginning of a slippery slope, which it has since proved to be), next Wednesday’s Council of Ministers will look like a prelude to the capture of the von Paulus army during the terrible month of January 1943.

In any case, the game is double or nothing: either it goes or it breaks. But the balance of power is now terribly degraded.

The government gives up on the company pass

Another sign of the current debacle: after having put forward the idea of a health pass in companies, and having released numerous trial balloons, the government has backed down. Temporarily at least.

It has to be said that no trade union leader, neither employee nor employer, has rushed to support the measure. Only a few of the usual advocates of discrimination, possible nostalgics of the discrimination measures adopted under Vichy, in this case Sophie de Menthon of Ethic, and Bernard Cohen-Hadad, of the CPME, spoke well of the idea.

Faced with the disruption that this idea, adopted by Macron’s globalist rival Mario Draghi, promised to cause, our Great Helmsman backed down.

The beginning of the end

With a wet finger, we can think that January will be a turbulent month for the government, which will definitely make a mockery of Emmanuel Macron’s assumption of the EU presidency.

Everywhere, the resistance is getting organised, and many consider that the time has come to do battle with a regime that definitely smells musty.

Incidentally, awareness comes from the role played by the pharmaceutical industry in the enactment of liberticidal measures for several months.

For the government, the backlash could be devastating.

In our view, if the political situation were to continue to deteriorate in January, Emmanuel Macron’s election could be seriously jeopardised. It all depends on how strongly the French will oppose this vaccine pass.




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  1. It doesn’t matter for the handlers of the EU “authorities” and Macron if they give him orders that will make him even more hated by us.

    On the contrary : by focusing all attention on the “mandatory vaccine” the handlers of our european psychopaths hope to prevent our People from realizing that ALL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS SINCE SARKOZY were mere DOMINION SCYTL products, not the results of our People’s will.

    So now the handlers are ready to lose their puppet Macron to save at least their totalitarian world order with the fake elections results in every EU country.

    Expect also the truth about “Brigitte” Macron to come out widely. If behind the noise the handlers still manage to put another puppet of theirs instead of Macron as fake president, they still believe they can save their asses.


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