Arizona Audit Results Warrant Election Decertification

Arizona Audit Results


On Sept. 24, the Maricopa County audit report was finally released on the Senate floor, broadcast live and on video.

Chairwoman Karen Fann (see featured image) reiterated that the purpose of this forensic audit is first and foremost to ensure and restore election integrity, not only in the main county, but in the entire state of Arizona, where a recent poll found that 45% of citizens do not trust the election results.

The situation is the same across the country. Fann also reiterated that, from the beginning, the team of county officials opposed the forensic audit. As a result, the audit is as comprehensive as possible, such as has never been conducted in Arizona or any other state before, but it does not include the computer analysis of the routers, which were not issued by the county, despite the judicial subpoena. It is highly likely that these routers kept track of cyber attacks similar to those identified and made public during the cyber symposium last August.

More than 17,000 absentee ballots counted in duplicate

The presentation lasted over three hours. It began with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an expert belatedly hired by the Arizona Senate to check the images of absentee ballot envelopes and verify their validity. Each envelope is signed by the issuer, and the signature must be legible and match the identity of the voter who sent the ballot. The MIT associate technology engineer, who specializes in pattern recognition software, shared his analysis of the 1,929,240 envelopes received by Maricopa County. Through his analysis, his team identified 17,322 duplicate ballots, even though the county had proclaimed in its report that it found no duplicates. Next, his software analyzed invalid “scribble” signatures: again, his software identified 2,580 when the county reported only 587.

Over 54,000 illegal ballots identified in this report

These duplicates add to the results of the forensic audit report piloted by the team of Doug Logan, president of Cyber Ninja, who is experienced in conducting audits for major U.S. banks as well as the government. Logan, a certified public accountant, was also involved in uncovering fraud in Antrim County, Michigan. Logan emphasized the enormous amount of work that went into auditing the ballots of Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county. The audit, which began last May, took several months to complete and involved more than 1,500 volunteer citizens from the county who voted in the last election, hand-checking over 2.1 million ballots. After describing in detail the security procedures put in place to conduct the audit and protect the ballots, he announced the results: while the total count is very close to those done previously, the total of invalid ballots is at least 54,319 ballots (see summary table at the end of the article). These include ballots from ghost voters, those who voted in multiple counties, and those who were counted multiple times. These are different duplicates of the absentee ballots analyzed by Dr. Shiva. These must have been photocopied when they were not in good condition or illegible, they must be stored separately from the others so that their serial numbers can be checked for uniqueness. This is to ensure that each registered voter has cast one ballot and one ballot only, that their ballot is valid and has not been tampered with or altered. More than 54,000 invalid ballots, more than five times the 10,457-vote difference between Biden and Trump that resulted in Joe Biden winning. This forensic audit confirms what many patriots have known for months: this election was rigged. The mainstream media may be downplaying the effect, but the results of this audit will boost proceedings in other states, most notably Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Senator Sonny Borelli claims that evidence of these repeated violations of the law during the processing of ballots nullifies the outcome of the election.

Election officials complicit

The examination of the voting machines and tabulators revealed some remarkable elements and uncovered a failure to follow minimum cyber security procedures to protect electronic voting systems. Passwords have remained the same since the machines were installed by the manufacturer, and have not been individualized to allow for identification of stakeholders. The reliance on a private manufacturer by election officials undermined the very principles of democracy as they must ensure the integrity of the electoral process. Furthermore, while the history must be saved for 22 months after the election, a portion of the transaction log was overwritten by election workers on February 2, March 3, and April 12, 2021 – in other words, before the audit began – erasing 37,000 queries even though this is prohibited by state and federal law. Despite the all-purpose password, these officials were identified through video recordings captured on the same dates. Their names have not been publicly disclosed but will be released to the Attorney General upon request. We can bet that some of the county’s officers are having trouble sleeping… Steve Chucri, the team’s supervisor, announced his resignation after phone recordings were made public a few days before the report was released. During these exchanges, he criticizes the reaction of his colleagues to the subpoenas received from the Senate demanding the routers, and confirms that he has doubts about the results of the election and the reliability of the Dominion machines.

The fool’s game continues

The auditing firm Cyber Ninja produced two versions of the report, both of which were leaked 48 hours before the official submission to the Senate. The conclusion of the first is very clear: given the amount of invalid ballots, this election should never have been certified because the results are unreliable. But for a change, the authors of the report were also threatened if they concluded that way. Again, if the justice system were to do its job, an investigation should be ordered immediately to find out who threatened the auditors and for what purpose? The “light” version submitted to the Senate is identical to the first one, without the counts of invalid ballots per candidate, nor the conclusion… A real fool’s game that allowed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to publicly affirm the next day that the elections will not be de-certified. Last November, this Republican had mocked the public hearings of witnesses conducted by lawyer Rudy Giuliani in Phoenix. Did he have information he would rather not make public? Is he worried about his own election? Arizonan Congressman Mike Finchem points out that the governor gave Vice President Mike Pence and federal officials a document with false results of at least 54,000 votes. Because these numbers were wrong, he should be subpoenaed before a grand jury for misleading the federal government. Already heavily criticized by citizens for his handling of the covid crisis, his ratings are plummeting in the polls.

How to de-certify the election?

Matt DePerno, the constitutional lawyer hired to audit the results of the Antrim County, Michigan, election, certifies that the results of the audit conducted in Arizona attest to the massive fraud that took place during the presidential election, that these frauds are almost identical to the ones he and his team discovered in Antrim, and that the election should be de-certified. He sent a memo to Senator Wendy Rogers arguing that the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution give legislators the power to de-certify the election in such circumstances. It is now up to the senators and state representatives to fight for this de-certification. Karen Fann has sent the full report to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who has pledged to pursue all necessary legal action.

In the midst of the turmoil caused by the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the massive influx of migrants at the Texas border, a strange event went virtually unnoticed on September 7. Joe Biden signed the extension of Donald Trump’s Executive Order No. 13848 dated September 12, 2018, authorizing a national state of emergency in case of cyberattacks from abroad that could interfere with the U.S. elections: a way to ensure his own impeachment when the time comes?

In any case, with the results of the Maricopa County audit, the genie is out of the bottle and he’s not going back in.




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  1. Another proof of the coup that too place in 2020.

    Manufactured riots with soros paid blm/antifa
    then rigged elections

    This is called a color revolution. It is what the CIA does in Ukraine,Libya, Georgia, Tunisia, Egypt, etc…

    Now they did it in the USA…

    And the election rigging firm Dominion did its part to rig the votes.
    It is said they will do the same for the French elections in april 22.

    Most western totalitarian regimes elections are rigged if not all.

    Russia, on the other hand has democratic elections and hand counting… To avoid fraud you know…

    More proofs of Dominion frauds:

  2. It is now up to the senators and state representatives to fight for this de-certification. Karen Fann has sent the full report to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who has pledged to pursue all necessary legal action.


    The US congress, one of the most corrupt body on earth and the Supreme Court know the election was rigged.

    Yet they did nothing.

    80% of Americans know it.

    Yet they did nothing.

    They prefer to comply and get injected like little obedient bitches…

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