Another UK Funeral Director Speaks Out Publicly About The Latest Shocking Waves of Deaths

ER Editor: This 8-minute video interview was done on a seemingly impromptu basis on November 2, 2021 outside a public event in London where Professor Neil Ferguson was speaking.

The funeral director, who just goes by Wesley, has been doing the job for 3 years, which means he’s had time in the business before the so-called ‘pandemic’ hit. Here are some points he makes:

  • March-April, 2020 showed a spike in deaths, after which time it calmed down. But it was all hyped up after that. They closed down storage units in the summer and never opened them up again. They may have been used to some degree during that brief time of 2 months, but the requirement for them stopped.
  • Autumn of 2020 was one of the quietest on record. But by January 2021, the numbers were going through the roof, which is the time when mass vaccination started. But this time, the extra storage units were hidden. Dead bodies don’t come with an indication of whether they were vaccinated or not, but earlier this year, he was seeing, for example, an intensive two week period where people in their 30’s and 40’s were dying following the time when they started vaccinating people in this age group. He had ‘twelve [deaths] in one go’ (as opposed to 4 or 5 of a variety of ages with old people included). Normally, he would deal with people of all ages, not focused around one age group; the elderly people who would have been due to die around this time had already gone, so that type of death was not happening. Instead, it was a sudden rush of younger people. (There were also high suicide rates, especially among young men during summer and autumn of 2020.)
  • Now, it’s quiet, but he’s seen a lot of newborn babies in the fridges of mortuaries. These numbers are very high. In one hospital, there were 30. They have fridges which hold 6-10 maximum, and these are never full. But now, they’re being put in the adult section. So the rate of dead newborns is around 10 times greater at the present time. These are either miscarried or dead at term. Nothing is being said about it. (His service doesn’t deal with babies, so he only sees them in the hospital mortuaries.)
  • He hasn’t seen deaths of people in their twenties and below, but in the 30s+, there have been more deaths, especially in the earlier part of the summer when people started to get vaccinated. His prediction is that they’ll see more of these vaccinated people die where the vaccine will have triggered something in their system causing illness and death.
  • A lot of ‘myocarditis’ and ‘myocardial infarction’ is being put on death certificates. ‘It’s all blood, heart-based, pneumonia … but Covid? We’ve only had one this year. One Covid death written down since January.’ If there’s really a pandemic going on, there should be more Covid deaths than that. But it’s like they don’t care about that anymore. Last year, everybody was being tested and ‘a high proportion’ were given Covid as the cause of death regardless of their actual illness. But that’s all stopped since the vaccinations started.
  • Now, we’re dealing with bodies where there is no record of their having been vaccinated on the death certificates. This information should be included.
  • Adult deaths are down at the moment. There’s already been a wave of people affected following the vaccines; Covid is non-existent.
  • He urges other undertakers to come forward and speak out. Few people are privy to this sort of information outside of undertakers and crematorium staff.


We remind readers of the most prominent of UK funeral directors to speak out so far – John O’Looney. Here are some of his interviews:

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  2. Martin Kulldorff
    ·6 nov.
    Microsoft News republished our op-ed on ‘How Fauci Fooled America’ with his public health edicts. Most comments are positive and positive comments have more likes. The tide has turned. Politicians, journalists and science leaders will follow.
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    Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci got major epidemiology and public health questions wrong. Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with

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