COVID ‘Medication’, Not The Virus, Triggers 250 Percent Death Rare Spurt

ER Editor: We published a report on this funeral director, John O’Looney, around May of this year. See UK Funeral Director Confirms Our Suspicions – Must-Listen. Here is an updated interview with Irish journalist Lindie Naughton from a few days ago. There are some updates in this interview, especially concerning the care homes back in March and April of 2020, and the variability of the deceased following mass vaccination. Covid among school children, he warns, are now being talked about in the same way that Covid among the elderly was being promoted about in 2020. Covid in both situations is a pretext for another agenda: employing the heavy sedative Midazolam or mass-vaccinating.

Basically, we are seeing deaths CAUSED by administration of Midazolam in the carehomes in 2020; and deaths in 2021 due to mass vaccination. Which has nothing whatever to do with a ‘virus’.

  • The pandemic was being anticipated in November & December of 2019 in the hospital system, before the public were aware of it. (see previous interview)
  • A government employee who visited him every week admitted that there were no actual Covid deaths although O’Looney was being encouraged to see deaths in this way. (see last interview)
  • The first wave, during March and up to the middle of April of 2020, showed that care homes had something weird happening in them because he was being called into them too frequently. Midazolam was being administered according to staff he spoke to. Procurement of the drug went up around 1000% during this time, which is a matter of public record. All cases he was asked to administer were labelled ‘Covid’; doctors were rarely present for these deaths. Nurses were instructed to administer a certain dose to these frail elderly people knowing it was a fatal dose. They were instructed to administer 60mg and then to leave the room for 15 minutes. So mass murder was being committed during these 2 months.
  • Then they went to extreme lengths to label any and all deaths as Covid.
  • Death rates were low for the rest of the year after April 2020, but spiked following ‘vaccine’ rollout on January 6, 2021. The death rate was 250% of what it normally had been during the past 15 years. Deaths around this time were among a mixed group of people, but almost all were vaccinated.
  • Government is running the hospitals, not medical staff. Medical staff are frightened for their jobs. Dr. Sam White had a six-figure amount of money taken out of his bank account a day after his memorable social media post criticizing government policy.
  • Now, people are getting unusual heart attacks and strokes. The ‘one in a million’ health events keep happening, and the system drop them when they get sick. Children will be the next to suffer, and it will be the jab. Will people finally wake up when kids start getting sick and dying, or will they continue to believe it’s ‘Covid’?

They’re now advertising Covid in schools, just as they did in the care homes back in 2020.


COVID ‘Medication’, Not The Virus, Triggers 250 Percent Death Rare Spurt


In this compelling video, a British funeral undertaker speaks to an independent journalist giving first-hand testimony revealing what has really been happening with the dead from care homes and hospitals.


Undertaker, John O’Looney talks of the lies and shenanigans spun by corrupt politicians and media to brainwash the public into believing there exists a ‘deadly virus’. Lindie Naughton interviews this candid funeral director to learn that, due to medication given during the pandemic, “deaths jumped 250 percent when injections began.”

“As part of my work I visit hospitals routinely. During the pandemic I got to speak to many medical staff. We all understood we were being lied to and this was fraud,” says O’Looney.

The undertaker explains it is routine that when collecting the dead for burial/cremation they keep a mortuary register (a kind of ‘guest book’), which shows a record of any usual events. The undertakers explains that he saw, during the pandemic, unusual patterns of high deaths at care homes where the vast majority deaths were known by staff not to be from COVID19 but more likely due to the medication given to the elderly.

“Terminal cancer patients are routinely being recorded as COVID deaths.”

To many independent analysts, there appears to be a correlation between the supposed new variants and vaccine breakthrough cases. New variants are suspected to be nothing of the sort and are actually adverse reactions to the experimental jabs.

Any and all deaths are glibly and dishonestly (and likely criminally, too!) being certified as from “COVID”  and such “variants,” and this is masking what some observers believe is mass genocide.

As concern grows about the misrepresentations, keen-eyed observers are asking why no “journalists” in the mainstream media have sought to investigate the true cause of the massive ‘delta wave’ that hit India in mid-2021 following their mass vaccination campaign, which began in January 2021. Only independent online citizen journalists and heroic whistleblowers seem to want to save us all from tyranny.

As we have identified in many articles here on Principia Scientific International, the pandemic is a coordinated international ploy based on allopathic germ theory, increasing seen as a scam pushed by the major pharmaceuticals companies – a litany of costly and unnecessary procedures and fake vaccines.





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  1. Michelle, why don’t you and your friend get in touch with Stew Peters’ staff? Not kidding. He’s covered this topic (Remdesivir and the situation in hospitals). Good luck with this.

  2. My friends husband died of a heart attack in the hospital while being given remdesivir. The death certificate lists the causes of death as every single effect this med causes in patients, not just a heart attack. I am writing on behalf of her, searching for legal help. We are in Florida. Please email me, if anyone reads this and has helpful information. Thankyou so very much! She would also like to connect with others who have had friends or loved ones die from this medication being given in a hospital.

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