The Globalists Score a Home-Run in France

Pam Barker | Director of the TLB Europe Reloaded Project

Well, Macron won as predicted, and by a decent margin, but it hadn’t been without a significant portion of the population waking up to the threat his oligarchic masters – the Rothschilds, Jacques Attali et al – would pose to our economy and sovereignty, such as they are after having been in the sovietic-style EU for so long. The ‘ni-ni’ movement (neither Macron nor Le Pen) was as much a statement against Macron as it was against Le Pen. It was the likelihood of voter abstention, favoring Le Pen, that was especially worrying to the establishment.

LePenWhirlpoolLe Pen (pictured) fought a smart campaign, completely upstaging Macron by showing up at the Amiens Whirlpool factory days ago to the support of its soon-to-be laid off workers. Macron had gained notoriety in the outgoing ‘leftist’ government by selling off French energy company Alstom to US General Electric at a knock-down price, laying off its employees.

nicolas_dupont_aignanShe also garnered the support of a mainstream politician, leader of the relatively new party Debout La France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (pictured), who threw his weight behind her a week ago, a move that was considered a bit of a coup; and she made a bold, sensible declaration against retaining the euro, which is widely expected to collapse due to the terrible state of European banks.

Le Pen also managed to slough off potential problems, such as the interim leader of her own party being publicly exposed for holocaust denial (the opposition had to have been carefully planning this one for a while), as well as plagiarism of another presidential candidate’s speech.

Her attack on Macron as the candidate of the globalist oligarchs and financiers was a message that certainly got through.

But how can you lose – despite inexperience and youth, despite never having held office – when, at every step of the way, you get very public endorsement from no less than

  1. French freemasonry, who attacked Le Pen while imploring everyone to vote but just not for her, thus sidestepping an actual endorsement of Macron.
  2. GattazMacronThe president of the employers’ group Medef, globalist Pierre Gattaz (pictured with Macron), who adores open borders and mass migration for the supply of cheap labor coming his way (in tandem with Macron’s liberalization of employment laws under the current government).
  3. Failed presidential candidates such as solidly right-wing Francois Fillon – much to the confusion of his supporters, who had been railing vehemently against Macron during his own campaign, and supposed ‘far-left’ sell-out, well-connected freemason Jean-Luc Melenchon, who refused to tell his supporters to vote for Le Pen when it’s perfectly clear her policies would benefit his working-class voters.
  4. Wrinkled, retired old-guard politicians wheeled out to offer professional support and gravitas when it was clear Macron was in campaign trouble, among them Jean-Louis Borloo, formerly of the UDI centre-right party.
  5. Some of the French unions, who were previously out on the streets protesting against Macron when, as part of the Hollande government, he was responsible for creating two employer-friendly sets of laws that had to be forced through the French version of parliament. Their inability to endorse Le Pen’s pro-worker platform is indicative of the sell out by the so-called ‘left-wing’.
  6. The entire MSM, naturally.
  7. Ad-hoc ‘independent’ endorsements, such as Amnesty International hoisting a massive banner on the Eiffel Tower in the last couple of days. How they got up there when we’re still in a state of emergency with armed military personnel patrolling around I don’t know.
  8. Universities urging their students to vote for Macron because the youth vote is more favorable to Le Pen.
  9. And let’s not forget Obama himself, bless him. Charges of interference in the politics of a sovereign nation only count if you’re Russian.
  10. See Diana Johnstone’s excellent piece on Macron’s media mogul backers

I offer up this list as a reminder for those who were ever persuaded by Macron’s claim that he was somehow different, new, from the outside, neither right nor left, and for those who fondly believe he might be left-wing.

JeanMarieLePenThere is no doubt that Le Pen’s father (pictured), who came second in the final round of the presidential elections in 2002, was a very toxic brand, and deservedly so. Nonetheless, French people have been herded like sheep to the rallying cry of ‘hate’ and ‘fascism’ against Le Pen the next generation without appreciating the pro-worker platform she actually campaigned on. The Establishment here, like everywhere, has been pushing on us the bourgeois, fashionable leftist concern for identity politics when the principle of economic justice, violated royally under endless ‘centrist’ politicians on both ‘sides’ imposing their hardline neoliberal economic agenda, is ignored and apparently forgotten about by the left. And it’s a ploy that continues to work.

Diana Johnstone explains very well how deeply engrained and equally inexplicable French prejudice against the so-called ‘far right’ Le Pen is:

The plain truth is that Marine Le Pen, of a younger generation than her notorious father Jean-Marie, is simply not the same politically.  She has enthusiastically adopted as her main political advisor and number two in the National Front which she inherited, Florian Philippot, who comes from the patriotic socialist left represented by France’s best statesman of the past generation, Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

This difference seems impossible to explain to people who are stuck in the categories of a past that is no longer pertinent.  Emmanuel Macron is an agent of the globalizing elite, from NATO to Goldman Sachs.

As President, he will confirm French subservience to European Union rules which are destroying the French economy as well as to NATO’s policy of war in the Middle East and hostility to Russia.  Marine Le Pen prefers a policy of peace.  I am waiting to learn from my critics how she is the “fascist” whom we must all oppose.

I leave you with an article from the Times of Israel, which offers more far more information and insight, especially about Le Pen, than those in our usual MSM:  Macron wins French election, but Marine Le Pen wins a contest for legitimacy


 Pam Barker is the Director of the TLB Europe Reloaded Project, based in France. She has an extensive background in the educational systems of several countries at the college and university level as an instructor and administrator.

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