French Police Angry at the Absurd Requirement to Wear Masks

ER Editor: This truly incredible letter written by as yet unidentified members of the French police force is dated September 1, 2020 and can be found in its original form here (it is translated into English below). The letter became public on September 8 when famous French lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa discussed it in a deleted Youtube video (which now can be found here).

The website ‘Profession Gendarme‘ (the horse’s mouth?) describes the letter in a post as of yesterday, September 16, as ‘un appel à la désobéissance civile qui ne doit pas nous laisser indifférents.’ (It is a call to civil disobedience that must not leave us indifferent.) Their page says that this letter is just one way of several that police have used to protest the management of the pandemic.

We also recommend this piece we ran yesterday on the topic of parents fighting back against the mask mandate, a movement which shows itself to be highly aware of the bigger agenda at play. See For the Kids, Against the Masks and Against a Tyrannical State.

Could this be a sign that French cops, some of whom have brutalized the Gilets Jaunes at the government’s behest over many months, are arriving at a point of understanding and rapprochement? We sincerely hope so.


Police officers angry at the absurd requirement to wear masks: “We demand the repeal of the texts obliging the wearing of masks”

Open Letter from the Indignant Police
Open letter from the Indignant Police. Act 1 – September 1, 2020

To the attention of Mr. Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic and his government, in the person of Jean CASTEX Prime Minister and Gerald DARMANIN Minister of the Interior. Copy to politicians, press; radios; media personalities. Referral to trade unions, occupational medicine, administrative court.

Object: Police officers angry against the obligation to wear masks, WE demand the repeal of the texts obliging the wearing of masks.

Mr. President of the Republic, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister of the Interior, following the latest decrees and orders making the wearing of masks (FFP1 known as surgical masks) mandatory in the public space but also in professional premises, we share with you our deep indignation for the following reasons:

  1. According to the public statements of eminent Professors of Medicine (listed in appendix) no serious study validates the use of masks in the fight against the spread of a virus.
  2. On the contrary, various scientific voices, more numerous every day, publicly question the effectiveness of these masks, and even more worryingly, warn about the dangerousness of such a practice generalized to the entire population. Some of them evoke a proven risk of hypoxia. Let’s think for a moment: how can it be harmless to breathe one’s own polluted air every day for several hours at a time, sometimes for more than 8 hours, as they would like to impose on us today? It thus appears a major public health risk by this obligation to wear a mask, which is why we urge the trade unions to seize the occupational medicine and the competent administrative tribunals in order to put an immediate end to this obligation.
  3. The decrees obliging the wearing of masks are based on the recommendations of the WHO and the High Council of Public Health. However, the WHO has already demonstrated its incompetence in this matter in 2009, declaring the H1N1 influenza a global pandemic, which turned out to be false. The High Council of Public Health, for its part, is composed of members who have connections of interest, (for some of them this can be counted in hundreds of thousands of euros, see appendix) with private pharmaceutical companies. The objectivity of their opinions is therefore widely questioned, because we know that private interests, guided by the blind quest for profitability, too often oppose the general interest and the common good.

Under these conditions, these decrees represent a serious infringement of individual liberties and a health hazard.

We demand for ourselves and for our fellow citizens the freedom for everyone to decide whether to wear masks or not, and we firmly denounce these arbitrary decrees as illegal with the support of several legal personalities.

Furthermore, Mr. President, you should know that by scrupulously respecting the recommendations (change your mask every 4 hours), the purchase of FFP1 masks represents an additional cost of 350 €/month on average for a family.

However, as we can see, many people already have financial difficulties, have difficulty obtaining even a transport ticket, eating with dignity, and making ends meet.

In practice, this means that these people inevitably wear the same mask for several days in a row, a mask that becomes a veritable nest of bacteria and becomes infected. (See appendix)

In this context, it seems to us really unbearable to harass this same population with 135 euros in fines. For apart from the financial difficulties, our fellow citizens are waiting for us above all to solve their problems of insecurity. Precisely the very reason for our commitment,
We, Forces of Order, whether it is National Police, Gendarmes, Municipal Police, we have at heart to fight against crimes and misdemeanors, sometimes at the risk of our lives, in a society, as you know, that is always more violent.

Mr. President, we officially ask you to repeal these decrees and orders that do not honor France or our vocation.

Indeed, with our limited means of action (we are cruelly short of manpower and equipment) and the public safety issues that are ours, we guarantee you: we have better things to do than to hunt for paper masks, especially since they are useless in the fight against covid!

In one of your televised speeches, Mr. President, you pointed out that we were in a health war against an invisible, elusive but advancing enemy …

Today, in spite of a deafening media din and terrorizing the population, we can make a first assessment of this crisis thanks to the official figures of INSEE: the mortality curve in France is not much bigger than in previous years. (And this is not thanks to the wearing of masks, since according to INSEE, the peak of mortality was in March-April 2020, precisely when your government said the exact opposite about masks; namely that they were useless…).

Still according to INSEE, it is cancer (and not covid) that remains the leading cause of mortality in France (150,000 deaths in France per year, cancer kills 5 times more than covid…).

Curiously, you have not been heard on this subject, you who are so concerned about the health of the French, you who are so quick to declare war on invisible enemies.

We are surprised by the absence of decrees banning tobacco or the use of pesticides in agriculture.
We have not heard you declare a national mobilization against this scourge that is not elusive, and which is decimating hundreds of thousands of lives every year.
Curiously, too, there has been no macabre daily countdown on the “news” channels for these forgotten people.

How troubling… Why this double standard?

Mr. President, as you know,
We too, the Forces of Law and Order, are waging a relentless war.
We are waging this war against a very real crime and delinquency that is increasingly visible, that no longer even hides, and that every day becomes more and more formidable.
It is a war against individuals who are ever more determined and “enslaved”.

So, Mr. President, we ask you: is it really reasonable to force them to hide their faces in the public space at the expense of the victims who expect us to identify the perpetrators?
Because if masks are useless against the virus, on the other hand they are very useful to the offenders.
In conclusion, Mr. President, whatever follow-up you give to this open letter, it is above all for the sake of history, for the honor of the Forces of Order, but also for our freedom. Let our fellow citizens know that there are Policemen, Gendarmes who are scandalized by these liberticidal measures.
We Indignant Police Officers will not collaborate in this sinister project that would gag the French to the point of denying them the right to breathe normally.
We are also thinking of our fellow RATP drivers (ER: public buses) who have been forced to do this for weeks, our soldiers, our teachers, we are thinking of our children! Shame on you, shame on this government!
When orders are manifestly illegitimate, it is an imperious duty for any police officer not to obey, but to resist the rogue laws!

Therefore, we now urge all competent authorities: health; judicial; trade union; political; intellectuals, to take up this issue.
For beyond the mask, it is a question of individual liberties that are threatened for the benefit of a tiny unelected minority.
We will not let this happen and we will hold you to account. Enough is enough!

Dear colleagues, dear fellow citizens, dear French people, you are not alone!
Let us resist with all our strength against what appears to be bullying and a real danger to our health, the health of our children and especially the most fragile people, our elderly.
If nothing is done today – now – other, more liberticidal and arbitrary measures will come into being, it is inevitable.

This is why we call on all our colleagues, and those of other corporations, health, transport, associations, the private sector, citizens, comrades, all people of good will to join our movement, to resist by printing this message, spreading it, and above all by putting up a barrier to this health dictatorship that would like to become more and more insidious every day.

Let us stand together for a free France.
Fight the Muzzle, so that VIVE LA FRANCE!

The Outraged Policemen.


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