Why are more hard drugs are flowing into Europe?

ER Editor: This article is more interesting for the use of hard drugs among Ukrainian forces, and other militaries, than for drilling down into the increasing supply and use of hard drugs in Europe, which it doesn’t really do except to state that drug importation is on the rise, possibly linked to increasing immigration and associated criminal gang activity. Which is all quite plausible.

See this recent euractiv article:

Europe’s biggest port Rotterdam ‘drowning in cocaine’

Readers may be interested in this extensive report on cocaine coming into Europe – The cocaine pipeline to Europe. Noteworthy is the fact that Europe is a bigger, less exploited market than the US, which has all been artificially depressed throughout the Covid pandemic. Criminal organizations are thus eager to resume business at a revamped level. The ‘global initiative’ has put out this report. Funded by the globalist government of Norway, we suspect its narrative might be a little cleaned up, hiding the real backers of this nasty business who control militaries and military intelligence alike. Ukraine is one of their noteworthy territories.


Concerning the military aspect to this problem, which journalist Vladimir Platov is right to draw attention to, way back we published interesting pieces on the use of the drug Captagon among recruited terrorists who are ready to blow things and people up. The conditions for Ukrainian soldiers have largely been hopeless from day one, with many thousands of soldiers being killed needlessly. Why wouldn’t their superiors cynically pump them up with drugs? See

‘You even stop thinking of your own family’ – meet the ISIS fighters addicted to amphetamine

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US through the Armed Forces pump up Europe with drugs


As the European Center for Drug and Drug Addiction Monitoring (ECMDDA) testifies, during this year, the volume of drug use in the EU countries increased markedly. And this despite the fact that in Europe, as a result of direct action taken by law enforcement agencies, hundreds of illegal drug laboratories are being eliminated, more than 150 people were arrested just in the last period.


ECMDDA estimates that about 83.4 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 in the EU, or 29% of the population, use drugs today, with more men than women. Although cannabis remains the most popular substance, ahead of cocaine, MDMA and amphetamines, it is nevertheless noted that the range of available drug addicts is expanding — including through synthetic drugs.

Speaking about the increase in drug use, experts and many politicians have repeatedly linked this issue to a number of factors, among which one of the very significant was the increase in immigration to the European Union. However, if in 2021 this plan primarily indicated a deterioration in the situation in Afghanistan and the need to prepare for the influx of migrants and drugs from this country into the EU, then in recent months, the growing flow of Ukrainian citizens has been increasingly indicated, among which representatives of various criminal structures from this country appear in significant number. And it’s no longer a secret that the deterioration of the criminal situation in Europe has been largely due to the resale of all kinds of weapons entering Ukraine from the USA and other NATO countries through the black market, as well as other types of so-called western ‘military assistance’ West for the Ukrainian armed forces (VSU).

The belief that you can fight not only with weapons but also with drugs has long been entrenched in the minds of American and British military leaders. Back in the nineteenth century, this idea was actively ‘rolled back’ in China during two opium wars, when over one hundred million Chinese died of an overdose of drugs and the country itself was cut down from world politics for more than a hundred years. Meanwhile, Britain then fabulously enriched itself.

This ‘recipe’ in the twentieth century actively began to be used the United States. And wherever, on their initiative, armed conflicts and wars did not arise, the problem of drug trafficking arose everywhere. The unconditional ‘win’ for the US military-political establishment in this regard was the war in Afghanistan, despite its military-strategic loss by Washington. Confirmation of such drug trafficking actively carried out by US military personnel can be the numerous scandals spilled onto media pages. In particular, the case of the black gangster Frank Lucas, who supplied Asian drugs to the United States in the coffins of soldiers sent home, earned him, according to his personal admission, in those years in this ‘business’ up to one million dollars a day.  This drug business is probably going on today in many other parts of the world where the United States sends its military aircraft and the immense ‘military assistance’. And Ukraine is no exception.

But there is another aspect of the active use of drugs by the United States in the army. Having studied in detail the practice of vikings of war only after receiving a broth from hallucinogenic fly agaric, and by the Wehrmacht soldiers — primary drug, ‘the bright US military minds’ also introduced drugs into their armed forces.  In recent years, this has even become one of the prioritized ways to increase military activity and fearlessness of American soldiers, which has already been wrapped in wars in Vietnam, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. Joe Biggs — a former US Army sergeant who went through the Afghan War claimed in 2013 that everyone was given pills before the ‘fearless operation’, after which a real breakdown began and there was a need for their regular use.

The specified ‘experience’ Washington began to actively distribute among the Armed Forces of the countries of its allies, to which Ukraine has recently been ranked. The United States, orienting the Armed Forces of Ukraine to its own practice of conducting military operations in various regions of the world, has long begun to pump and accustom Ukrainian soldiers to the use of various drug stimulants. As a result, the ‘uninvited’ army has long been firmly addicted to drugs and psychotropic substances. It was there that in the last months of the fighting a significant amount of drug stimulants began to flow, which, like the other ‘military assistance supplied by the West for the Armed Forces’, immediately through the smuggling channels began to enter Europe.

It was not difficult to connect the Armed Forces and Ukraine as a whole to drug trafficking for the United States, especially if we take into account the repeated references by various media and, in particular, the reports of the Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Sharia, that even the president Vladimir Zelensky has long been suspected of drug use. These suspicions were also confirmed by the sources of the publication Country.ua, noting that deputy Nikolai Tishchenko purchased prohibited substances for Zelensky.

Donbass militias have reported on the use of APU drug-related stimulants that block pain and increase the aggressiveness of Ukrainian militants since 2014. (ER: 2014 was the year of the Maidan revolution, when the west collapsed the elected government of Ukraine; from thereon in, up to 14,000 Donbass residents would be killed by Ukraine’s armed forces, 10,000 of which were civilians. It makes sense that drugs would be mixed into this massacre.) After the start of a special military operation in 2022, the supply of narcotic drugs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine gained a particularly wide scope.  Cases were repeatedly recorded on the battlefield when Ukrainian militants, who were very seriously injured, continued to fight as if uninjured, which was explained only by the use of large doses of potent drugs. This is confirmed by the regular detection by fighters of the people’s police of Eastern Ukraine and Russian military personnel of drugs occupied by them after fighting in Ukrainian positions, used syringes and a significant amount of various narcotic drugs. Ukrainian prisoners of war themselves also willingly tell that they receive drugs for ‘lifting the fighting spirit’, and therefore the well-developed supply chain of ‘combat chemistry’ from the West has already been built. But Ukraine itself has also established the production of a number of narcotic drugs on an industrial scale. And one of the confirmations of this is the recently identified in the village of Sopino near Mariupol after his release from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one of the many drug laboratories of the Right Sector  (terrorist education of the Armed Forces), banned in the Russian Federation, where they produced prohibited drugs.

According to a number of experts, among whom the former head of the department for combating drug crime of the National Police of Ukraine, and now the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva, drug trafficking in Ukraine in the last period has significantly increased due to the fact that, that it is being controlled at a high level.

The fact that the number of drug addicts in Ukraine has increased significantly in the last period does not bother the current Kiev regime, and there are no rehabilitation programs for soldiers who have been harmed in conflict. As Ukrainian prisoners of war are recognized, the leadership of the Armed Forces is clearly determined to use Ukrainian soldiers only as cannon fodder that will be eliminated. Already, thousands of drug-dependent people who are able to kill have filled Ukraine, many of whom are unlikely to live to the end of the special operation. But this does not bother any of the representatives of the criminal Kiev regime, as does the growing flow of drug trafficking within this country and to Europe, especially considering that the country’s president himself is not against using drugs…

Platov Vladimir, an expert on the Middle East, especially for the online magazine « New Eastern Review ».



Featured image credit: https://globalinitiative.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/The-cocaine-pipeline-to-Europe-GI-TOCInsightCrime.pdf


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