The war in Ukraine is acting as a decoy. We see only it and have forgotten the major conflict in which it is situated. As a result, we do not understand what is happening on the battlefield, nor do we correctly perceive the way the world is reorganizing and particularly the way the European continent is evolving.

It all started with the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House. He surrounded himself with former collaborators he had known during his vice-presidency: the Straussians  [ 1 ] . This small sect varies in political color, either Republican or Democrat, depending on the party of the incumbent president. Its members, almost all Jews, follow the oral teaching of the late Leo Strauss. They are convinced that men are wicked and democracies are weak. Plus: they weren’t able to save their people from the Holocaust and won’t be able to next time. They think they can only survive by constituting a dictatorship themselves and maintaining control. In the 2000s, they formed the Project for a New American Century. They had called for a “New Pearl Harbor” that would shock the minds of Americans so much that they would manage to impose their views on them. These were the attacks of September 11, 2001.

This information is shocking and difficult to accept. There are, however, many works considered serious on this subject. Above all, the progression of the Straussians since 1976, date of the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz  2 ] to the Pentagon, until today largely confirms the worst concerns. In Europe, the Straussians are not known, but the journalists who support them are. They are called “neo-conservatives”. It must be recognized that Jewish intellectuals have never supported this tiny Jewish sect.

Let’s get back to our story. In November 2021, the Straussians sent Victoria Nuland to summon the Russian government to stand behind them. But the Kremlin answered them by proposing a Treaty guaranteeing peace, that is to say by contesting not only the Straussian project, but also the alleged security policy of the United States  [ 3 ]. President Vladimir Putin has questioned the extension of NATO to the East, which threatens his country, and the way in which Washington continues to attack and destroy States, in particular in the “Broader Middle East”.

The Straussians then deliberately provoked Russia to get it out of its hinges. They encouraged the Ukrainian “integral nationalists” to bombard their compatriots in Donbass and to prepare a simultaneous attack on Donbass and Crimea  [ 4 ]. Moscow, which had no confidence in the Minsk Accords and had been preparing for a global confrontation since 2015, felt that the time had come. 300,000 Russian soldiers entered Ukraine to “denazify” the country  [ 5 ]. The Kremlin rightly considers that the “integral nationalists”, who had made an alliance with the Nazis during the Second World War, still share their racial ideology.

Again, what I write is shocking. The reference books of Ukrainian nationalists have never been translated into Western languages, including Dmytro Dontsov’s Nationalism. If no one knows what Dontsov did during World War II, everyone knows the crimes of his followers, Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko. These people were devoted to Chancellor Adolf Hitler. They encouraged and sometimes supervised the murder of at least 1.7 million of their compatriots, including 1 million Jews. At first glance, it seems difficult to believe them allied with the Straussians and the Jewish President Zelensky, as declared by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov. Indeed, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett immediately took a stand against them  [6 ]. He even advised President Zelensky to help the Russians cleanse his country of them. The balance of power is such that his successor, Yaïr Lapid, while sharing Bennett’s ideas and refusing to supply arms to Ukraine, maintains an Atlanticist discourse. However, we remember that Paul Wolfowitz chaired an important congress in Washington with Ukrainian ministers, pledging to support the fight of the nationalists against Russia  [ 7 ] .

Yet the links between the Ukrainian “integral nationalists” and the “revisionist Zionists” of the Ukrainian Vladimir Jabotinsky are historic. They negotiated an agreement, in 1921, according to which they would unite against the Bolsheviks. Given the long succession of pogroms which the “Ukrainian nationalists” had already perpetrated, the revelation of this agreement, once Jabotinsky had been elected to the Board of Directors of the World Zionist Organization, provoked a unanimous rejection from the Jewish Diaspora. They took over Jabotinsky’s militia in Palestine, calling him a “fascist” and a “possible Nazi”. Subsequently, Jabotinsky went into exile in New York where he was joined by another Pole, Bension Netanyahu, the father of Benjamin Netanyahu, who became his private secretary [8].

After World War II, the mastermind Dontsov and the two chief assassins, Bandera and Stetsko, were picked up by the Anglo-Saxons. The first was exiled to Canada, then to the United States despite his past as administrator of the Reinhard Heydrich Institute in charge of coordinating the “final solution”  [ 9 ], while the other two were in Germany to work on the CIA’s anti-communist radio  [ 10 ]. After Bandera’s assassination, Stetsko became co-chairman (with Chiang Kai-shek) of the Anti-Communist World League in which the CIA unites its favorite dictators and criminals, including Klaus Barbie.

Back to our topic. The Straussians have nothing to do with Ukraine. What interests them is the domination of the world and therefore the lowering of all the other protagonists: of Russia [of China] and of the Europeans. This is what Wolfowitz wrote in 1992, calling these powers “competitors”, which they are not  [ 12 ].

The Russians are not mistaken. That is why they sent very few troops to Ukraine. Three times less than the Ukrainian army. It is therefore stupid to interpret their slowness as a disappointment when they reserve themselves for the direct confrontation with Washington.

Speaking on October 16 at a volunteer swearing-in, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said: “Anyone who thinks that this war will end with Russian-Ukrainian negotiations does not live in this world. The reality is different”. According to him, only a US-Russian negotiation can put an end to it.

Today, the Straussians pushed for the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Contrary to what some claim, it is not a question of breaking the Russian economy, which has other customers, but German industry, which cannot do without it  [ 13 ]Normally Berlin should have reacted to the crime of its overlord. Nay! It’s quite the opposite. As soon as Olaf Scholtz arrived in the Chancellery, his government set up a vast system aimed at “harmonizing the news”  [ 14 ]. It is supervised by the Minister of the Interior, the Social Democrat Nancy Faeser. All Russian media aimed at Western audiences were banned by the “democracies” from February 24, 2022, i.e. from the application by the Russian army of Council Resolution 2202 of security. From now on, in Germany, quoting this resolution and sharing the Russian interpretation is likened to “propaganda”. It is very surprising to see the Germans scuttle their institutions themselves. In the 20th century, Germany, which had been the beacon of Science and Technology before the First World War, became in a few years a blind country which committed the worst crimes. In the 21st century, when its industry was the most efficient in the world, Germany is blind again for no reason. The Germans themselves are ratifying their fall to Poland, the fall of the European Union to the Three Seas Initiative (Intermarium) [15].

For their part, the Straussians use their privileges in Germany. The US military bases there have complete extraterritoriality and the federal government has no right to limit their activity. Thus, when in 2002 Chancellor Gerhard Schröder opposed the Straussian war in the Middle East, he could not prevent the Pentagon from using its facilities in Germany as rear bases for its invasion and destruction of Iraq.

It was in Ramstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) that the Defense Contact Group of Ukraine met. The delegates of the fifty or so invited states, after having been extorted for providing Kyiv with a multitude of weapons, were entitled to explanations on the Resistance Operating Concept (ROC). It is a question of reactivating for the umpteenth time the stay-behind networks set up at the end of the Second World War (ER: Gladio)  [ 16 ]. At the time, they were first created by the American CIA and the British MI6, before being integrated into NATO. The former Nazis and the Ukrainian “integral nationalists” were the main component.

The current stay-behind network has been coordinated since 2013 by NATO at its base in Stuttgart-Vaihingen (Baden-Württemberg) where the US Special Forces for Europe (SOCEUR) reside. It is a question of creating a government in exile and of organizing sabotage on the model of what General Charles De Gaulle and the prefect Jean Moulin did during the Second World War. Otto C. Fiala added to this the non-violent demonstrations tested by Professor Gene Sharp in the Eastern bloc, then during the “colored revolutions”  [ 17 ]. Remember that, contrary to what he claimed, Gene Sharp has always worked for the Atlantic Alliance  [ 18 ]. The first manifestation of the Ukrainian Stay-behind took place on October 8 with the sabotage of the Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait.