US, Britain & France Nail Colors to Terrorist Mast

US, Britain, France Nail Colors to Terrorist Mast


It was quite an admission this week, albeit unintentional. The three Western members of the UN Security Council – the US, Britain and France – all gave warning that they would carry out military strikes on Syria if the government forces there were to use chemical weapons.

That is a risible deceit of course, since the Syrian government does not possess chemical weapons, having disposed of its arsenal some two years ago under UN supervision.

This Western threat of unlawful military force against a sovereign country came as the Syrian government and the Russian military were loudly warning that a provocation with chemical weapons was being prepared by terror groups and foreign actors.

The Russian military gave details of toxic chemical supplies being transported in the northern Syrian province of Idlib by the terror group known as Nusra Front, in conjunction with their media agents called the White Helmets.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that what the Western powers are really trying to do is to stop the elimination of the last bastion of terrorist groups remaining in Syria, by issuing their threat of military intervention. It’s as cynical and as blatant as that.

It is obvious that the US, British and French governments are caught in a ruse with illegally armed militants, by trying to find a pretext for launching a military assault on Syria under the cover of “reacting” to a propaganda stunt involving chemical weapons.

This would not be the first time, either, for such a nefarious ploy to be used. Several times during the past eight years of war in Syria, terror groups have been guilty of staging atrocities as a deliberate false flag to frame the Syrian government forces in order to elicit a pretext for military attack by the Western states. It is also documented that the US, Britain and France have been covertly supporting these same terror groups for the objective of regime change.

Earlier this year, an alleged chemical weapons assault in Douma, near Damascus, on April 7 resulted in the US, Britain and France launching a barrage of over 100 missiles on Syria. On that occasion, as before, it turned out that the chemical weapons incident was a diabolical hoax. The Western powers were therefore guilty of nothing short of criminal aggression against a sovereign nation.

This week was rather different, however, because Syrian and Russian authorities alerted the United Nations and international news media of the possible forthcoming attempt to stage another provocation. Threats of military action by the US, Britain and France were therefore seen for what they were – a cynical orchestration in league with the terrorists.

Russia has also reportedly deployed its largest ever naval force to the East Mediterranean, including two submarines and destroyers armed with cruise missiles. The show of force no doubt serves as a warning to the US and the other Western powers that their threats of striking Syria would not go without consequence.

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem was in Moscow this week where he and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov reiterated the sovereign right of Syria to eliminate terror groups that are holding out in Idlib province. Lavrov described the last remaining militant bases in the country as an “abscess” that must be lanced in order to allow Syria to return to normality after years of a foreign-backed proxy war.

That is indubitably the correct plan of action. The Syrian government as the internationally recognized sovereign authority has the legal right to eliminate illegally armed groups from its territory. Russia has a legal right to assist given the official request from Damascus. What’s more, the terror groups holding out in Idlib have used their enclave to mount deadly attacks on the Syrian army and allied Russian forces. It is therefore well past time that the Syrian and Russian forces moved to eradicate this foreign-backed intrusion.

What is rather telling is that over the past three years since Russia’s military intervention in Syria to aid the government, the terrorist proxies have been systematically corralled into the enclave of Idlib after being routed from various former strongholds, including East Aleppo, Homs, East Ghouta and recently Daraa in the south of Syria. Up to now, the US, Britain and France have been afforded a measure of subterfuge by being able to claim that they are supporting “moderate rebels” which are supposedly intermingled with known terror groups like Nusra Front, Ahrar al Sham and Islamic State.

The final stage in the Syrian war, or rather the war on Syria, comes down to the elimination of the remaining bastion of anti-government militants in Syria’s Idlib province. It is evident that there are no seeming “moderate rebels” among the terror groups. The militants gathered in Idlib – estimated to number 10,000 – are the concentrated dregs of the self-proclaimed jihadists affiliated with the terror network. Moreover, among this festering resistance are the so-called rescue group known as the White Helmets which have been lionized in the Western media as “humanitarian heroes”.

In other words, the assembled militants in Idlib are proof that the Western charade of supporting “moderate rebels” has at last been exposed for what it is. The US, Britain and France are caught in a trap of their own making, finally having been exposed as the sponsors of the most vile terrorist organizations that have brutalized Syrian society for the past nearly eight years.

When those Western governments threatened this week that they would use military force in Syria, what they were admitting to, in effect, was their sponsorship of the terrorists who are now facing their final retribution from the Syrian army and its Russian ally.

It remains to be seen whether the Western governments are foolish and reckless enough to go to war on behalf of terrorists in Syria. But one thing is incontestably clear now: The US, Britain and France are explicitly on the side of the terror groups, indeed are the patrons of these groups, that have ransacked Syria and butchered hundreds of thousands of civilians.

When Syria begins to reconstruct from the ruins of war, the financial cost is liable to run into trillions of dollars. If international justice prevails, the US, Britain and France should be among the primary culprits to pay reparations for the horrendous criminal damage.

They have indicted themselves from their own declarations of violence against Syria this week.


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