The Arabs Are Reunited And Israel Is Out

May 21, 2023 0

ER Editor: This article caught our eye for the perspective it gives on Israel, and who’s been running the show. Readers may be familiar with the controversial history of the Ashkenazis. It sounds as if […]


Turkey’s Erdogan Flips Syria On Its Head

January 9, 2023 1

Turkey’s Erdogan Flips Syria On Its Head  TYLER DURDEN Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog While we are all, rightfully, worried about what’s going on in Ukraine, those sneaky Russians are shoring […]


Russia Prepares The Curtain Call

October 29, 2021 0

ER Editor: Here is Meyssan’s comment on the importance of the Syrian conflict from an article linked to below, a conflict that Syria, with Russia crucially on its side, won: The Third World War, which […]

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